Rogers creates OS upgrade schedule, declares Ice Cream Sandwich is coming for many “Early September”


  • JesseS

    Or could have used the global firmware months ago, i doubt these from rogers will even be 4.04… boooo

    • Andy

      Direct from the link. Version may be different, so you could possibly receive 4.0.4.

      * exact version may be different by device
      **release dates are subject to change
      ***all brand names & logos are trademarks of their respective owners

  • Mischa Price

    oh my telus xperia got its update in june which was 2 months aftr sony release the update for sim free devices

  • mauricio

    what about lg optimus 3d ?

    • NienorGT

      Well, I think the issue isn’t Rogers but LG in that case…
      Good luck with them =/
      (Google LG Optimus 2x ICS to see why I say this)

  • Jacquio

    Good to see the Razr being upgraded finally. Late August is a far cry from the originally promised “6 weeks from the ICS release”. Better late than never…

  • Fred

    I couldn’t wait – installed ICS on my Xperia Arc already – works like a charm by the way…just remember to root it and remove all the Rogers bloatware!

  • Danifunker

    All those naysayers, late august / early september, we’re talking like in the next 3-4 weeks at the latest for most phones!

  • Dalex

    This is cute, but this is ICS… I’m running JB on my One X and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

  • Jesse

    Late august for the RAZR? It’s already August 20, lets see if Rogers/Moto can keep their promise this time.

    • jay

      it is now august 29th, and still no RAZR XT910 update that is supposedly available—-end of august, according to Rogers, is a “tentative” date—–as the saying goes: patience is a virtue!!!!

  • Irwin

    Any word on an updates list from Bell, mainly for the Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE? Last I heard was August and mentioned above it is already the 20th.

  • Gregg

    Still no word on Sony Ion LTE (Good reason it’s $0-$49 on term) which shipped July 2012 with Gingerbread. Just got confirmation that Samsung S3 has been shipped to replace.

  • Mukrenol

    Now I wonder will they have a schedule for fido’s phones also… They are… Still related…

  • Mike

    How about jelly bean for my Galaxy NEXUS… Wtf I thought I was first in line!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    This is why I ditched my RAZR and rogers.
    Almost a year since the phone came out, and still no ICS.
    I’ll be surprised if it happens before Septemeber

  • ak

    XPERIA ION? ??!!

  • kes

    no Samsung Galaxy Glide update? 🙁

  • sr5

    does noone realize that by september, ICS would have already been out for 10 months.. and ppl are excited about this. ridiculous. i’m already on 4.1.1. b***h please

  • Stefanie

    Not that this list actually gives very good info, but its about time they release a schedule.

  • J

    Hope there is an update for the Glide as well 😉

  • kspraydad

    My Arc from Rogers just upgraded tonight through Sonys PC Companion software to 41b0587 which is ICS no?

  • nick

    so all these updates and still no word on the ion?….

  • ace

    Couldn’t wait forever. Flashes my galaxy nexus to jroo3c build to get 4.1 from Google…. big 3… way to slow down progress!

  • Tang

    Let me start by saying I love my RAZR. But seriously, Rogers. I can walk into a Bell store and buy a RAZR V with ICS. What’s the delay? We are getting ICS when Jelly Bean is already available? These upgrades have to happen much faster.

  • dmerc62

    Maybe someone better let rogers now that they should be working on Jelly Beans on all their newer devices instead of working on something that is older.. Just saying

  • Sumit

    Updates are now available for Rogers version of HTC Raider, EVO 3D, Galaxy Note, Xperia arc and Xperia arc S. The list has been updated.

  • Rutul