Android had 68.1% of the global smartphone OS market share in Q2


  • brandon

    And here come the apple trolls.

    • Miles

      Honestly, I have been on this website for quite a while now, and the number of “apple trolls” I’ve seen are actually quite low compared to the number of people who just bring Apple up in every article just trying to bash it.

      Yes, I get it, Apple is a “sucky and evil” company which deserves to burn in hell, but it gets old fast. Either contribute to the article with your comments/opinions or just don’t comment at all.

    • rob

      the android trolls are already here

  • Jack

    I really don’t care about the whole iOS or Android debate, to each their own, but I think a good part of the reason is the amount of phones out there with some form of the Android OS on it. Especially when the cost for some is so much less than the iPhone.

    • jonny

      I do agree Android picks up a bigger number because they have cheaper dumb-smart phones.

      But almost 50% of that number was the Galaxy SIII, which costs as much as an iphone. and there are plenty of other devices that are just as expensive using Android. So the number of dumb-smart phones is not nearly as high as some people thing.

      These days, instead of getting a cheap crappy phone, poor people (or people who dont care about the latest and greatest) will get last years flagship device, which they can usually get for free on contract (or tab). So those people now are getting the Galaxy SII. So they arent going with dumb phones anymore, and the market share of smartphones compared to dumb phones is increasing quite quickly.

    • d3v14n7

      Actually, the vast majority of Android’s market share comes from flagship phones, and not the inexpensive ones… And what sets Android apart from iOS is choice, there is an Android phone that fits anyone’s needs… Not to mention iOS has it’s fair share of cheap phones in the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, which are still being sold for cheap or free on contract…

  • Johnson

    What if Blackberry was running Android OS. Do you think they have a chance in the market again?

    • Omegajimes

      I doubt it, they would have nothing to stand out in the crowd. Huawei and HTC already have qwerty android phones that are pretty good. They’re not Blackberry 9900 keyboards, but they are acceptable. Blackberry’s only chance imo is in courting developers, which is what they’ve been doing for the past year.

  • Dalex

    Time to jump ship from Android, its too popular!! :P… If only my One X wasn’t so damn awesome…

  • roman20

    Um, if these growth/shrink rates continue, RIM will be knocked out of global 3rd place in the next quarter. They really couldn’t have picked a worse time for a bbx10 delay.

  • Me

    No they didn’t


    Talk about the SECURE system on the RIM…. At least your information is not out there in public :/

    The more advanced we are in technology the most important having a secure phone or technology platform becomes.

    RIM ROX! 😀

  • Johnson

    Yeah I believe the bbx delay is only making it worse. However, I heard Fido at Sheridan mall is offering a $129 power bag if you activate a blackberry with them

  • Johnson


    *$129 power bag FREE on any 2 or 3 yr term


    I wonder what will it be like if Android makes APPLEpies or BLACKBERRY muffins instead!

    I’d go for the BB muffin as berries are the best antioxidants 😀

  • ras

    I like android and I am Posting from my s3.

    I don’t think it is a fair comparison . It is one handset (iPhone) vs thousands of android handset. If Iphones were available with screen sizes 3.5 inch – 5.3 inch and price range $100 -$700 then it would be fair. I think they should compare 3.7″ iPhone and a 3.7″ phone running android.

    • d3v14n7

      Actually, it’s 5 iPhones, 3 of which are still being sold today, and some of them being very cheap or even free on contract… As for not being “fair”, nothing is stopping Apple from releasing several iPhones a year, or contracting OEMs to make phones for them, but they chose not to and instead try to force their “our way, or the highway” idea on their users, all while Android OEMs offer choice of hardware, specs, price etc… Not to mention, the majority Android phones sold are actually flagship devices, not low end smartphones as you seem to think, Apple sells low end devices as well, in the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4… Now how many of those iPhone sales are non-flagship iPhones?

  • Turge

    LMAO @ the “It’s not fair” comment.

  • Ras

    LMAO comment guy, can you explain why you think its fair?
    Let’s say there is somebody who can’t afford to pay $649 and can afford only about $300 .
    Which handset would he pick and why ?

    • jonny


      if some person cant afford a brand new iphone, they would get the previous device, still sold at many places new in box, for free on contract.

      if someone wants apple, they get apple. you can always get an apple phone for free.

      and if they didnt want to sign a contract/tab, they’d buy an iphone used for really cheap.

  • Brad

    Started with android last fall. Didn’t like 2.1. Then moved to a curve 3G, didn’t like it. Have had my iPhone for 7 months, like my iPad more. Now I’m treaking into windows phone and are excited for it.

    I use to think android was bad but windows phone and android are the best ATM IMO.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I believe in green aliens

  • stylinred

    ouch RIM even usurped Symbian but then again they havent had a flagship for 2years the 808 being the new flagship that’s just released

  • EC

    before android and iOS were out, were there any Windows Mobile and BBOS trolls?

    i seriously cant remember any, WM and BBOS commanded 50% of the market share each.

  • Paul

    @ras…your comment is like saying that it is only fair to compare devices that have QWERTY keyboards and in the market BB would be king. If apple wants a larger phone then it is up to them to compete with how things are going not the other way around. That is where the market is going :).

  • Friko

    Come on Android!