Apple may announce a smaller iPad in October: Bloomberg


  • craz

    So now they can try to sue everyone who makes smaller tablets…

  • Plazmic

    Cheaper and Apple never go together. I’m going to say that this isn’t happening.

    On a serious note, when ever Apple is going to make a new product, competitors in the same category usually complain about shortages on parts because Apple buys them all in bulk, putting the competitors at a disadvantage. I feel that if Apple was going to do this they would have ramped up some time ago to battle Googles Nexus 7 and especially Kindle Fire.

    We shall see though. Was just about to pull the trigger on a Nexus 7 but now I will wait.

    • EvanK

      No, it will happen, but $350 isn’t exactly what I’d call “cheap”.

    • Jeff A

      So basically you are playing right into Apples hands man. Like you I doubt they will release a 7 incher, but stopping people from pulling the trigger on the Nexus 7 was their goal in leaking this info I bet.
      All reviews say that the 7 is a great tablet.

  • AllanVS

    So, this means Samsung can get the small iPad banned in the US for being “nearly indistinguishable”, as per Injustice Koh, because Samsung had the 7″ device first, thus Apple is copying, and causing irreversible damage to Samaung’s name. Right?

    • metoo

      Nice way to show a complete misunderstanding of the trade dress lawsuits. Not very surprising for an Android fan 😉

  • Crocography

    Well so far that new iPad is not cheaper maybe they will compete on price and come down a $100. Cheaper is not in Apple’s vocabulary.

  • Dalex

    So its going to be more expensive than the Nexus 7 and run an inferior OS? Umm? No thanks?

    • metoo

      That’s right. If they aren’t selling it at a loss, to attract their low income fans, then it isn’t worth it.

    • Dan

      Wow, think before you post something sheesh… So because people choose to buy a tablet that’s less expensive instead of overpaying for a fruit logo they have low income? Seriously? Is that what Apple told you?

      Google is selling this tablet at cost to penetrate the market and because they want to recoup on Google Play services. It is a great idea and has been praised by reviewers and consumers alike.

    • metoo

      No Dan, simple demographics say that. Every demo study done shows Android users trend toward lower income. This completely explains why Google has sell sell their tablet at a loss.

      Selling at a loss, with a hope and a prayer of making money back through google play is indeed their plan. Let’s see how that works. Even cell carriers know that model only works if you have a contract to back it up. But google has no other choice. Their clientele is just unwilling or unable to spend money up front. It’s the layaway, but on credits, rent-to-own crowd.

    • Theywillbepissed

      Metoo: Are you retarded? The only reason Android trends closer to low income is because of all the kids and teenagers that can afford to buy low end android phones, not the overpriced s**t that is the iPhone. If Android users are so cheap, then why have expensive phones like the sgsIII, SgsII, Sgs, and galaxy note sold so well?

    • metoo

      Have you ever heard of carrier subsidies? Much like housing subsidies, they allow you to afford things you otherwise could not. What’s you point? Talk about retarded.

    • metoo

      @theywillbepissed also note that those devices that are not subsidized, i.e. tablets, have failed to gain traction in the Android community…exactly because they are ‘expensive’. Now that Google is taking it upon themselves to fund your purchase, there is a tablet that might actually sell. Low rent moron.

      Seriously, have anyone of you even thought about maybe going back to highschool and getting your diploma? It will open up all sorts of doors of understanding for your.

  • Nic

    I thought apple said that 7′ tablets were stupid and they would never make one

    • vn33

      Guess even Apple cannot resist the lure of the $$

  • metoo

    @vn33 because so many Android vendors are making so much money on 7″ tablets? Who?

    • Jeff A

      The Nexus 7 is the beginning. iPhone users said that Android phones would never take top place, but about 2 years later what OS is number one on phones.

      I don’t get why some people don’t understand that the tablet market is very very very likely to go the same way. The iPad will always sell well, but Android tablets will eventually be as good, and there will be more android tablets to fill the gaps where the iPad, and the High end Androids cant reach.

  • Netguru

    Apple has always priced their products at a premium to their competition. I don’t believe that they will change this policy. So the only way that they will sell a 7 – 8 inch tablet, with similar specs to the Nexus 7, is at a premium price. My guess would be $300 – $350 range, depending on built-in memory.

    • metoo

      You are comparing that to the Nexus 7’s price, which has to be sold at a loss in order to move unit. You are right, I guess if expecting to make a profit is ‘premium’ then Apple is going to sell it at a premium…at the very least, not at a loss like Google must.

      Any wonder why google has to announce their product at the same firesale prices that the Playbook and Touchpad were sold for? It’s effective on clearance before it is even released, but that is their necessary strategy, given their audience.

    • A

      i don’t understand this argument, vendors are complaining because they can’t match the Macbook air price point and make any money. Apple chose not to get into the bottom feeder market, that’s where android comes in.

  • Mark

    It’s time for everyone that makes 7″ tablets to gangbang Apple in the court room.

