CyanogenMOD 10 for the Galaxy S III gets a preview build, Jelly Beans jump for joy


  • alexrobot

    Delicious. Seems like I might be skipping CM9 altogether on my T999.

    • AndroidRootGuy

      You most certainly should. It maybe a little buggy, but with S3 being so new, might as well be on the bleeding edge. 😉

  • Brendon

    I don’t find anything wonky about it. Super speedy, I love it 🙂

  • Peter

    Hows the battery life? Seem like by Bell S3 is bleeding battery every min without doing anything

    • Brendon

      Download better battery stats, you should be getting around 20hrs with 2hrs of display time

    • Kaiden

      Do you turn off LTE? When I have my phone on Wifi it last forever. LTE kills the battery

    • Stonedtree

      Hi Peter, I cant seem to flash this Rom for Bell. I’m assuming we use the ATT build. It says installation aborted and something about can’t fond prop device. PLZ help if you can

  • Peter

    I’ve looked at it before and not too sure what to do with it. Any advice?

  • Deli

    I would like to try it but it’s gonna be missing the little things I love about the S3 ICS (direct call, Smart Stay). None of these are deal breakers for me.

  • Peter

    Even with wifi….it still drains…… I think it may be my 2 push exchange mail accounts….

  • Deli

    I mean to say “these are deal breakers for me: (if Direct call and Smart stay are not included).

  • Senk

    I can’t wait to get Touchwiz off my S3. Smart Stay really hasn’t been working very well for me anyway.

    There’s an app called ISeeYou that is supposed to do the same thing as Smart Stay. Going to try it out when I flash a new ROM.

  • Stonedtree

    I cant seem to flash this Rom for Bell. I’m assuming we use the ATT build. It says installation aborted and something about can’t fond prop device. PLZ help if you can

  • Deli

    thanks for the suggestion, Senk. HOwever, the ISEEYOU app doesn’t work while on horizontal orientation. Smart stay quite well (not perfect) with me. Looking forward to Note 2 lol.

  • Tyler Nicol

    For the people having problems flashing it you have to have CWM installed from ROM manager for it to work.

    • Stonedtree

      thnx il try flashing my phone back to the stock rooted rom then install cwm using rom manager. hope it works

  • Sebastien Grenier

    Do you know if it will be available soon for GT-i9300 variant?

  • JetLife

    Will this work for Virgin Mobile S3’s?

    • EddieWinslow

      @JETLIFE Virgin Mobile and Bell should be the same phone.

  • Stonedtree

    i get installation aborted something to do with can’t find proper device” Im on bell trying to use the AT&T cm10 rom

  • Ronin

    I’ve been running this ROM since this morning and it’s great. Needs a patch for the camera to work, and even with that it’s a bit sketchy, but otherwise seems really nice and smooth. Hard to judge battery life so far since I was in a no-service area for half the day, but it doesn’t seem too different from the CM9 build so far.

  • Max

    I don’t know what happened for me, but my S2 was more faster than my S3. It takes about a huge 3 seconds before I can go back to the home screen. Sometimes it freezes while I am in my contacts, etc.

  • Craig

    I flashed this last night-the build was dated 7-20 so not sure if it was a newer one than originally posted.

    LOVE the speed, Google Now is working (it really is so much better than S Voice) and seems very much like Siri.

    Only problem I encountered was when I tried to restore apps/date using Titanium Pro. As soon as I did that (twice) I got this “ has stopped working” message and lots of apps force-closing.

    I basically turned off Titanium Pro and got all my apps from the Play store, and it works fine.