Here’s a look at our new logo, plus several other upcoming changes


  • leobg

    Are you sure? Reminds me a bit of “Viva La Revolución”. I say lose the hand and it will be better




      it looks this hand is holding the Galaxy Note is pretty big

      Apple Fan-boy will not like it!!

    • l forgot my med

      Good and hopefully this will keep out all of the androidiot sumdungs.

      Use a real phone.
      Use a iPhone.

    • iTards

      You don’t need to change anything.. just stop Alex Perrier from commenting and everything will be great lol

    • lw81

      lose the hand and make the phone more prominent. Maybe add your slogan underneath.

  • Sean Collier

    Awesome logo

  • js

    one of the things i loved about MS vs other mobile sites is not having to sign in to comment. oh well, peace out visitor interaction.

    • Randy – 1

      Personally, I think requiring login is a smart move and overdue. I’ve been posting here for a few years, and several months ago, someone else started posting using the same name. No malice was intended, but it’s confusing for regulars to see two posts from apparently the same person, with opposite viewpoints.

      Likewise, those of us who have been here for a while, know that with the freedom of no registration, also comes the peril of i****s who post under multiple names, sometimes posing as others intentionally, and simply litter up the site with garbage for those of us who actually want to hear others’ legitimate views on an article.

      As for the logo, the jury’s still out for me. I don’t hate it, but it didn’t jump out at me upon first glance either.

      It’s good to change things up once in a while, and thanks to Ian and the crew for a great site!

  • Slype

    Logo is great – the other was good too.. in a retro way but it was distinctly Canadian.

    An improved comment system would be a benefit for this site as there are people who pose as others and replying to others is done with the @ symbol. Just please please do not use Livefyre (recently had to move to that on another site I frequent and I’m not a fan of it at all). Hopefully you can use Disqus. Hopeflly it will give us the ability to fade out useless or unpopular comments

    Kudos to you Ian, I came across your site a few years ago when you were just starting out and you were a beacon of light in the quiet and uninformed Canadian public. You have done so much for consumers by collecting all the information and allowing people to make informed decisions. There are some serious price gouging issues in this country and because of you, some of us have been able to avoid it. Thanks!

    • CAPS


  • Nick

    I would like to see more head to head type reviews. Anyone can simply look at specs and think to themselves that the higher spec’d phone is better…. but we all know that there are numerous factors that play a part in overall performance. It would be interesting to see (maybe a weekly) match up between 2 popular (or new) phones and how they stacked up against each other and why. Especially across different OS to really get a feel for all different software and hardware that is available

  • vn33

    Please definitely retain the voting system, so we can vote out the useless/trolling (and also comments which are all IN CAPS …. yes, you know who you are)

    Love this site ! Have it open at work all the time !

  • Mark

    Mobilesyrup, is there a number I can call to talk to someone there??


    • Mark

      does the thumbs down mean that there is no number to call? What if you want to give them something??

  • Omar

    I like the new look. Be sure to update the favicon too.

  • Dukey

    Still no moderation in comments? sigh.

  • Zoey

    I’m excited to see the changes! Love reading your articles- consistently well written, with a witty and charming style. One of the few sites I check regularly, every single day!

    While I agree your old logo needs some freshening up, I don’t love the suggested logo. It looks a little tacky, like you want to start a phone revolution. Also, the male hand implies that there is a gender focus with tech blogs- as if males are more likely to be interested in reading about mobile news. Just my opinion…

    Good luck with the changes!

    • CheGueMobile

      As mentioned before The new logo looks very
      -Viva la revolucion
      -Che Guevara
      -Socialist; as in by the people for the people

      Does this mean that Syrup will help us eliminate 3yr contracts?

    • Jesse

      I don’t see where sexism comes into play. It’s just a regular hand holding a phone. Would you like that hand to have Lee Press-On Nails?

  • Tom

    Awesome new look. I’d enter to win the t-shirt 🙂

  • Al

    I really like the new logo.

  • Threecube

    I would get rid of the hand/arm in the logo and just make the cell phone/maple leaf bigger at that same angle.

  • MrDisco

    dislike the new logo. maybe it’s the colour palette, maybe it’s because it looks like he’s about to chug an energy drink, either way i say ‘next’.

  • ExcessDan

    cool logo

  • gwydionjhr

    Sounds great!