  • Andy

    Steve Jobs Says 7-Inch Tablets Are ‘Dead on Arrival’
    By Brian X. ChenEmail Author October 18, 2010 | 6:25 pm | Categories: Tablets and E-Readers


    • JBR

      Actually, Steve Jobs SAID, he cannot say because he is dead. Which is exactly why Apple will start to become a follower instead of a leader. They have lost the innovative head of their company. As for everyone who is pointing at Android as a low income earners OS of choice, that statistic doesn’t jive with my experience. I am personally not in a low income bracket and have several friends who are well-paid professionals, several of which have switched from BB to Android. Most of the others who are in business are riding it out with BB, one tried an iPhone 4S and is back on his BlackBerry. Maybe if you could quote a source for your stats, I would be interested to know who and how they were gathered. As for you, metoo, work on your English skills a bit, they seem a bit low class to me.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Time to line up… 7″ tablets are revolutionary

  • Rp

    Oh is it that time of the year again? Bloomberg has been predicting smaller iPads every year for the past 2 years..

  • A

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they came out with a 3.5 inch tablet, oh wait… its called an iPod Touch. If they do come out with a smaller tablet, what does that do to the pricing of the touch, since in effect it already is an iPad like device.

    • metoo

      A part of what action? The Nexus is an admitted money loser. I don’t think Apple wants any part of that action.

  • ace

    I think apple was caught off guard, as Google pushed the nexus 7 tablet out in 4 months start to finish, it wasn’t any time for them really react, which worked to googles advantage… so now they are going to try and copy google since they know its gona sell no matter what and they want part of the action. I think they are having trouble securing components too.

    • metoo

      Or, as in the last 3 years, the rumors are spread that Apple is doing a 7″ tablet, their competitors all rush to build more and more 7″ tablets and no one buys them….and Apple laughs all the way to the bank.

  • zzZZzz

    Since when was the Nexus 7 sold at a loss?….From what I read it was sold at cost price, ie no profit. Any sources on that?

  • methree

    Apple has proven they are slow technology adopters when catching up the to competition. They could never push a product out in 4 months. That being said, they will charge a premium for it and will probably fall in the #399 range. Any less and they will be cutting into their overpriced 10″ iPad market.

    They are caught in a tough situation – too cheap and they cannabalize their 10″ market. Too expensive and they won’t draw anyone put the sheeple of the word. Granted there are many but they won’t attact any new customers because people who are not devotees, can see that double the price does not equal double the value. They know that the apple logo equates about to 30% of the sticker price.

    I agree with metoo in that the Android users tend to be lower income though they also tend to be more technology aware. Apple does not want these people as they do not pay for apps and they will start demanding more value for money and they DO NOT WANT that. They also want to be seen as elite brand and by allowing the ‘poor’ people of the world access to their equipment would push away the WASPy people who buy Apple.

    • metoo

      oh man, I hope when you get out of school you don’t try to run a business…

    • metoo

      Also, you not being able to afford something doesn’t make it over priced.

  • NotImpressedByApple

    The Apple process: Starts making 7in tablets -> Calls it the most advanced tablet in the world (even though the specs fail in comparison to other tablets in the same category) -> Jacks up price to make it look like it’s the best thing since sliced bread -> Sues Samsung and Asus

    • metoo

      “jack up the price” well, in this case, duh. No business wants to sell at a loss, like google is forced to, if they have an actual choice. Apple doesn’t have that problem. Their customers tend to have jobs 😉

  • Carol

    Why is it so hard for some people to understand that **ANY** Apple tablet will not be good enough? I want to be able to do what I want with my product.I don,t care if it’s 10″ or 7″. I want to be able to go on the internet, find the files I want to download and get it. Right on the internet. Without using iTunes.

    The day Apple will make this happen, then we’ll talk about Apple making something nice. Until then, it’ll be Android.

    • metoo

      I guess it is a shame that others that feel as you do couldn’t buy an Android tablet to show their support. Now it’s come to the Nexus 7. I guess some segments rely on subsidies.

  • craig

    cmon Samsung, sue Apple !!! just do it !!! it’s a completely frivolous lawsuit just like Apple’s stupid lawsuits towards Samsung. If I was a judge I would throw all these cases out, bunch of babies, waaaaah.

    • metoo

      Read a newspaper craig. Samsung is suing Apple.

      Are all Android users so ignorant of the world around them? Forget it, I know the answer.

  • Carol


    I do. I have 2 Android Tablet. The iPad just couldn’t do what I wanted. Stop taking Android users for i****s please, we’re not. We just decided iOS(Apple) isn’t the best for us.

    • metoo

      @carol, that’s great. Maybe you can convince your friends to reach into their wallets and show some support. The new, sold at a loss, Nexus 7 should make that easier for them.

    • JBR

      metoo, is there any possibility of you citing any sources for the information that you’ve supposedly gathered? From what I’ve read, the Nexus 7 tablet was offered at a lower price by removing certain components such as the front facing camera (Oh no, can’t take pictures with the tablet), which has led to the ability to reduce price point. Do you really think that they would sell at a loss? How much do you actually suppose it costs to make a tablet, or any electronic device? Do you think that Apple would really lose money selling their iPad at under $599 when they are made in overseas sweat shops by nine year olds being paid slave wages? Show me the statistic. You can dislike Android all you like and continue to suckle at the Apple teet, but please stop spewing nonsense from you posterior, I’m sure its hard to differentiate it from your mouth, but do your best.

