MightyText for syncs texts, calls and messages between Android phones and the web


  • frodo

    This is neat; phone’s battery often dies and with this I can still continue to use the basic functions (texting mostly).

    • Rio

      I believe you would still need to your phone to be on for this to work as your computer would still send the message to be sent via your cellular network.

      But it would deff help you save power on your battery with the screen off

  • Scott B

    I’ve been using DeskSMS for almost a year now (created by the same fella who makes ROM manager).

    It does the same functions and works near flawlessly.

  • anona

    Been using Mighty Text since it was under 50 downloads from the market.

    Love it, and the new Beta is awesome.

  • HwyXingFrog

    I was using MightyText for quite a while, I then decided to give BrowserTexting a try. I found BrowserTexting to be much less buggy, but doesn’t notify of incoming calls.

    I was waiting to see if MightyText came out with some updates to make it more consistent, maybe I will try it again.

    I also tried DeskSMS, but I prefer the way MightyText and BrowserTexting function.

    I don’t even need to know where my phone is to send and receive texts. And I can send full texts by typing on my computer keyboard instead of typing on the phone. I thought Swype and SwiftKey were good, but they still don’t compare to my full keyboard sitting in front of me most of the day.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    Way way back in the day, I used to use a Rogers domain to send texts from the internet, but that got shut down. Since then, I never thought about the subject, but this seems like a great service to use!

    Thanks MS from posting this!

  • brunes

    DeskSMS is better.

  • TattoozNTech

    or, you could just use Google Voice, which has had this functionality since the beginning & requires no app at all. one can just use the web interface for Google Voice on a computer, or on mobile, tho the apps make it very easy, & always free. it also has a real phone number that anyone can text, & allows you to redirect your voicemails to the web interface to download them, and/or lets you filter your calls, & redirect them to various numbers, based on what group you put them in. the only thing Google Voice can’t do is picture messages, but really, on a smartphone, it’s just as easy to email that pic, as it is to send it in a MMS. (no, i don’t work for google in any way, i just find it amusing to see so many other apps trying to be as useful, & simply drop-dead simple at getting the job done, while Google Voice does it so well alreadly)

    • David

      Google Voice and MightyText operate completely differently. MightyText sends SMS through your phone with your cell phone carrier’s plan. Therefore the recipient sees the message coming from your phone number. Text messages from Google voice will have a different American based number and your friends who don’t have international texting plans may get charged to reply.

  • Ogre

    browsertexting is still much better. Multiple recipeients, better interface, etc. Although I like the option to sync with Google Drive which browsertexting does not support as far as I know.

  • mike

    I want one that can do the same thing, but through my iPad instead of PC… my dream app

    • Collin

      You can! you just have to by a mac.. just the way apple likes it..

  • Brandon Atkinson

    giving this a try… at least i can backup my messages… finally

  • Mike

    I’m annoyed that Google hasn’t built this in. At the very least your texts should be backed up on their servers. But for some reason the company that gave us the delete-nothing Gmail also produces a texting app that only saves the last 500 messages (by default).

    The problem is that they have “solved” all texting issues with Google Voice, but they’ve given no consideration to non-US users. The rest of the world must invent (and pay for) their own solution or do without.

  • Collin

    This is awesome!! i love it, even when im at work and signed into chrome my text messages pop up…

    excellent work

  • Claudiu

    But your phone needs to be online and in sync with your Google account. If it is offline, then no text messages will be sent.

  • deltatux

    Idea sounds great but I’m very worried for the privacy implications should the company gets hacked or if the company will sell your data to 3rd parties.

  • Manbo

    I would just like to point out, iMessage is trash. I had so many issues with iMessage that it stays permanently disabled on my iPhone. The only time I found it useful was for sending messages to the UK from Canada. Then I just put Skype on my Nexus and called them on their PC because 1/2 my messages disappeared into the ether.

  • Joel Carter

    I use DeskSMS, I use it with Google Chat in Gmail. $5/yr and you also support an active CyanogenMod developer.

  • Ron Mexico

    Problem with DeskSMS is the yearly fee, this app is free

  • Marshall

    It’s okay but I don’t like the idea of giving them access to my messages for advertising. I wish there was something that used Bluetooth like the Blackberry tablet.