More insight into how RIM’s BlackBerry 10 keyboard works (Video)


  • Ethan

    If only he could communicate what they’re going for a bit better – but I suppose he’s an engineer, not a salesman!

    • Date Please

      When can I go to the store, hand them money and then get a BB10 phone in return?

      I am looking for a date. Thats all, a day, month, and year. Or, even just a month and year. Or, what the hell, even just a year.


    • Date Please2

      If it’s June 20th and the software is still in Alpha prototype. Can you do the UNTHINKABLE and do something the global press hasn’t done in the last 12 months and ask these two questions:

      “if BB10 is still in Alpha and it takes at least 5 months to test, get approval, build and ship a phone, do you still think that BB10 will ship before November 2012?”

      “When can the people of Toronto go to the store and buy a BB10 phone?”

    • Date Please2

      Any idea when it will get out of pre-Alpha developer stage.

      Does anybody have an idea of the Roadmap ( how many pre Alphas, how many Alphas, Betas, Release Candidates, Final testing, Release to Market, Finished product etc) ???

    • Date Please

      I don’t think its coming out. Sorry to say that, but next week will be earnings release, and I think that it will be so bad that the stock will just collapse to like $5.

      BB10 is just a marketing gimic right now to try and keep the stock up while RIM searches for a buyer. Its been shown there is NO buyer.

    • The Preacher

      FYI: Layoffs have begun at RIM today!

      Sing to the mountains,

      Sing to the sea,

      Raise your voices, lift your hearts!

      This is the day that Rim has died,

      Let all the earth rejoice!*

      (*Taken from a previous poster, props to them!)

    • Bb

      Hey fyi….they show more features for this elsewhere on. The Web. Oslooks great. As well, better question for people who keep asking where bb10 is, is where is your brain? if they have a prototype device and are still working on it…a 3 year old could do the math and tell you at least 3-8 months. So do yourself a favor and everyone else and don’t ask that dumb question until august or at least september. They haves over 50 million users so let’s assume they aren’t going anywhere in the next little while. They also have no debt so they can still operate for a while as long as no one buys them, which will let them innovate.

  • Paul

    Looks Good!!! Apps, please make sure it has apps!!!! Definitely on the right track!

  • Chatty UK User

    Boy that RIM representative sure is chatty….. -_-

  • Cdn5Abi

    Breath of fresh air! If in actuality BB10 is as good as it looks here, RIMM is not yet dead.

  • Jeff

    BB10 does look nice and i’m sure with how much time/money they are investing in it, it’ll be at least a decent/good OS…

    however, am i the only one that doesn’t see the big hype around this? It still feels and looks a little late to the game and not very innovative…maybe that’s just the impression i’m getting but most of these features are accessible already through other OS

  • android forever

    BB10 is 1 year too late. Unfortunately blackberry is going down the drain

  • Interesting

    HP has shown that a good OS is not the hail mary that RIM seems to be hoping. Hopefully they have some fantastic hardware to back it up.

  • Rim = Phayl

    Too late.
    The Microsoft, Google, and Apple marketing machines are unbeatable.

  • bummy

    Android user here.
    TBH I use my phone mostly for surfing, maps, emails, text, calls, and fbook. Occasionally soundhound and googlegoggles.

    I don’t play games on my phone…

    With that, I believe that bb10 is a much better UI for handling those tasks. Cannot wait!

    • OK BUD!

      So you haven’t seen the maps, email, text, calls or facebook on the BB10. You haven’t seen soundhound and it doesn’t have googlegoggles.

      Yet you believe its a better UI? Based on what? Nothing?


  • you

    The future is interesting indeed…

  • Carlos

    bb10 is looking good so far , this might be my next OS


    When can I go into a store and buy a BB10 phone?

    I want a DATE.

    Someone tell me WHEN I can physically enter a store and exchange money for a BB10 phone.


    • Manbo

      It’ll be the same day you grow a few brain cells…

  • Michael

    That looks really good. Some cool UX ideas there. Might be time to buy some RIM stock!

  • The Proclaimer

    RIM is obviously run by women – they can’t decide on anything, like when BB10 will be ready.

    • Manbo

      Why is it that after reading your comment I get the feeling women don’t let you touch them?

  • aregularonhofo

    Windows is light years ahead of RIM, with #8 there will be no catching up and the innovations are already showing great promise. RIM seems to be copying everyone else and with all the layoffs where only the top guys are making the good cash don’t expect much.

  • Reggie

    I have two blackberries and would like to replace them with new bb10 units when available. However, if netflix and siriusxm apps are not available, Samsung galaxy 3’s will be my next units.

  • Jon

    wonder if it will have some type of haptic feedback like the 9530/9550, that would also increase accuracy in my opinion as to what button you are pressing

  • vengefulspirit99

    Predictive texting? They already have an app for that… Not very innovative…

  • SoulReaper

    Sorry. Not enough to bring RIM back.
    Gestures are not natural, peek feature is almost useless in many occasions and the whole thing just does not impress.

  • mike

    bb 10 looks likes a pure copy of android and iphone mixed together. software looks like android. and hardware kinda looks like an iphone don’t you say. No innovation here. but perhaps a lawsuit done the pipe.

  • mike

    bb 10 looks likes a pure copy of android and iphone mixed together. software looks like android. and hardware kinda looks like an iphone don’t you say. No innovation here. but perhaps a lawsuit down the pipe.

  • fruit cup

    bb 10 looks likes a pure copy of android and iphone mixed together. software looks like android. and hardware kinda looks like an iphone don’t you say. No innovation here. but perhaps a lawsuit down the pipe.

    • 2dfx

      3 posts of the same thing only makes you 3 times dumber.

  • iamkennypowers

    sexiest os ever. rip crapsung 😉

  • Ian

    I am intrigued with what I have seen from the new BB OS. Hopefully, RIM launches the appropriate hardware in the phones to support the OS that seems to have taken positive cues from iOS and Android.

    With all the negative press around RIM lately, it really needs a slam dunk launch of BB10 this fall. Looks like RIM stock is about to get a boost; buy now!