Rogers launching LTE Rocket Hub to bring 100Mbps speeds to 15 devices


  • timkin

    will this work on bb10?

  • shoo

    didn’t bell adapt the 2.6Ghz spectrum to do 150Mbps? Rogers is lagging behind a bit.

    • AK

      I think our problem is not the theoretical 100 vs 150 but the Data plans costs in the first place . I’d take a REAL life 10 mpbs over 150 mpbs any day if the data cost was less.

  • Luke phone hone

    So is it fair to say that bell’s backhaul is much faster because they can hit 150mbps theoretical on 2600mhz?

  • Bill S******s

    With all the free Wifi around now in major hotels, coffee shops, Tim Hortons, rtc. whats the point to pay for crazy data packages anymore

  • Reggie Noble

    What’s the point? Who wants the share a whopping 500mb or 6gb of data with a bunch of people?

  • Kid-Canada

    In this case, I’m better off with my wireless home Internet connection which is faster (50Mbp with Shaw for $30/month) with no cap what’s so ever. Thank you Rogers for this very sh*tty offer like all your other sh*tty “deals”. I mean not even 5 people could share a 10GB cap on LTE let alone 15 lol.

    • Porilaisten

      That’s 666.6 MB per person lol.

      Coincidence, 666 = Rogers?

      I think not

  • Larry scott

    I have the Rogers rocket hub, I had the old system which was good, I have 3 Rogers iPhones and they all work fine, but the rock hub is well …..junk. The wii is week, and the system has to be be reset all the time, in order to keep working ” slowly”. If you stay on 1 site such as net flicks, it will work fine but if you surf it will get slower and slower and then quit.
    This is not a good system