Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 update brings improved performance, fixes purple tint issue

The Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 update that fixes the dreaded purple tint problem is rolling out now through Microsoft Zune.

Other improvements include the ability to “flip” your phone over to silence an incoming call, something that HTC and Samsung promote on their Android devices.

Nokia has also made the boot sequence more reliable after a completely dead battery — previously, the phone either wouldn’t boot until there was sufficient battery life. Camera improvements come by way of faster “pocket-to-photo” performance and improved photo quality.

Nokia has released a new Contacts Share app, which lets users send business cards as text messages.

Watch for the update over the coming weeks — your phone will notify you of it. Unfortunately you need either Zune for Windows or Windows Phone 7 Connector for OS X to update. OTA updates are coming to Windows Phone 8.

Via: Nokia Conversations