Bell Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE Review


  • Sean

    I think AT&T summed up this phone perfectly “There is no need for this device to exist with the Galaxy S III coming out in such a short amount of time”

    • GalaxeeS

      Hopefully this will drop the price of the original Bell Samsung Galaxy favorite phone.

    • Jack

      GalaxeeS, Bell never changes pricing. Virgin has dropped it to 400 though.

  • Jesse

    It’s exactly the same as the SIII on paper. Just grab it, load a leaked SIII ROM on it and you’re good.

    • skdjgklw

      1. camera hardware differences
      2. new design
      3. much improved processor, s3 vs exynos quad (or s4)
      4. larger screen
      5. bigger battery
      6. thinner

  • EvanKr

    This would’ve been great… If the S3 wasn’t a few weeks from launch.

  • GalaxeeS

    I will stay with the original SGS2, thanks!
    TONS of developer support, easy to overclock and GREAT battery life due to the lack of LTE ( I don’t need it)
    $300-350 for that phone in Kijiji/used market is a great deal!

    Just go for the international version ( Virgin/BELL) and AVOID the Telus/Rogers versions, with less developer support.

    For me the bigger screen is too big and the LTE radio kills any advantage of the bigger battery, add to that that I don’t need LTE now and that the phone is more expensive and that it will take at least 5 weeks to get ICS.

  • Cody

    Bell is making so many bad decisions. Why spend the money to get this when you could save it and maybe pay more to get exclusive rights on the S3 for a bit?

  • Eluder

    Nice phone, but way too late to the game.
    Bell launched this after Rogers launched the HTC One X and the One X is pretty much better than this phone in ever way.
    I, like many here, don’t understand the reasoning behind this launch when the GS3 will be out probably by end of June.

    And again, the biggest problem, how do you launch this with gingerbread? I just don’t get it, it should be ICS!

  • Andy c

    For 100 more you can have the htc one x or gs3

    For 150 less you can get a galaxy nexus with stock ics

    Why buy this

  • kman

    Have to agree I absolutely don’t see the point of this phone. I hope this doesn’t mean that Canada will be the last in the world to get the SG3.

  • Cman

    I got the sii hd lte because I needed a phone now. At least bell had an option to offer a good phone. Overall it’s a great phone. Siii will be even better. Biggest issue I have is battery life, I hope the sii fixes these issues and can last a day on moderate use.

  • Venkatraman.t

    How much for samsung galaxy mobile i want details

  • Coulton

    Why is everybody saying “this phone shouldn’t exist”. Just because it is not called a GSIII, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. It has specs that are pretty close to the III and One X. The only difference is no ICS, which it will be updated to soon. If this is a lot cheaper than the X or III, then I can see people buying it.

  • Abjection

    Sure it has NFC? No NFC battery.

    • Kent

      I was wondering the same thing…does this version has NFC ?

  • Kent

    Does anyone know if the Bell/Virgin version of the SG3 will have the S4 Qualcomm or Exynos quad ?
    I am assuming that Bell will support LTE, so the S4 would be the only option ?

  • Sean

    I looked at a friends and it shows it having NFC but I was unable to beam anything to his phone so i’m not sure…

  • Advice needed!

    Just wondering whats a good beachmark program or app to use or whats the one thats is shown with all mobile sryups tests.

  • huy

    mobilesyrup, please confirm if it has NFC. Thanks.

    • robinottawa

      gsm arena says NFC optional

  • Lukester

    There is conflicting information with Samsung Canada and Bell. Bell is stating the resolution is 720 x 1280 . Samsung Canada is stating its 480 x 800. Another reason why one should wait for the S3

  • user

    how come the ram only shows 749mb, not 1gb ?

    fantastic phone btw
    the , now dual core, galaxy III doesnt look that much of a step up from this phone

  • Techgod

    Bell has Launched the ICS update for the Galaxy S2 HD LTE in canada, and it looks good so far updated my phone this morning, and im already loving the new features if you havent done it yet, UPDATE YOUR PHONE!!!

  • Johnny B

    Ha Ha So I don’t know if I am an i***t or a genius in waiting but anyway I purchased the Galaxie II LTE HD. I know nothing about smart phones and of course it didn’t come with a manual so can someone direct me to a place where I can find out what all these things you talk about do. For example Techgod talks about an ICS update. Me dumb but what is that please? Man do I feel out of my league here.