Bell to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, puts it online as “coming soon”


  • Shawn S

    Damn, was hoping to get this phone over my nexus last xmas. Didn’t think it would actually arrive in Canada. Guess will just stick with the Nexus now.

    • Be Honest

      Is this a Blackberry 10 device?

    • bizzarre

      A scientific study on 3y contracts in Canada.

      The study mentions Canada as the only country in the world that has 3yr contracts and mentions the disparity of $3-$400 between 2-3 yrs.
      The best part is that the average Canadian consumer replaces their phone at 2.25-2.5 yrs ( over 2 but UNDER 3yrs) creating a mobile -cycle that never ends. If you had a 2 yr contract and your phone lasts for that long you would consider other operators after 2yrs. but on a 3yr contract your phone breaks, most people get a subsidized phone and sign for another 3yr! On the new scheme on top of that you will pay for the remaining of the final yr AND on top of that you would be signing another 3yr, to amortize the remaining charge… The concept is symply brilliant!!
      Where is the CRTC?

    • Be Honest OK

      Is this a Blackberry 10 device?

  • Rick

    Seems odd that this would be coming shortly before the S3 is announced…something tells me Canada might be waiting a while for the S3 (or Bell isn’t getting it right away)…something doesn’t smell right here.

    • marcoh92

      Maybe this GS2 HD LTE will come at a much lower price tag than the GS3 and Bell will try to leverage on that. That’s my hopes because like you say, it doesn’t smell good for the ones of us waiting for that GS3.


    show me something new Bell!!!!

  • mike

    hmmmmmm.. This seems odd?

  • shaggyskunk

    What, are they on crack…. Shipping with 2.3……!

  • Alex Perrier

    How many more Gingerbread devices and Samsung Galaxy S II varieties must be released before a non-Google-branded smartphone is released in Canada with Ice Cream Sandwich?

    • johentie

      this was annouced a while ago… so it’s not a NEW variety..

    • PkaTka3

      For samsung’s versions of gingerbread and ICS look the same. So what are you so excited about? We all know to use a samsung device you need to always root it and install a custom rom.

  • DoctorCell

    battery life will last like 3 hours lol

    • johentie

      my galaxy S2 LTE from Rogers battery lasts 16 hours so i dunno what ur smoking there bud

    • Michael

      johentie – Your Rogers SGS II LTE may have better battery life because the screen is not HD. The Bell model will have HD screen but the same battery.. gonna be a problem for them.

    • johentie

      @Michael your right i didn’t take that into consideration. is it going to be the same battery? the phone is a little bigger then the LTE model from Rogers.. so i’m assuming a little bit bigger battery!?

  • DK

    Don’t fall for Samsung’s bullshit marketing. It is not an HD screen unless you get a true HD 720p or more resolution using a Stripe RGB (red, green, blue) pixel pattern. Samsung uses a Pentile shared pixel display that does provide a bright screen but the colours are saturated and unaccurate. LG’s True HD stripe RGB IPS screen is the only true HD on the market right now.

    • johentie

      better then a 3.5 inch screen..

    • bob

      You are all mixed up.
      The color saturation is common to all AMOLED displays. It has nothing to do with pentile.

      And it is still a 720p display, like it or not. It meets VESA’s criterion for a 1280×720 display.

      Finally, there are many RGB 720p display. HTC Rezound, One X, Sony Xperia S. LG is just one of them.

    • Alex $

      Ever heard of the difference between ‘super amoled’ vs ‘super amoled plus’? Not all samsung displays are pentile. The ones with the word PLUS are TRUE RGB!

    • Geekom

      Yeah, we know the difference between a S-AMOLED and S-AMOLED+
      The thing is, the GS2 LTE HD has the exact same display as the Galaxy Nexus, which is pentile.

  • mike

    What about the experia S screen???

  • Eluder

    Nice device, but with the One X out on Rogers soon, I’d much rather have that. Better screen, ICS, better processor… and Sense which is far better than Touchwiz.

  • DK

    Bob – It has everything to do with being a pentile display. Yes this color saturation is common to all AMOLED displays but I’m using Samsung as an example. Using Pentile, Pixels are shared with neighbouring pixels creating less accurate colours, reduced image clarity/sharpness, and most importantly, consumes more power than a Stripe RGB (like LG, and yes now HTC, Sony).

    • bob

      Everything you just said is wrong.
      Pentile do not gives less accurate colors. It gives less sharpness. And it doesn’t consume more. In fact, it might even be the opposite.

      Samsung does have a RGB stripe S-AMOLED. It’s what’s in the SGS2.

  • marcoh92

    I think a new index of screen should be added such as: screen as % of front area. I mean they fitted that 4.65 inch in much less space than for the Galaxy Nexus, which is a nice thing in my opinion. Customers should be given that information in the specs of the carriers.

  • Emperuman V

    I think I’ll pass. Don’t need another SGS II device. Plus, wonder what the battery life is on this phone. Similar to the AT&T Skyrocket HD?

