LG Optimus L7 coming to Fido


  • SG1SG1

    This phone Vs The Galaxy S one (Captivate, Fascinate or Vibrant)
    Has 4.3″ – the others have 4″ but is Super AMOLED
    Has LED (Flash)- most of the others don’t
    1700mAh Battery- the rest 1500.
    But…it has a CPU Cortex 5 and Adreno 200 from 2009!
    Secondary camera

    The others have Cortex 8 and GVR540
    This makes it a decent loe wntry phone and just one notch above the HTC one V, so hopefully comes at $299 or less and will sell.

    The bar got dictates when the Nexus started being sold inthe US for $400 and in Canada for $430 unlocked, then you take down from there!

    • kris

      the A5 is actually newer and faster then then a8…

    • Jim R

      Where can you find the Galaxy Nexus in Canada for $430?


    4.3 TOOO SMALL

  • geokilla

    HTC One S coming to Fido?! So called “low-end” carrier!

  • T1MB1T

    YET another phone that was supposed to be on wind and it gets stolen by the big 3! Why are you all letting this happen!

    Wind has the most megga hurts and the best AWS out there and still you all allow this to happen!!! Time to get the courts involved!

    • Sorry, Rocco… :(

      Exposed. Humiliated. Banned.

    • Fury

      WIND is great.. YAY.. oh.. wait.. They don’t have any towers where I live. When Wind has coverage Canada wide, THEN I’ll think of switching. Until then, they’re just a up and coming carrier. I hope they make it, but it’ll be YEARS before most adults take them seriously.

    • T1MB1T

      Fury what are you talking about?! Wind has the most megga hurts and the best plans! 750,000 Subs and perfect signal! Tony said the other day that he will buy up the big 3 and then crush them! Just as Alex how awesome wind is. Alex those are cute knee pads!

  • Alex Perrier

    For those who don’t know, the user here posing as T1MB1T is presumably Rocco. i can assure you that the real T1MB1T is well behaved. Likewise, T1MB0T is also a troll and is NOT T1MB1T.

    LG = budget = buyer beware.

    • T1MB1T

      Thanks alex! You are not as bad as the others say. Mind you that dress you wear has to go! Come to the gym and we will get you into shape! Ask warren he is now buff!

  • Patrick Serrano

    about time Fido is coming along getting new phones

  • montrealer

    HTC one s is coming Fido as well?

  • zofia lewco

    fido is getting new phones that means they will come out with better plans to

  • SC

    For a single core these days it has to be priced right to sell.

    Meanwhile, ICS for the Telus Optimus LTE anytime soon??