Google Canada launches the official Google Canada blog


  • nope

    great, so they can announce how we still don’t have google music (the proper way) and won’t be getting wallet for a long time.

    • 45

      Nor Google Fiber, which would be slick.

  • ActivesiN

    hopefully we get news on the upcoming nexus phones!

  • john

    what a stupid site. they didn’t mention the address of the blog
    so the whole article is missing its core part



      Source: Google Canada

  • Joey Joe-Joe Jr Shabbadoo

    Check the source, bro!

  • jjdigitized

    Let’s hope Google Voice is on the way…

    • Mr Mystery

      As long as the CRTC is in the Big 3’s pocket we can forget about Google Voice in Canada.

  • Nihir

    “…stay tuned for an exciting week ahead!”

    That sounds incredibly promising. I doubt Google Voice is going to see any update for Canadians, but I have much more hope for Google Music and maybe even TV Shows/Movie purchases.

    No matter what, we’re definitely getting some news shortly. Makes sense there would be an interesting announcement to coincide with the launch of the blog.

    • Nihir

      Oh and quite possible a Wallet announcement. I think that there was a potential launch of spring/summer 2012 for Google Wallet in Canada. Perhaps, we’re finally going to see it launch.

  • paul

    We need Google wallet and google music period. Canadians feel totally shunned or at least I feel that way.

  • belw

    My wishlist:

    Google Music
    Google Voice
    Google Wallet

    • Ling

      I have been using Google Music for almost a year now…. my biggest wish is for google wallet to finally arrive.. possibly google voice then it would be icing on the cake…. but yea… buying music on google music is the only thing i can’t do cuz i don’t have an american credit card but i buy most of my music off of bandcamp anyways… 🙂

  • WP74Life

    Molson Export, these guys have taste!

  • Oc3LoT

    If you want Google Music and are in Canada, you can have it in 4 easy steps:

    1) Sign up for a free VPN trial at your favourite provider
    2) Through your US VPN connection, sign up for Google Music
    3) Use the almighty power of Google itself to find the latest version of the Google Music .apk to sideload to your device
    4) Profit!

    Seriously, you only need the VPN connection to create the account. Once that’s done, everything can be accessed from here. I’ve had Google Music on my phone for months now, and love it.

  • Jack.mar

    When will we get voice activated Google search on PC?

  • Jim Clarke

    When is google wallet coming to canada and will this allow the use of our bank debit cards also.
    Who is holding this process up anyways???

  • Jim Clarke

    Is there a website to see where google is at with wallet for Canadians

  • Dianne Clark

    And the really ridiculous – I couldn’t use my CANADIAN American Express card on Google Wallet – the message was that it didn’t accept the currency – Duh? I can use the card on any other website – Ebay, Amazon, Chapters,and pretty well any website that also accepts American Express. Now that is truly, stupendously, stupid.