  • Jay Chan

    qualcomm S3? no thanks
    super AMOLED only? no thanks

  • zed

    S, HD, LTE, (Super) AMOLED (Plus) – I’m quite curious to see how many other words they are going to affix to phone names 🙂

    And as much as I liked the Galaxy series starting with the 9000i, Samsung is releasing too many Galaxy phones, might end up biting them in the face at some point.

  • Milhouse

    iPhone5 will eat this for breakfast! Its funny how samsung thinks quantity is a substitute for quality, their making so fragmented.

  • Trev

    With a 3 year contract you are able to upgrade after 2 year with no extra charge. Just pay for the cost of the phone. I never had to pay out for the rest of the year. But ya they do get to renew a 3 year aggrement upon upgrading.
    I don’t mind. In the states they offer 2 year but the phones are more expensive. Why not sign for 3 get the phone cheaper and upgrade after 2 anyway.
    Best way obviously is to buy outright if you have deep enough pockets.

  • Michael

    I’d choose the HTC One X over the Galaxy SII HD LTE anyday.

  • Mooroler

    Nice little update, I guess… but it would be nice if they (Bell) could start bringing non-Samsung (or HTC for that matter) devices in the mix.

    Pretty bad when I hear we’re getting a new device and I automatically ask: Samsung Galaxy what?

  • Hugo

    Bell again!!! Bringing in its league AGAIN a failed device….seems like they won’t have anything new really!!Sad for them…Maybe after the exclusivity or Rogers Nokia Lumia..Bell should get some of those WP or maybe the HTC Titan 2 for a change

  • Atrix Luvr

    Only fools sign up for 3 year contracts now. There are plenty of off-contract used phones, and basic but decent off-contract new phones (Nokia 710, Galaxy Rugby, Galaxy W) in the $200-$300 range that no one should be signing up for 3 years. Getting bleeding edge technology isn’t worth 3 year handcuffs. By 2013, Robellus won’t even bother selling phones 3 year conrtacts.

  • math

    Hugo…you do know what Bell came out with last year? First to get the GSII, same for the new LG, first to get the Galaxy Nexus, The Sensation…the incredible S (a very popular mid-range HTC) ..Started the year with the Atrix that was very popular at the start of 2011! Not a bad year if you want my advice : P

  • Tomatoes

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder why Bell would bring this out now. If they did it last year, this would have sold like hit cakes but it is an old phone now.

    I hope this isn’t part of the contract and Bell gets the GS3 exclusive, again. That would really suck.

  • A. Carmine

    Isn’t the Galaxy S 3 coming out next month?? does this really make sense? These companies waste millions IMO…

    • Tomatoes

      Makes sense for Bell. Throw Samsung some money and agree to sell their less popular phones in exchange for 3 months exclusive rights to the GS3 in Canada like they made tons off with the GS2.

      The money they lose on the GS2 HD LTE will be made up 20 fold with an exclusive GS3. Samsung makes money and Bell makes a lot. Win win.

      However, since I am with Rogers, I hope that I am wrong.

  • howitzer

    remove LTE, Remove Touchwiz, remove the ridiculus update cycle

    get a Galaxy nexus

    • dylan

      if i’m not mistaken the canadian galaxy nexus is still on 4.0.1 while the rest of the world seems to be on 4.0.4, owning a nexus does not seem to ACTUALLY get instant updates;)

  • PF

    What about a Windows phone Bell??? 🙁

    • dylan

      do they still make windows phones?

  • Jerrik

    This doesn’t make sense since the Galaxy S3 is coming out soon.

  • BJ

    Interesting. Had a online chat with Bell today who indicated that the phone will be available this weekend. My current phone is due to an upgrade.

  • Buzz

    Seems like a pretty good phone. Its going to get Ics. Would you choose this or the HTC One S?

  • Andrew

    I’m wondering how much better the rumoured SIII would be than this. Don’t they both have 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED (not PLUS) screens, LTE, and a decent chip?

    Not being sarcastic, I truly wonder what the latest expected SIII will have over this (really I’m hoping for HD and PLUS and LTE, but other than that, my needs aren’t that great, so I’m wondering if there’s something I should want but don’t know it yet :).


  • Andrew

    Sorry for the 2nd post, I guess the S3 will have ICS and the S2 will only have G, out of the box (and I trust no one to follow through with ICS upgrade until it happens).


  • ~peters

    I’m beginning to think this is what we will have in Canada come the March 3rd launch. I hope we get the Samsung Galaxy S III March 3rd. But I think the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE may be what we get.

  • Kaidox

    Update news for Bell canada Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100M ICS android 4 for May 14 2012 , friend of mine work for IT Bell, so wait another 3 weeks, mouahahahahahaha

  • Kaidox

    Update news for Bell canada Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100M ICS android 4 for May 14 2012 , friend of mine work for IT Bell, so wait another 3 weeks.