Canadians spend 2.8 hours per day on their smartphone, reveals Ipsos survey


  • ELNY

    On Android it is pretty easy to tell how much time you’re actually on your phone. Just check the battery stats and look under Screen %. You’ll get the actual usage.

  • OgtheDim

    The survey is slightly misleading, as some people define listening to music on your phone as “being on your phone”. Nor does it say how long people are spending on their “feature” phone.

    And, as an online survey, the definition of smartphone is self-defined as against the industry definition.

    • Jean-Francois Messier

      I agree that the definition of the word smartphone is misleading, and the use of the phone for purposes other than talking can be misleading the actual results. I spend many (!) hours listening to music as I work, but I do not talk very muhc, even less SMS.

    • Stuntman

      I keep all of my music on my phone. When I get into my car, I automatically play this music via the BT connection. I will probably spend on average an hour or two every day driving, so that is where a lot of my usage comes from.

      I actually consider music to be part of the time I use my phone. I also end up using it an hour or two on top of my music when not in my car.

  • Dan

    Surveys are BS. You know how many people think they are the “ideal weight” and they’re just as fat as everyone else? LOTS. LOL

    • rwb2073

      Bingo. And on top of everything else, the sample size seems a little small.

  • Kevin

    Where’s the “I would spend more if my battery lasted longer” option?

  • AndroidUserBornInJune

    RIp RIm

  • Chris

    I’ll probably get lotsa thumbs down for this but I try to do the least possible on mobile and tablet. It’s just far more efficient to be on a desktop. Picking up a 23″ (portrait mode) alongside a second monitor does wonders for efficiency and for creating content..rather than to consume it.

  • sip

    About the only time I really use the tablet is 1) on the subway and 2) when my wife wants me to keep her company while she’s doing something I have no interest in. The smart phone is now basically a music player and occasional browsing device for when I am waiting for something and have a connection.

    So I for one am not at all surprised. After all it was only when the nexus 7 came out that I found the cost/usefulness relationship became good enough to buy.

  • chris

    Who uses internet sticks?….Other than old people?

  • Zinc

    People are ditching home internet and cable?
    Since when?

  • v

    this must not include blackberry users since were to busy making money we dont have the time to geek out like android and apple users lol nerds

  • T1MB0T

    2.8 hours? Oh hold waiting for a wind rep to fix their mistakes? ? Sounds about right!

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