Bell launching Samsung Galaxy Rugby on April 19th


  • Alex Perrier

    There should be more strong phones like these from competitors, just in case someone works in a construction environment or simply drops their phone a lot. The specs and the price are reasonable, although the Gingerbread should be replaced by Ice Cream Sandwich ASAP.

  • Richard

    I work construction and an otterbox seems to do the trick with my GSII. It would be good if they made a stronger variant of there flagship with a longer battery life for those who work construction like myself. The competition really just is always a notch below samsung

  • marcoh92

    Anyone know if this phone will be available with any plan or as usual 50$+ plans or data plan?

  • ToniCipriani

    At least they aren’t as crazy as AT&T where they want $449 no-contract…

  • Public Mobile Phanboi

    This needs to come to public mobile.

    Durability is more important than processor speed.

    Google needs to do something to force carriers to implement ics on their phones.

  • Apple4Life

    This is what I don’t get.

    Why doesn’t samsung just make their galaxy s1 sell at a lower price point rather making another phone with similar specs?


    • Adam

      Because the Galaxy S 1 wasn’t built as a sturdy device.

      I expect this phone will work basically like a re-inforced Vibrant.

  • Chris

    This isn’t the same as the Rugby Smart that AT&T is selling. This is the Galaxy Xcover that has been available un Europe since August 2011.

  • Aaron

    just bought this phone! awaiting delivery.. cant wait!