Virgin to introduce the “BYOP Virgin Mobile SuperTab”

The BYOP (bring your own phone) or BYOD (bring your own device) trend is something the carriers have been quietly promoting over the last several months – offering up a free SIM for those who sign up on a contract/month-to-month. Virgin Mobile has devised a plan to capitalize on this BYOP phenomena and created the “BYOP Virgin Mobile SuperTab.”

This new program will start April 15th and here’s how it’ll work. A Member (customer) can bring their own device to Virgin, get a free SIM, and at the end of each month Virgin will take 10% of the total bill and add it to their SuperTab balance, up to a total of 500. This running total can be put towards the purchase of a new phone where “members get faster upgrades.”

In addition, there’s a couple other important notes. First, Existing Members on the Virgin Mobile SuperTab won’t be able to upgrade to the new BYOP Virgin Mobile SuperTab program. According to the internal doc we received it states that “However, if a Member goes from a term agreement to the BYOP Virgin Mobile SuperTab, cancellation charges will apply if applicable. If a Member wants to buy a phone from Virgin Mobile and go on the BYOP SuperTab, the purchase must be made on the 30 Day Term and then the Member should be upgraded to the BYOP SuperTab.”

Look for this to go live in a few hours…
(Thanks tipster!)