Samsung Galaxy Note II expected in October with a 5.5-inch 1680×1050 display, Cortex-A15 processor


  • Ryan from Alberta

    What do I think? Not big enough. But if they keep using the same cheap plastic and terrible skin I’ll be happy!



  • Aiden

    LOL another one already. Feel bad for the current owners.

    • cody

      How so? The N7000 has been out for about 8 months so it’s about time to announce a successor.

    • PkaTka

      @cody so you are OK spending $800 every 8 months. This is almost like a car loan.

    • TheywillbepisSes

      The iphone comes out 1 once a year and people buy them no matter what. $650 every year isnt as bad as 800, but considering what your getting, id take the note any day

  • len h

    Is this really true? Like why would Ubuntuulife do up an article on a new Galaxy Note. Dont you think Samsung or a better rumour website would be mentioning this? Just Sayin!

  • Apple

    I don’t know what to think of it…

  • cody

    Can’t wait! I was a huge septic when the note first came out and now it’s my daily driver. Can’t wait to see the Note 2 and One XXL side by side.

  • cody


  • Fury

    Why is anybody suprised at the timing.. Look at how quickly the galaxy S line of phones has been upgraded.

  • shanedown

    I would definately consider this.

    I was one of those skeptics who thought it was too large, but after using one I can really see the benefit of it all.

  • Otis

    Can’t wait. After using this phone for the last 5 months now, everything else is too small. Best experience thus far, and I’ve owned both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy SII.

  • chris

    I definitely would the only thing that turned me off of the original Galaxy Note was how laggy it seemed to be in videos

  • Redic

    I have yet to receive my official ICS with improved S-Pen app and now this?? Damn you Rogers.

  • Koolbreeze

    Should have a faster lens and quad core, then I would get it without hesitation

  • Barbara DeFrance

    This is a super phone/tablet. Love it!

  • EddieWinslow

    good golly!!!!! I was starting to save up for a note, after using my friends I fell in love. now to have this annoucement..


  • Michael Kwan

    Too big.

  • jellmoo

    With 5 million of gen 1 sold, there is clearly a “phablet” market. However, I am concerned at Samsung turnaround time and the sheer number of models they seem intent on distributing. While their success has been quite clear, I can’t help but wonder if they would be more profitable limiting the number of devices they put out, and be a little more conservative when releasing the next device in each device line.

    • TheywillbepisSes

      Samsung seems to be doing okay with their current strategy:)

    • jellmoo

      No doubt. Samsung has seen tremendous success. I’m just wondering if they would actually see higher profits by limiting the number of handsets they put out, increasing the premium value per release.

  • Donovan

    Given how I love the original G Note (best device I ever owned). I would definitely get this if the specs are true.

  • bikequeen99

    Of course I would. As someone who enjoys the current Note and would like a little more internal power I’m definitely goig to buy. Anyone who enjoys big beautiful screens will buy it.

    The only ones who wont buy it are happy gs3 owners and people living in their parents basement watching TV on a 32 inch tube TV and using the internet to send angry posts on their 3.5 inch phones. Lol @ 3.5 screens.

  • Jorelle

    I would buy it immediately if it worked on Mobilicity without having to flash new radios on it.

  • Azzo

    Enough with these early rumors. Let people enjoy their Notes and Galaxy SIIIs. We all know the Galaxy Note 2 will come to Canada in March.

  • Stygian Ascott

    If it has native functionality on the WIND aws network, I will buy it day one, full price.

  • Notelover

    Using iPhone for last 4years and chagned to Note. This is a best Smartphone I ever experienced. Easy to manage the file, no need to connect “itune” to manage folders and fast….

    • Binar

      So is the hash #blogjune ?I have three different bogs and am still denidicg whether to stick to one for the month or do a mixture. Likewise with City of Boroondara Library Service, we have four blogs and will be rotating between us. Need to sort that out @tapsister.

  • KC

    Yes I would buy the Galaxy Note 2 for sure. I really like my Galaxy Note I have now but upgrade will be done for sure when the Note 2 arrives.

  • Dylan D

    I am by no means surprized. The Note works in a field that it didn’t know where it belong.

    Its a great phone, but being released at the end of q4 in 2011 early 2012, it seemed like a big phone with older innards.

    Like the phone had been planned but released too far after the SII.

    Looking forward to see a new design, and I would very much so like to ditch the current dual core 1.5ghz LTE processor thats used in every new phone in North America.

    I have confidence that this phone will sell well, and they will know what to do with it this time around.

    I will wait to upgrade my phone(long over-due), to see what the Note 2 has to offer.

  • Dany

    I have the note euro right now and i will buy the note 2 first day it comes out! those specs are 2 delicious!

  • vengefulspirit99

    If I wasn’t vying for the sgs3 already, I’d have the note. Its a bit big for my liking but its an amazing phone none the less

  • Mike Neufeld

    That pretty much makes up my mind of when I dump my Galaxy Nexus. If specs are true, this could be my all in one device. Just plain awesome.

  • TouchMyBox

    5.5 inch is ridiculous and is in no way acceptable for a phone…

    But I’d buy it.

  • Pat

    Too big or not, when you talk on the phone, people know you got a Note! And it is a tablet killer!

    • Marian

      Just wanted to let you guys know that it is denfeitily NOT water. If you look at the label it says Anhydrous meaning void of water. Although I think it a good idea to dilute it with a bit of distilled water for viscosity, the other .5% remains a mystery.

  • Jesso2k

    My Note with ICS is where it’s at.

  • alex

    Been thinking about a Note for a while. Need to sell My EVO3D first. I was woried about the Note 2… now I’m on the fence, Note or Note 2…

  • varun gupta

    Can’t wait enough! This is what I have been waiting for.

  • guy fawkes

    had a note, have one X currently, that said, cant wait for the note 2, if they reduce bezel size, so its almost pure screen.

    As for the upgrade complaining, because a new phone comes out, doesnt mean your n7000 is now worthless, you sell it against the difference in price… so an 800 phone is rather a 300$ phone…for 300 a year many of us gladly pay to have the top of line technology…

  • SumBuddy

    Sounds good but I think they should stick to a standardized 16:9 ratio. Make it 1080p instead. Keep RAM at 2GB. And please, please ensure that the dimensions do not increase compared to the original.
    Other then that it looks good.

  • AhCup

    The resoluation is same as my 21″ monitor…just saying…

  • mike

    This is pure sexiness. When is Photoshop gonna make a full app with ACR. LOL. No need to bring the MBP in the field to edit..hahaha

  • Patrick

    Go BIG or go home!

  • Turbo E

    its a man’s phone. Skinny Jeans wearers need not apply…and please stop saying “just sayin'”

  • John

    Love my Note, so much that I don’t care about any other phone including the iphone. For the first time in my life, I don’t care about info on the latest or greatest smartphone. I have found my perfect smartphone with a stylus and will gladly buy the Note 2 as soon as it comes out. What a Christmas present!!

  • Amr

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