Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 update brings improved performance, fixes purple tint issue


  • Mike

    Just updated mine…thanks for the heads up!

    • Kevin


  • BB King

    Any word on whether the update will come to unlocked Rogers phones?

    • Kevin

      Just updated mine which is an unlocked phone.
      Just plug the phone into your computer and the update should show up.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    The lumia will be in walmart discount bins for 149.99 on the prepay in a month. Contrary to marketing, it turns out the jabronis that bought this phone were the real guinea pigs. Microsoft played you guys like a donkey at wonderland. Epic ownage. By withholding win8 from this phone microsoft took a massive dump on early adopters. Rofl ouch chawawa

    • BB King

      Way to be a douche! No one wants to hear your ignorant opinions. I`d take a dump on you if you were closer buddy.

  • Jeff

    Wow nice update! The Lumia 900 is pretty affordable on eBay, I think I’m gonna sell my old phone and get one this week.

  • superfly

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    • HighClass FrenchCricket

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  • Tomatoes

    Rogers sucks with updates.Seriously. AT&T had this a million years ago.

  • HighClass FrenchCricket

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    • BB King

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    • HighClass FrenchCricket

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  • weetigo

    Rogers rolled out the first 2 updates weeks ago, but this last update is interesting; camera performance enhancements. Updating now.

  • Stu

    Can someone who has been able to update their 900 confirm the version number of this update?

    My current version is: 07.10.08773.03 and the Windows Phone 7 Connector is telling me that no update is available.

  • N.

    i have a Lumia 710 and I’m running .8773.98… strange, i have had the “flip to silent” feature for some time now.
    i have a quick question for you guys, sorry that it is out of content, but is it worth it to upgrade from lumia 710 to 900?

    • weetigo

      Big difference is in screen size, FFC, gorilla glass screen and the cyan/black/white polycarbonate body, that being said, I prefered the ergonomic design of the 710 to the 900, but I love the cyan color and large screen more.

  • weetigo

    Now at OS Version: 7.10.8773.98.

    Windows Phone also told me no update, but Zune found the update right away.

  • Stu

    Weird – my phone says OS: 07.10.08773.98

    Windows Phone 7 Connector is telling me my phone is 07.10.08773.03 and that no update is available.

    Ah well… so long as the phone says it’s .98 I guess its all good

  • ArchonData

    A previous update upgrades the OS version to 7.10.8773.98. The update now being rolled out updates the Firmware version (NOT the same as the OS version) to 2175.2301.8779.12222

  • SpeakingTruth

    AT&T did NOT have this way before Rogers. It just started rolling out proper Tango update now with these hardware features

  • Malik

    Looks like we’re all getting the shaft here. The update that the US is getting includes both OS updates as well as Firmware updates.

    US phones will have the following OS 7.10.8779.8
    Canadian phones are still stuck on OS 7.10.8773.98

    This means we’re still on the first version of Tango versus the latest version of Tango which is currently being rolled out in the US. The fixes we got are model specific which is why our firmware versions updated but nothing else.

    Hope this helps. Still waiting on the latest OS update from Rogers… as usual…

  • Airbus

    how many update did you guys receive?
    I only received one update, while someone got 3 updates


  • Malik

    I only got one update which said Nokia Update. Nothing from Rogers.


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  • Nino

    I have a question!! I got the Nokia performance update that gave me those nice features on AUG 15th. But my “new” marketplace wasn’t loading the images on initial page. So i went ahead and restored to previous version! Now when I reconnect my phone or look for the update, it can’t find any update for my lumia 900! What must i do? it says your phone is up to date. but I don’t have the performance update that i had! I’m back to that stupid purple hue again! HELP!!!!

  • betocheh

    I got the notification that update is available but when I connected to the phone to update it said “Your phone is up to date”, but it is not.

    What can I do?