Samsung Galaxy S II HD coming to Canada


  • Studystand

    There are far too many variations of the size device out in the wild. I’m sticking with my SGSII i9100 until it’s worth the upgrade.

    • SAM


    • SAM



    • Roger

      Galaxy Nexus? You just got served.

    • Rio

      All these are the same with a different abbreviation tagged on the end with slight modifications here and there. really?

    • Roger

      Software can be changed… however, hardware, like the camera, cannot.

  • GDub

    This looks like a Galaxy Nexus, with the better camera of the GalaxySII line. I bet this will make GalaxyNexus owners mad 😀

    • Dono

      Yes, because us Galaxy Nexus owners really were missing the feel of TouchWiz ruining pure android.

    • Nicholas

      Nope. I’ll take stock ICS over Touchwiz thanks. It’s nice not having buttons…

      It would be nice to have the LTE, but it’s not a deal breaker. I just wish they’d smarten up and stop pushing out minor variations and just get on with the GSIII.

    • IAmMe2

      Not really, I’m happy with my GN and I don’t like how many case varieties don’t fit on the SII because there are so many slight variations to it…

  • IAK

    So basically it’s what Galaxy Nexus could/should’ve been, it’s odd that they’re leaving the four buttons on, seeing as by the time of it’s launch 4.0 will be out for the SII.

  • Nick

    So… it’s basically an improved Galaxy Nexus? Sweet.

  • JB

    Groan… S3 Snapdragon again!

    1 step forward for the screen, one step backwards for the SoC. If only Rogers would let me take my 6GB for $30 to LTE…

    I actually prefer the non-software buttons, it was the most questionable design decision in 4.0 IMHO.

    • SAM


    • bob

      The snapdragon isn’t bad, but it gets only about half the performance of the Exynos in 3D graphics.

  • Rashypoo

    Samsung… just give me the S3 already, stop beating around the bush with minimal changes

    • bob

      Yeah what is sad is that Canada will probably get this when Europe gets the Galaxy S3.

  • jbarns

    nice, really interested in this phone, only downfall is its likely lack of support compared to galaxy nexus

  • Non

    Bad move by Samsung , HTC was doing the same thing and look how much they lost in the last quarter.

    We dont want slightly different models of the same device give us something that is new and is worth upgrading

  • WP74Life

    Another one ?
    Android fans use to laugh about iSheeps, I am starting to worry about them seriously.
    Wait until they release the GS III with Quad-Core, 4 GB of DDR-6, 2 GB of Space, Crappy Camera, tegra 40.
    Wait, I said quad-core ? I NEED QUAD CORE FOR GOD SAKE!!
    What a shame.
    Wp7 by the way is far better, just sayin’

    • Dalex

      How exactly is WP7 “far better” again? A completely closed down ecosystem like IOS with a handful of outdated devices?

      What am I supposed to be impressed by? That its running smoothly? No wonder it is, it has about as much flexibility as IOS with even less functionality. My SGS2 runs smoother and its about the same level as an actual computer in my hands.

      What device is so mindblowing on WP7 of all things lol? Especially here in Canada where I walk into a store and most reps don’t even know what it is and refer to it as windows mobile.

    • WP74Life

      This is sad, that reps do not know about Windows Phone.
      Actually, almost all the reps I met do not know anything about mobile devices. I am saying that WP7 is better
      -because it is fluid, on every single device. Android is not.
      -because every device get an update, tango will be delivered on every first gen device.
      -because you don’t find yourself with an outdated device in three months.
      You might say it is a closed OS, so what ? If you like messing around with your system files or cooking fresh roms it is your fun. I don’t find myself in need of rooting to have fluidity. XDA is a great place tought.
      Android should be reserved to geek and ppl who knows about rooting and custom roms.

    • bob

      Who cares if WP7 phones gets updated. Even mango isn’t up to Android 2.1.

  • skinnypig

    I’m sorry for sounding negative, and I’m sure there are people that like large phones, but personally I’m really not liking this trend of phones that have 4.5″+ screens, soon we’ll all be carrying tablets in our pockets for phones. This is just madness! 🙁

  • SAM


  • Dalex

    It’s nice, although again the Snapdragon compromise for the LTE chip is a bit lame. I find it funny to see that the original S2 9100 is still the best. They haven’t even come close to utilizing the exynos processor and mali GPU to their maximum.

    I’m curious to see whether this is a Pentile Matrix again. I assume so due to the high resolution. I’d rather keep my Super AMOLED Plus display at full RGB than a pentile display even with a higher rez. I do see the difference.

    • bob

      You do know that 1280×720 pentile means much more sub-pixels than 800×480 RGB, right?
      The HD screen is much better. Just compare a Galaxy Nexus to a Galaxy S2. Open a web page on both displays and you will see.

  • EmperumanV


  • grempz

    OH im a big dummy.. the resolution.. i misread the article..

    BUT yeah …. tooooo many variants Samsung!

  • deltatux

    What’s with these larger phones? Personally 4.3″ screen is as far as I’ll go for screen size for phones.

  • Abe

    wait a minute? Isnt this like the Galaxy S2 LTE that Rogers has? seems like it has the same specs and it almost looks the same. What am i missing?

    • jay

      slightly bigger screen but much better resolution

    • Abe

      oh wait a .15 bigger screen on this one and abit better resolution.

  • Dalex

    @Bob. I have compared my phone to the Galaxy Nexus. My phone’s display kills it. What is your point? The arrangement of the pixels is different and the blurryness resulting is not something I want to tolerate, because they can’t figure out how to make the battery last long on a high rez display.