  • Dalex

    @metoo, Wow… you really are a sad little person even by Apple Fanboy standards (which are surprisingly low). You’ve replied to nearly every post in this thread either insulting people or spewing nonsense about a product you clearly do not understand. For someone who accuses people of being in school you sure come by as a genius *rolls eyes*. You don’t even understand Google’s business model in regards to Android, let alone this tablet.

    I didn’t think even Apple Fanboys could be this pathetic (most of them I know steer clear of anything regarding tech or business, having realized using an Apple product does not portray any sort of inclination toward being a savvy consumer or tech connoisseur), but you really are pushing the enveloppe… Congrats buddy.

    • metoo

      One speaks at the level of one’s audience I suppose.

      Btw, nice argument. We all understand google’s business model here. Some (perhaps over your head) even recognize what led to it. Hint: it wasn’t the intelligence or affluence of the typical android fan. Google isn’t dumb. They know their crowd and are playing to it.

      Sorry I hurt your feelings. Maybe getting a job would help 😉

    • Dalex

      Oh brother, I don’t know whether to find this funny or sad lol… You’ve spent all day replying to people here and I will get a job someday? I’m guessing it gets lonely in your mom’s basement, but don’t worry, I’m sure your apple devices keep you company (maybe the Steve Jobs memorabilia?)

      Judging by your replies you don’t understand Google, hell even Apple I’m starting to doubt goes over your head. I literally feel bad for you man, seek some help.

  • Keith L

    If Apple does this it’ll be a terrible product. It’ll have 26% lower pixels per inch than the Nexus 7. And with an 8″ 4:3 frame, it won’t be nearly as pocketable (suit pocket or purse) as the Nexus 7. Then toss on the substantially higher price (at least 20-50% depending on the storage capacity being discussed).

    This would be a bad idea for Apple. Really, how many price sensitive customers (and those who spend $199 are price sensitive) would spend 50% more? Meanwhile, at 8″ the smaller iPad might just be big enough to convince quite a few of the 40% who buy iPad 2s and 16GB wifi retina iPads to downgrade. If even a quarter of that market shifts, that would be a huge hit to Apple’s profits.

    I think this is misdirection. Apple’s HQ is tighter than a medieval chastity belt, yet, when rave reviews of the Nexus 7 start flying out, Apple HQ is leaking like a sieve? Coincidence? I think not.

    Apple could do it purely as a defensive move. But I just can’t see it being a very successful gambit….or at least as successful as their current iPads.

  • AllanVS

    @metoo – instead of continuing to look ignorant … show us your source of info, that states every Google Tablet is a loss. (BTW Google doesn’t charge for the license for Android, so thus, yeah, we can say they lose… but Acer Iconia’s and Asus Transformers have been pretty lucrative and money makers for Acer and Asus. I’m pretty damn sure Samsung is lucrative as well, and not losing cash on Android tablets. HOWEVER, in case I’m wrong (it’s happened in the past) … SHOW US THE PROOF that all ‘Droid tables are money losers.
    Until you do? Shut up.

    • metoo

      Oh Allan…

      have you read the financial reports from these companies? They are all bleeding and all attribute it to their Android devices. There is just no profit in it for them. It doesn’t matter if Google gives the Android for free if no one buys the tablets. That’s a money loser. It doesn’t matter if the make great devices when their core audience can’t afford them. I am sure that their retail prices have a healthy profit build in (except for the Nexus 7), that is basic business sense. But if no one buys them, that margin is less than zero, that is a money loser.

      Seriously, basic business and math skills here guys. If it costs you $X to make, market and develop and you sell 0, then you have lost $X, give or take the few that were sold to outlets for their “Buy anything get a free tablet” promotions.

  • J

    i don’t want to buy or promote apple & their constant lawsuits. If this tab was made by another company, maybe i’d be interested.

  • metoo

    @Dalex: don’t feel bad for me son. I make a good living and can afford a few luxuries for my family and I. Feel bad for your dad. Feel bad for your mom. I know they would like to provide more for you. I know they would have liked to send you to university or even a community college. I am sure they are heart broken every time they look at you playing on your Android and thinking “why doesn’t think loser have a job”.

    Don’t feel bad for me. Feel bad for the hordes of Android users waiting for their next cheque from the dole.

  • metoo

    I’ll just add: I love that fantards like Dalex love to pop into any and all Apple related threads (or any thread really) and start spouting off about Apple and iSheep, but wets his panties when someone does it to Android users.

    I’ll admit, while everything I post is honest and factual, much of what I post is intended to get a rise out of fantards. Not Android users mind you, nothing against them. But the true fantard diehards that are as religious, ignorant and fanatical as the worst Apple fan. Mostly I call them on their BS, which seems to freak them out. Their reactions are pretty telling. Very amusing thread 😉