iPhone market share in Canada increased to 28%, says Ipsos Reid


  • jellmoo

    I would actually venture a guess and say that a good chunk of the tablet sale would be the Touchpads sold at fire sale prices.

    • Will they be ok?


    • Smit

      i know well How-do-I-update-the-firmware-on-my-Cruz-Tablet-T100-Series but in my case its doesn’t work because of my taeblt’s model PT701. However my first T103 have mpdel T100, and updated well. So i need some special update.zip for T103 with model PT701.

  • Jimmy

    Go Android!

  • GTP20

    If the Iphone Market share went from 23% to 28% and the Android Market share went from 26% to 31% then why is this article titled ‘iPhone market share in Canada increased to 28%, says Ipsos Reid’?????


      IF mobilesyrup will say (android market went up), Apple iPhone losers will get mad!!

      go iCrap are you happy?

    • saki

      Cause the media has an iPhone biased. Even articles that talk about smartphones generally, they will refer to them as iPhones like a generic term, its very annoying.

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, it is a case of a single company gaining 5% versus 5 or 6 companies combined gaining 5%.

    • ToniCipriani

      I explained this before and I’ll explain it again.

      The A-Word and the i-Words in tech blog industry startles the trolls of all camps. Troll wars bring in hits and hits bring in ad revenue.

    • Robert

      I agree 100% and I find it very boring as well. The CrackBerry site is crawling with Trolls and they do absolutely nothing about it, so I go there less and less. It won’t be long before there are nothing but Trolls on CrackBerry. This site is similar to “engadget” in that it is not platform specific, but “mobilesyrup” does a much better job of product reviews: very detailed and unbiased, whereas “engadget” is terribly biased and seem to be proud of the fact. Needless to say, I haven’t been to the “engadget” site in months. What I have to do now is quit reading blog responses ANYWHERE, which is too bad: it used to be a good source of info before all the trolling started.

    • briggs

      Because it was “Android Brands”. That’s a very sketchy number to be reporting on. The Samsung and iPad numbers though. Damn. Apple did not have a good 6 months in that regard. Not really surprising though.

    • Dustin

      Cuz iPhones >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Deli

    i concur with GTP20. Both iPhone and Android made the jump 5% jump!
    Android has now claimed top spot in Canada!

  • Paul

    Interesting story. I would think that the Ipad decline is because Apple is the only company that hasn’t dropped the price of their tablet notwithstanding the price drop of the Ipad 2 once the new Ipad came out. It will be interesting to see where things stand a year down the road for sure.

  • Someguy

    This is wrong Android has not taken top spot.

  • Hilman

    Why is the title referencing the third most popular O/S??? It should read RIM’s market share slips or Android in striking distance to top O/S in Canada. Or Apple now third most popular O/S in Canada.

    Looks like the other O/S’s make up 8%, I wonder how low the WP7 share is???

  • metoo

    Android is a platform not a brand. No other brand gained as much. As a platform, Android gained as much, but it took 73 different companies giving away their products to do it.

  • Peter

    Fandroids are not happy about this.
    Cue the eternal haters!!!

  • John

    The iPad market share stat is so obviously ridiculous that it throws the whole survey into question. And I mean both numbers – that it was only 78% a year ago and it’s dropped below 50% now.

  • Brad F

    Is this counting units shipped or units sold?

    Working retail, I’ve seen tons of non-iPad tablets get shipped to stores without ever being sold (Playbook, anyone?).

    Meanwhile hundreds, even thousands of iPads are being sold to customers as quickly as they’re shipped.

  • GTP20

    I literally laughed out loud.

  • Sinkillerh

    go WP7! Woo hoo. Anyone. Kidding aside I laugh at the isheep. they will wait in line even if they don’t know what there getting. Android is okay. Really depends on the phone and vendor. Right now Im using a WP7 and love it. Unless RIM comes out with something wonderful. (AS IF)I have seen my last Blackberry. You cant force me to buy the icrap. sorry isheep, I bahhhh for no one.

  • asdjfsl

    what surprised me the most is the amount of respondents planning on getting a samsung smartphone next!

    i’ve been seeing a lot of galaxy nexus’s recently, go samsung!

  • Collin

    all you ifanboys out there don’t get that most android users are EX iOS users..

    android HAS already overtaken ios.. deal with it and quit crying.