Nokia shipped 2.2 million Lumia devices in the U.S. in Q1, Canada nods in approval


  • astudent

    I know my next phone will be a wp8 lumia/some other line up of a Nokia windows phone. Great software, great hardware…I just hope they don’t disappoint!!

  • John Marshall

    I bought my Lumia 800 a couple of days ago, and I’m loving it. 😀

  • Alex Perrier

    Good good. Nokia representatives did a nice presentation at the Rogers stores for customers, and the Lumia devices are available at almost all carriers.

    Like others, i really think the pricing on TELUS’ Lumia 800 was too steep. It made more sense in the $400 to $450 price range because it’s not as powerful as the Lumia 900. The low-end 610 better be $150 outright or very close to that.

    Something i would recommend is MVNOs like Virgin, Fido and Koodo selling Lumia devices. Also, Bell Mobility isn’t selling them but they should be. These phones are really wonderful to use, but people ought to be aware of that.

    • EvanKr

      Lots of the carriers’ sub brands will probably pick up the 610, along with WIND or the smaller AWS providers.

      On a side note, how did you get a photo for your avatar? Does it just link your photo from the forum?

  • blackprince

    I have loved my Lumia 800 and this nothing but positive news for this platform. Can’t wait to see what Microsoft and Nokia bring to the table this fall with Windows Phone 8.

    In addition, Nokia has been pushing out tonnes of exclusive apps and their mapping services are spectacular.

    • astudent

      ARGH I KNOW! My Lg Optimus 7 is getting shafted with the lack of exclusive…exclusive productive/useful apps.

  • EvanKr

    I believe that we’ll see an equally or higher number for Q2. While I was in the States, all of the AT&T employees had been supplied with Lumia 900s, and the sales reps told me that they’d sold pretty well. Nokia and MS have really been pushing their WP7 devices, and while they haevn’t been selling in iPhone or Android numbers, for an otherwise unknown brand they’ve done quite well. If they continue this scheme of relatively low prices coupled with fast, well built and designed handsets, they’ll have some real winners.

    Now let’s see some Apollo devices and W8 slates!

  • JT

    I would try to Lumia 710 if it had a better camera.

  • Andy

    Great devices as budget. The 610 is amazing. For it’s price point, it can’t be beat. That said, 2.2m devices SHIPPED is not devices SOLD. So it’s probably far less. Which is sad.

  • Andy

    Sorry, meant the Lumia 710***

  • gwydionjhr

    Any particular reason why my posts to articles don’t show up? I don’t think I’ve ever said anything that would get me banned. And yet, if I copy the post before submitting, and then try pasting and submitting after the 1st attempt doesn’t show up, the system tells me it’s a duplicate post. Very frustrating.

  • PF

    If only Bell Mobility would catch on!!! Grrrr…still a year left on my contract and I so wanted the 900…was almost ready to go to Rogers JUST for that phone!!! 🙁
    Now, I am just crossing my fingers Bell gets some of the new Windows 8 phones later this year……

  • David

    Bad experience with Windows Phone and iPhone, so I don’t use it anymore. Good experience with Blackberry and Android, so I use it until I have a bad experience with it.

  • Mr. Reliable

    The Lumia 710 is probably the most sold smartphone light device at Rogers since it’s launch back in February. Nearly all corporate reimbursed accounts buy them for their simplicity of use and good looks. Its a shame that it shot up in price for non-data users, nevertheless, its an excellent seller.

    As for the 900, the sales are okay, and have gotten better with the price drop. What makes the difference for most reps isif they can acquire a live unit. I compare my 900 to my iPhone 4, and its such an easy sale at that point.

  • Braumin

    Not a bad number, but I am curious to see the Q2 numbers. The Lumia 900 wasn’t even launched in Q1. Would always be nice to have all of the real numbers and see if a lot of these were 710s which launched in the USA in January.

  • Mike

    Yes they’ve shipped 2.2 million but doesn’t mean they sold that many. Windows Phones don’t really sell that well here in canada, there’s a very very very small percentage of people that want them but thats only 100 out of a million. Everyone wants either Android or Iphones.

    • SpeakingTruth

      No kidding Mike, it said that in the article!

  • aregularonhofo

    Your opinion, however this will soon change and mainly because Windows phones are excellent…best OS in the market and will get better with every new version. With Nokia’s reputation for building superior phones they can’t miss and regular up-dates/fixes make them almost perfect. RIM was on top at one point and look what happened to them…innovation kills the competition and Windows definitely has the momentum.

  • InfinitiGuy

    I don’t see Windows phones getting much market penetration. I spent an hour using one and wasn’t impressed with the overall OS UI. It did perform well and it’s graphics are smooth but there is nothing on there that would make me move to switch. Most consumers will stick to Android or IOS and many current BB users are waiting to see what BB10 delivers.

  • aregularonhofo

    Not everyone buys high end Android phones and the majority buy cheaper or what they can afford, once they start having problems they will consider other units and that will be the case with Windows in the future…everything is still fresh and it will take some time. Regardless what fanboys claim from other companies the MS phones are incredible and very smooth with no problems with battery life or memory. If RIM also continues to fail you will see a trend towards Windows and if the carriers push it after years of being dominated by Apple Nokias will have no problems.