Corning announces flexible and bendable Willow Glass for use in electronic displays


  • Aiden


    • LeGarette Blount

      Will this be in BB10?

  • Atrix


  • heylisten

    Looks like that flexible watch-phone hybrid isnt too far off after all 😀

  • watsan

    not sure about, even though gorilla glass is the among the greatest inventions since sliced bread. i just watched a video showing drop tests on the sgsIII and it didnt fair too well- that uses gorilla glass 2, no? fingers crossed that the durability reflects what we have come to appreciate from gorilla glass, as the design opportunities and applications exude progress and sheer style

  • David Evans

    Is the battery industry ready for this? While I will acknowledge the possibility of a watch, are there flexible batteries that can be used with the technology to make a sellable product?

  • zzzZZZZzz

    @david evans, battery industry doesn’t care. Why would they sell X superior batteries instead of 100X regular batteries they have right now?

    Anyway, a better answer for you, given this type of flexible glass, we could actually see flexible batteries. It’s mostly an issue of the exterior of a battery bending than the interior. With the help of Corning, expect flexible batteries in a future near you…if the will is there.

  • Kid.Canada

    ^^ I hope so

  • John Smith

    I’ll be waiting for transparent aluminum to come to market. 😀