Nokia comprises nearly 60% of worldwide Windows Phones sold: Localytics

Nokia has a pretty strong hold on the Windows Phone market, and that lead is looking to get wider next month. According to Localytics, Nokia sold 59% of worldwide Windows Phones in July, up from 50% in May. Due to the successful four-punch of the Lumia 800, 710, 900 and 610, all aimed at different markets around the world, Nokia has quickly risen to the top of the Windows Phone heap, taking market share primarily from HTC and to a lesser extent Samsung.

With few prominent product launches by any other company in the last six months — HTC’s Titan 2 being one — Nokia has had a pretty clear road to the top. With its software division punching out fantastic apps such as Drive, Maps, Transit and others, there’s a huge value proposition with buying a Nokia device over its Samsung and HTC equivalents.

We’re expecting Nokia to come out swinging on September 5th, launching its new Windows Phone 8 devices squarely in the face of the new iPhone and top-line Android devices. While the number sold may be small in comparison — Nokia sold only 600,000 Windows Phones in North America last quarter — its brand is more recognizable than Microsoft’s when it comes to Windows Phone.

What’s more interesting is that HTC has a larger share — 21% to Samsung’s 13% — than any other manufacturer besides Nokia. It’s done little to promote Windows Phone since its launch in 2010, but has had a slew of decent devices for the North American market.

Source: Localytics
Via: WPCentral