Yahoo overhauls Flickr app for Android as new CEO focuses on core assets

Flickr for Android has been pretty neglected over the last year or so, and has been almost deprecated in the minds of many users as Instagram and 500px launched on the platform respectively.

But the service, which still caters to millions of users across the desktop and mobile web, is not going anywhere, and today’s relaunch of the app outlines the new CEO Marissa Mayer’s focus on the company’s core assets.

Much of the new interface could be called a combination of iOS and Windows Phone, owing to its Tab bar and horizontal swipe navigation. The requisite filters are still there if you’re wont to use them, though we prefer to keep our photos as untouched as possible.

At the bottom of the screen, the Tab bar shows notification, profile, photo, upload and explore tabs respectively, allowing for one-touch navigation between the important places in the app. Yahoo has also added a pull-to-refresh option that seems to be taking over the native app world recently.

The app’s search features are still pretty limited — you can’t look through yours or your friends’ photos via tag or descriptions, but aesthetically it looks a whole lot better. Flickr is still not as full-featured as it could be considering the intense competition out there, but the update is the shot-in-the-arm Yahoo needs to stay afloat in the mobile space.

Download Flickr 1.5 for Android.

Via: TNW