NYT says Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad will cost “significantly less” than the new iPad


  • sitharth

    Amazing apple ipad!!

  • Z DiLaurentis

    Previous reports have stated the price of this smaller iPad will be around the $250-$300 mark….sure….to Apple, “significantly less” really means $20 less from the new iPad. Darn their over priced products and their limited OS.

  • Pablo Garcia Jiminez


  • Mapple

    At $250, I would pick up one.

    • Me Ted

      At $250 I’d rather have a vastly superior product in the Nexus 7.

  • WP74Life

    No WP ? I’ll pass.

  • Sam

    Is it going to be less than the nexus 7?

  • metoo

    Before the original iPad came out, these were the same people that ‘knew’ it would be $1000 or more.

    • EvanKr

      Yes, they also “knew” that it would run a full version of Snow Leopard, they “knew” it would have a front and rear facing camera, and they also “knew” they it would have the same or improved internals of a full MacBook Pro. Were they ever off!

  • ForgetDaNexus7

    Gonna wait for the iPad mini!

  • Brandon

    Yeah sounds great and all, but if it does end up being a $250-$300 device, it’s still priced higher than it’s competition. You can find the playbook for dirt cheap prices. The new Nexus Tab is only 200 bucks along with those E-reader/tablets like the Kobo Vox and Kindle Fire. So the price is still up there, but then again, it is Apple and iFans will flock to the stores. Especially since it’s cheaper than 90% of their products. I might, I might not.

    • Rio

      I would actually thing it would be around that price range considering a 10in one starts at 500$

      I am still finding it hard to believe they will release a mini iPad but anything is possible.

    • metoo

      Seriously, you are using the firesale/massive loss pricing of the playbook and the sold-at-a-loss pricing of the Kindle Fire as you barometer of what is considered ‘up there’ pricing?

  • ASH

    Is this gonna be the “Really New” ipad?

  • Blaisun

    i highly doubt that, as that is the price point for the 32 GB ipod touch…… i would believe an 8GB for about 350$

  • Mark

    The mini ipad will essentially cannibalize the large ipad’s sales, but that’s better than letting Android eat away at its market share. This is what Steve Jobs was so resistant to do with the iphone. The one-size-for-all business model just doesn’t work well when consumers demand choice. Jobs wasn’t a big fan of choice.

  • RealDeal

    Apple is known for undercutting their own products to save consumers money…..right….

    • metoo

      They did exactly that with the original iPad. It had the potential to undercut their very lucrative laptop business and do it at a far lower price. They also introduced multiple lower end iPods when they could have have stayed with one more expensive model.

      What was your point again?

  • ns.dev

    My care for the smaller iPad is significantly less than the new iPad. My care for the new iPad is currently at: 0.

  • Mike

    Knowing Apple, “significantly less” means the smaller iPad will be $450. And the USB cable is an extra $40.

  • Alex

    @ Meetoo i don’t think there was much concern over large numbers of people buying an iPad vs an apple laptop. i think they made an Apple product within reach for people that weren’t going to spend for an apple laptop and apple laptop owners would buy both. same with lower end iPods. You have a Touch but now you need a shuffle to run with etc. when new features came out they lower the price of the old for those with shallower pockets to participate and the first mover/deeper pocketed always upgraded. much more expansion than cannibalization and i think the sales numbers would bear that out.

  • Edward R.M. Szklar

    At $250-$300 for this iPad I’ll get this. Right after my Nexus7.

  • Big Ang

    I don’t think this will cannibalize the full-size iPad sales that much, but it will more than make up for it by increasing the overall iPad sales.

    Remember when Apple introduced the iPod Mini? People said it would hurt the regular iPod sales. Yeah, it probably did a little, but it was a runaway hit, effectively wiping out all other mp3 players out of the market.

    There are a lot of people that want a 7inch tablet, and there are a lot of people that would never consider a 7inch tablet. It may not sound like that much of a difference, but the 7inch and 10inch tablets are quite different from each other.

    A friend of mine has a 10inch iPad, a 10inch Touchpad, and a 7inch Playbook (purchased in that order). Although he occasionally uses the iPad at home, he loves the Playbook because it’s small enough to carry around in a coat pocket.

    Apple needs a 7inch iPad, they can’t give up that segment of the market to Android and others. My money is on it starting at $300, with a price drop to $250 in 6 months or so.

  • Pahech

    “10 inch is the perfect size for tablets” and “3.5 inch is the right size for the iPhone”.

    So much for those statements.

  • Tim Cook

    Android lovers can lick my balls…