Sony Xperia ion now available at Rogers, can be yours for $549.99 outright


  • Sean

    If it had an S4 processor and at least ICS this phone would be compelling. As it is it is just a Xperia S with LTE and a worse design 6 months later.

  • monsterduc1000

    Not even ICS and last years processors? Pass.

    • RIP

      LOL! you are kidding right?
      $550 for a Gingerbread phone in July 2012?? its a FAIL!

      If ICS was coming in August or September they would say ” Coming in one or two mos” this only indicates that ICS “Could” come in about 3 months and still has to pass Rogers testing!

      Sony should either reduce the price of the phone to $299 ( you can get the Galaxy Nexus for $350 unlocked ,directly from Google)

      Or wait for “Sometime soon” and release it at $499; you can get the SG3 for $599 with ICS and will have JB before Sony gets ICS.

  • jack

    2.3 lol what in the f***

  • faizo

    With Gingerbread??? LOL.


    • John z

      Thing is tho even tho this has 2.3 GB on it, people still came to the Rogers store & bought them this morning. Evne the Sony Xperia S with 2.3 GB got sold out at all the Sony stores within a month.

      2.3 gingerbread is nothing to normal non techsavvy people. Sony took months to fix this update to make it without any lags or issues. Everyone else just jumps on the updates & has issues you know?

      Anyways the ICS update will be coming soon.

    • Dan

      Sorry, but this phone needs ICS (heck it needs JB) to give a great end user experience. Just because people buy it for the brand (same reason people buy Iphones), does not mean you should encourage them to do it. If they want a quality phone on Rogers, they should be guided towards the One X and GS3 which are head and shoulders better regardless of being more expensive.

      If they are first time smartphone buyers and are looking for a fluid experience, they should be pushed towards the Nokia Lumia 900, which is a bargain and offers great value to these people that supposedly don’t care about updates.

    • John z

      @ Dan. Are you kidding me? Nokia said them selfs all the Lumias are not upgrading to the Windows 8 update. So how does The lumia 900 is better then this? Both phones are good but Sony provides updates where Nokia does not & they even said they wont. The only updates they will release is if anything they find is wrong with bugs & all & maybe to add a bit more things.. Do some research before making comments.

    • Dalex

      Umm? Learn about reading comprehension before replying then sheesh. I mentioned clearly the Lumia 900 is the perfect device for those first time smartphone buyers that don’t care about updates. I’m fully aware the 900 won’t get WP8. I’m also fully aware (because of actual research and using the phones) that the 900 is a better choice than the Ion, because the S3 processor is garbage and it can’t handle the supremely poorly coded Timescape UI running atop Gingerbread. Knowing how terrible Rogers are, I’m also sure they are shipping the Ion with a locked bootloader so you can’t even install custom roms if you are a power user.

      So in short, it’s a terrible purchase for non tech savvy users and a terrible one for power users. I.e. its garbage.

  • D Kupiec

    I used to have a lot of respect for Sony. But for the last little while, they just fell apart. How can you put on a phone of Gingerbread when Jelly Bean is becoming the norm? Sony is 2 steps backward and they charge you a hefty price for this locked phone?

  • sicpuppy

    Sony sleeps in same bad as RIM .

  • Ryan

    Launching a Gingerbread phone in July 2012 just after the Jelly Bean announcement is pretty ballsy.

  • northy

    I had the sony x10,, was a piece of junk,, this doesnt look to be any better,, its companies like sony that give Android a bad name,,

    sony is so far behind on everything,, look at the PS3 the xbox is now lightyears ahead of it,,

    • monsterduc1000

      Northy: You are seriously bringing a console flame to a mobile phone site? You really are a fanboi 🙂

    • Cristian

      “look at the PS3 the xbox is now lightyears ahead of it” – That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read on this website.

  • Tjinder

    Wait, is this the first LTE device in Canada? What about the Lumia 900 and Galaxy Note?

    • monsterduc1000

      “Here it is Canada… Sony’s first LTE-enabled smartphone has officially launched…”

      Here is that first line again for ya Tjinder 🙂

  • Charles

    I learned my lesson to never buy an android phone expecting an OS upgrade.

  • Mark

    OH Tjinder, Tjinder, Tjinder!!

    Can you spot the differences?? Hint… there is only one and it starts with a capital S!!

    “Here it is Canada, SONY’s first LTE-enabled smartphone has officially launched”

    “Here it is Canada, the first LTE-enabled smartphone has officially launched”

  • Tjinder

    Pfft. Reading? Who needs to be good at that? Nobody, that’s who! (Heh. Whoops.)

  • monsterduc1000

    Sony must have caught wind of this thread and all the comments dissing its lack of modern internals and up to date os. Look at all the dislikes for all those valid points!!! 🙂

  • Ron Mexico

    LMAO, “currently runs OS 2.3 Gingerbread but is on a path towards Ice Cream Sandwich sometime “soon.”” Lol, seriously? Sony Jelly Bean is released and you are releasing devices with Gingerbread? Fail! Sony is Fail

    • John z

      I wonder where you think Sony is a fail. If you remember correctly The Xperia IAN was released start of June & Already ATT had it. Jelly bean was released after they made this phone & the corrent GB update.

      The make prototype phones a year before & have the OS they used then & then update the phone months later with the newer update. It makes sense. The only people that are bitching & cryig about the ICS update are tech savvy people. Grow up people. Make you own phone company & then tell me how it works out.

    • Dalex

      How exactly is telling us to make our own phone company and see how it works out a valid excuse for Sony again. If the “company has prototype phones a year before and have the OS used then and then update the phone months later with the newer update”, how do you explain HTC announcing their One series phones all running ICS (the freaking entry level One V included) in February and releasing them in April with the same OS. Did the Galaxy S3 ship with GB with updates to ICS to be coming? Did these phones ship before the freaking Ion too?
      Heck did the Ion ship with GB while other Sony phones released in 2011 have gotten their ICS update by now ROFL? Cmon now let’s be logical for a minute…

  • Cristian

    Wait. Isn’t Rogers in charge with the OS updates? Maybe I’m wrong, but on my last phone it was them who were to blame for the delayed OS update. So where’s Sony’s fault in this?