Samsung announces the Exynos 5250 2GHz chip, production starting Q2 2012


  • JB

    Fingers crossed for on-die LTE or at least LTE compatible. No more OG Qualcom chips (I’m looking at you GS2LTE).

  • Mark

    *Waits for people to say “I’m not buying any of these old archaic 1.5ghz devices on the market now, I’m gonna wait for the NEW technology just around the corner!”*

  • Dalex

    Cortex A-15?!? Can you say AWESOME :D. Wonder if the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first device with this SoC or if it’s going to be a tablet. 2560X1600 displays on Super AMOLED? Holy….

    So Samsung will once again be the leader in 2012 it seems.

    • Dewey

      Don’t mess with the king of the chaebols!

  • Chirp


  • MikeNeufeld

    Good work samsung

  • brian

    Great news! On par with Apple’s Iphone 5 series. Let’s just hope they pack the next gen phones with at least 2500mah batteries to keep the phones lasting more than 10hrs.

  • sam


  • Dylan K

    Woot! Now if the next gen phones come with 2GB of RAM they will have officially outdone the laptop I’ve been gaming on for 2 years… Aw well gj Samsung!

  • keiYUI

    “Just one look into this chip and I take a big sigh I cant believe it’s actually coming I just wanna cry.. So I..


  • nw222

    if they do this, they’re gonna need a super powerful battery too or else battery life is gonna get worse and worse

  • CADDMan

    2560×1600 resolution sounds like overkill for a tablet device. My guess would be that the actual screen resolution would be 1920×1080 to keep the price down (standard high definition panel found on most monitors) and the higher resolution would be for an external monitor.

    • thedave

      Apple is going with 2048 x 1536 for the iPad 3. I would love the next GTab to have 2560×1600!!

  • Alex

    I have to admit that Samsung Mobile has the most advanced hardware smartphones

  • John

    Honestly, unless the Iphone 5 comes out with something like this, they are going to see their market share drop dramatically over the next 3-4 years.

    This will probably go in the GS3 which is most likely slated for a summer/fall release 2012

  • sim bob

    The ARM Cortex-A15 implementation is the real step-up mobile devices have been waiting for. All major arm chip suppliers are planing a A15 implementation of some sort in 2012 (even LG will start producing it’s own chips).

    The increase in power will be of the 40% magnitude for comparable clocks. It will be like Intel Pentium-D VS the Core architecture.