    • bob

      Resolution has no impact on battery life.
      You have a good phone don’t worry. But the HD display is better and Samsung knows it. That’s why it is released after. Text is much clearer with the higher resolution.

  • Mark

    I am getting a bit frustrated with Samsung and the rest of these companies that said, “they wouldn’t be producing as many phone models but streamlining their device launches.” This isn’t an exact quote but it is very close and why bother getting this when it only moderately improves on the original Galaxy S II, especially when we know the Galaxy S III is close to being revealed? I don’t get it and I wish they would bring out maybe 5-7 devices a year instead of 10-15. They would sell so many more by introducing a low, mid and high end models that will be current for 4-6 months instead of only 2 months!! While I am not an apple fan in general they GOT IT RIGHT with their launch of a device (iPhone) in different capacity sizes and that you know it’s current for over 6 months!! Rant over!!

  • monsterduc1000

    @Dono, Ever hear of Launcher Pro or Go Launcher Ex? These launchers erase what TouchWiz is and improve on Androids vanilla launcher immensely, even ics of which 4.0 took many of its ideas.

  • prufrock

    Price it at $500 and people that like their edges a little less cutting can get a great phone without shelling out for your upcoming GSIII.

  • Cody

    Looks the same as every single samsung phone, Touch whiz ew, very minor upgrade… PASS.

  • andagain

    we’re all isheep for buying one phone a year yet samsung releases 20 variations of the same phone and it’s ok? Hypocrites

  • T1MB1T

    WTF not for wind?!!! How is it you are all letting the big 3 get away with this!!! DO NOT but this phone! crush the big 3!!!!

    I too have no gag reflex!

  • Koush

    …with gingerbread….


  • shaggyskunk

    I’d bet that Samsung could have just released the Galaxy S ll LTE HD EVERYWHERE last Fall, but instead they release bits & pieces. That’s NOT a reasonable way to “cook” the sales figures, just so that you can say that you sold X units in a given Quarter…. Shame on Samsung…. it’s not enough to make a healthy profit…. it’s Market Manipulation.

  • Jer

    Not sure I see the point when S3 is just around the corner.


    Why to they make 10000 models of the S2 while they could just release 1 EXCELLENT phone?

  • Apple4Life

    My iPhone 4s SGX543 GPU is at least 2x faster than the Galaxy Suck2. No app on the android market even uses this gpu so I don’t no why you guys are bragging about it. You guys want the best and I guarantee you, you’ll never even use it to its full potential. Your comparing specs for no reason. Typical geeks…

    Get an iPhone 4s if you really want to play games with good graphics.

    • Dan

      Lol what? Its not even twice as good as the crappy adreno GPU in this version let alone the Mali-400 in the international GS2. Isn’t it time you go play with your little toy yet? I think Siri’s getting lonely…

      The grown ups are talking about actual smartphones here, not ones that have the interface of my app drawer with a screen size that’s laughable at best.

      Don’t insult the GS2 by comparing to the crappy Iphone.

  • DRI

    Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and enjoy our present devices. I just got a Samsung Galaxy SII LTE a couple of weeks ago and it appears it will be out of date in about two weeks.However I have decided it is an awesome phone and I will continue to enjoy it in spite of what comes down the line.

  • Xmon

    There are to many S2 variations. I wonder how long it will take update each one to Android 4? Plus who needs another S2? Anyways, Im loving my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Jr67

    So, is the plan to launch a new Samsung every week?

  • trevor

    Annoyed. Giant s2 devices are gonna come out? Stick with one and move on. I have s2 lte and want the pure google nexus. Also annoyed wIring for ics on this device.

  • Dan

    Wow 1.5 ghz, 720p display with LTE… sounds like my Optimus LTE ive had for over 2 months… everytime i check in here i see a bunch of SS fans that are as bad as the people in the iphone line in their commercials… Oooooh! 720p screen… except its the same cheaper pentile amoled (sorry Super amoled LOL) display they put on the gal nexus… right but im the dummy for buying an LG phone two months ago that has the same or better specs… you all got samsunged!

  • Affan

    Oh for god’s sake can we please have a phone that has LTE as well as the Exynos SOC. Tired of the crappy snapdragons with their horrid battery life and performance – or lack thereof should I say.

  • taz b

    this is just the SGH-989D.

    • jos

      Surprised no one else picked up on this.

  • Jim

    I keep hearing about how the SIII is coming out soon. It is being ANNOUNCED soon. IF it is announced in May as rumoured it could be 2,3 or more months after until we see it. Q3 is a longs ways away.

  • Cherry Bob

    The are way to many galaxies in this galaxy. I going to keep using my white SGSII i9100 untill the SGSIII comes out. Have great anticipation for the next revolutionary galaxy (SGSIII ohh yeaah!)

  • jos

    Pretty much the same as the Hercules (S2X from Telus) with an LTE chip in it. Heck, we S2X users can actually flash Skyrocket roms onto our devices more or less. Head on over to XDA and look in the T989 forum if you don’t believe me. This is pretty much identical to the S2X minus the LTE.

    As for everyone bragging about their Nexus, it isn’t that hard to find a custom ROM that is themed to ICS and is optimized to run just as good, if not better than ICS. In reality, the Galaxy Nexus hardware is a step backward.

    You can buy any modern Android device and delve into the world of rooting and installing custom ROMs to gain what any other device has: Bravia Engine, xLoud, ICS theme, even ICS for that matter.

    Bottom line is if you’re buying an Android, you should know that you’re buying a phone that can be customized to almost exactly how you want it if you spend a little time researching. The only real difference between phones right now is whether they are LTE enabled or not. I’m happy with HSPA+ though, LTE eats the battery like no tomorrow.

  • Pacoup

    The Samsung Galaxy S +