Motorola MOTOACTV: A capital (letter) experience for fitness geeks


  • Public Mobile Phanboi

    No GPS? Fail.
    1st btw.

    • GB

      Has GPS, moron.

      Comment fail, as usual.

  • Watsan

    Being the owner of a current gen iPod nano, I’m hard pressed to justify the cost difference between these devices as, even with the Nike+ accessories it is still cheaper. Also, the nano has the same screen orientation issue as the motoactv; possible design limitation?

    Having said that, moto has done a great job with the foresight in designing a great fitness experience with the social factor as well as the music algorithm. No matter how you dice it, when you work out this makes a noticeable difference. That one song might just be what you need to get you over the hump- or maybe even that one cyber running buddy who always seems to be that half km ahead. This device is very tempting, and I may just have to justify the cost based solely on that experience. Great review!

  • Tom

    Sounds great but 2 things really annoyed me.

    1. Only full functionality with Motorola phones. I think that is a totally arbitrary restriction. Hopefully with Google buying Moto they will allow the full app to be used on any Android.

    2. Forced social. Not allowing me to set some of my data on their site to be private is another totally arbitrary restriction (in that it would be easy to implement). Whether I want my data to be social should be up to me. Same thing annoys me about RDIO.

  • Daniel Bader


    I mentioned that it uses GPS to track your workouts.


  • FunkrIght

    Iphone 4s with a compatible Bluetooth strap and a ton of available/compatible/free apps works similarly 🙂

  • ELNY

    Wait a minute…you’re telling me this little device costs $300 and it’s only 8Gb? Even with the added features (that ALL smartphones can do) it’s a hard sell! I hope they don’t actually think they will be able to compete with the ipod nano?

    • Bri

      I agree… not a big fan of iPods/iPhones but this is way too expensive to compete with iPod Nano. Also, now that I’ve purchased nike running shoes, I want to be able to use the nike+. As an android user, I’ve always liked how the android devices exceeds iPhone in terms of customization, functionality, etc all the functionalities seem too complicated for such small screen. I’d get Nano over this device…

  • saliwok

    I’ve been using the 16GB model that I ordered in from Amazon a couple months ago. It’s a great device, but not without it’s flaws.
    I did want to mention that the app to link to a phone is available for all Android phones, now.
    I got rid of my Nano when I got this because the GPS is way more accurate than the Nike+. And I can’t wear my smartphone on my wrist.
    There are a lot of complaints that the battery tanks when it is paired with a Bluetooth headset. My workouts aren’t more than a couple hours, so not an issue for me.
    My biggest complaint is that there is no on-board editing of music playlists. The firmware updates have been significant, though, so they may get to this yet.
    Having said all that, it’s a great device and I’d recommend it.

  • David

    I got one of these and it is just amazing. It can do so much, but it works much better if you are into sport and tracking your progress. It is a beautiful device and works much better than the nike watch etc. It may seem a bit expensive but when compared to the $300+ gps watches out there that can only do a fraction of the Motoactv, it is quite a deal. I haven’t had the battery problem reported here, mine holds the battery pretty well. It can keep up with hours of workout while connected to heart rate monitor or bycicle sensors. Maybe it was the latest update. In any case, I think this is a brilliant device.

  • Micka

    I got the MotoActv wrist-strap for my MOTOACTV. I like wearing it on my wrist for ease of use. The wrist strap is cflmortaboe, and holds the MOTOACTV quite well.Unfortunately, I have had it for less than two weeks, and worn it approximately 4x, and it just broke. One of the two little metal pins in the strap came out. I did not use it unreasonably or aggressively, and it still broke. Very disappointing.I contacted Motorola Customer Service, and they were very kind. They are supposed to email me information to return my current strap, once they receive it, they are going to send me a new one. Let’s hope the next one lasts longer.

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