Fido to release the Sony Xperia U


  • Alex Perrier

    Which phone(s) are Fido getting on two-year contracts? i could talk to my Fido friends and see if they want an Android, but i’m pretty sure they don’t want mobile Internet or a three-year contract.

    • Hugo

      by the fact that it was added right beside the other fido lite smartphones, it’s fair to assume it should come out as a lite smartphone, not requiering a data plan. And available with a two years contract of course.

    • R4nd0m

      Most likely be available on 3-year Voice + data or 2-year with a $150 subsidy. Xperia U, LG Optimus L7 and HTC One S are mid/high-end devices and won’t be available on full subsidy on 2-year, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Q or LG Gossip Pro.

      Just my 2 cents.

  • Smithsonian Bastard

    RIM is DEAD.
    Sooooo DEAD.
    Come, let us dance upon their grave!

    • R4nd0m

      So you’re wishing a Canadian company to die? Yes, RIM didn’t put out the best devices, but it used to be among the best a while back. They deserve a chance with BB10. THAT will decide their faith.

    • Smithsonian Bastard

      I am not wishing them dead. They are already dead. I am coordinating a celebration of their life.

      Just read the news on here. Every app that comes out or is announced is for Andoid and iOS and sometimes Windows.

      We will celebrate the life (not death) of RIM by dancing on their grave and chanting koombayah.

  • Netguru

    Good to hear. Maybe their master, Rogers, is finally getting the message that Fido needs better phones to compete against Virgin and Koodo. Now if Fido/Rogers would put out the 4.0.4 ICS update for the Galaxy Nexus phones (why did they start and suddenly stop?), that would really be good.

    • R4nd0m

      You realise that the carrier has no control over the updates on a Nexus device, right? Exception to this rule, if I’m not mistaken, is the CDMA versions, like the Nexus S 4G that Sprint has and the LTE Galaxy Nexus that Sprint and Verizon has.

      The global GSM Galaxy Nexus (“maguro”) device is updated by Google.

  • Joelb

    still no release date for the One S

  • AllanVS

    Are manufacturers going to do the alphabet this year? We have S, U, V, X … just need 22 more! LOL

  • Jim Shorts

    Fido is not releasing the Sony Xperia U. Sony releases the Xperia U. Fido will be carrying it soon in locked mode for its customers.

    We have to be careful not give too much credit with our wordings. Choosing the right words in our journalism is essential.

  • 1320mAh

    So close and yet so far!
    This phone is a F A I L!
    Dual core at 1GHz (awesome)and 512RAM (The more ram the better but you use more battery ( Great!)
    Screen is a beauty at 480 x 854

    …..But comes with a 1320mAh battery??? WTF?
    The Ace with 800Mhz and 278MB barely lasts a full day!
    The optimus One with a 3.2 ” comes with a 1500mAh battery and it lasts a day!

    In 2012 manufacturers have to focus on battery life more than any other specs. It has been stated that people don’t want thinner or faster phones than the current ones; they want, we want phones with better battery life. Keep the same size, specs and weight and put a bigger battery in the next model and it will rock!

  • AllanVS

    I thought I’d posted this eariler …
    Is this the year of the Alphabet?
    We have the Q S U V X Y already
    HTC One S, V, X
    Sony U
    LG Q
    Samsung S and Y


  • zofia lewco

    Well Fido changed and restructured their Cancellation policy… From now whenever a customer takes a 2or 3yr fido term you just have to pay back the price of the device without term price ie.. Android deivce that cost $400 out rite price. So if you take that with 3yr and cancel after a yr and half the you just have to pay Fido back half of the device price which is $200….. I say this new policy is very reasonable instead of calculating 20 dollars times how many months remaining and data cancellation and all that!!!!

  • phil r

    I actually have the xperia pro and love it… But i’m not a big slider fan ((especially a keyboard… I dont text;-)). And this phone looks gorgeous. Even if its not the S, i think its a pretty decent phone. Think i’m gonna cancel my actual fido contract to get this phone.

  • Ken

    Anyone hear or have an idea when the Sony Xperia u is coming out? It looks like a solid phone and want to get my hands on it.