    You know what might sound even “greater”…

    A Podcast! Focusing on the Canadian wireless industry! You and Rene Richie… it’d be great!

  • Bobby

    Fix the hand. It looks like he’s crushing his phone like a popcan.

  • Danifunker

    I think this logo is better than the old one, but truthfully I think you should include more of the “syrup” part of your name within the logo. Make it something simple that will last, who knows maybe you can incorporate pancakes into the mix, that would definitly make it memorable. No offence, keeping the red kind of blurs it with other Canadian websites that I read.

    Maybe I’m too harsh? Anyways, the site’s content is awesome, I’m glad to be a reader.

  • andy c

    Good thing about the commenting system change.

    Now please get your site to play nice with windows phone browser

    • Alex Perrier

      The comments loading system is an issue with multiple browsers, including Opera’s mobile and desktop browsers. It does affect Windows Phone too by “scrambling” the comments before they are in the correct order.

  • Ben

    I will support MobileSyrup no matter what! Keep up the great work guys 😀

  • Susan Wong

    we can’t get rid of the trolls with this new comment system.. it entertains me!

  • Netguru

    Changes I’d like to see: Running articles through a spell checker and grammar checker before posting. That will do more to enhance the professional look of the site than any logo you may come up with.

  • User89556.21

    I like the new logo- but the hand should go- don’t really like the hand at all.

  • discolenny

    sweet and simple, I like it.

  • CheGueMobile

    Things to keep:
    Red and White colours
    Maple leaf
    Roboto font

    • leobg

      Font used isn’t roboto. More like Contrax or Contrax Pro I’d say…

  • tendenzi

    it looks like a bad meme.

  • dbott67

    Change the red circle to a red maple leaf and then put the smartphone image inside the red maple leaf.

  • VinayM3

    Things to keep: cool font / maple leaf
    Things to LOSE: The Hand !!!

    bonus: things to consider changing: the colour

  • Dalex

    Awesome Logo and it works perfectly. Also, you guys are doing a great job with this site, keep up the good work. I visit daily and you guys make it fun to be part of by commenting. Looking forward to see what you cook up with the new site! Cheers!

  • dbott67

    … without the hand. 🙂

  • Terry

    I catch a grenade for ya.. Lol nice logo mobile syrup

  • cat

    Yeah, the logo says “revolutionary” to me, but in a negative, communist sense (Hand up in the air, red background? I almost looked to see the sickle & the hammer). Maybe it’s time for a totally new design with a different colour palette — a bit on the HTML5 side?

    Just take your time with it, no need to rush.

  • Guest

    Logo is not good at all (but seriously, I just realized I have never looked at the original logo before).

    First impressions: “looks like a hand holding a can.”

    On closer inspection: “looks like a hand holding a can, with a Canadian flag on it.”

    After knowing it’s for this site: “Ok, the hand is actually holding a smartphone, but why is he/she holding a phone like that?”

  • Alex Perrier

    Maybe change the font, too. i am personally not a fan of it, even if some others like it. Another thing that could be done is put more emphasis on the graphical logo, and maybe have the “mobilesyrup” text wrapped around the circle (like East Side Mario’s). Perhaps be creative, create multiple templates and let us vote for a new logo! 🙂

    Some suggestions for the comments section:
    * agree or disagree is distinguished from inappropriate posts. So if people disagree with me, but find that my post is still acceptable, they can either thumb me down and leave it as is. But for fake T1MB1Ts, “RIM?s”, “SAMMIE!” and other spam posts, they can be marked as spam etc.
    * disable messages which have too many capital letters, like over 50%
    * if a comment is very long, show maybe the first four lines and allow users to expand the rest of the comment manually
    * editable comments (to correct spelling mistakes, reply to others, etc.)
    * When i load the comments on mobile browsers, they are either very slow, the comments scramble before loading correctly, or both. Make the new comments system

  • Don

    There needs to be maple syrup running down the guys harm, like the phone is melting.

  • Marc

    How about a contest to design the new logo for the website? Winner could get a phone of his/her choice.

  • Nick

    The new logo looks like a communist-type symbol.

  • paul

    I don’t like the hand either, but it’s also way too detailed to be a good logo. The old logo can be seen more clearly at small sizes.

    Take the circle on the new logo and make it a simplified maple leaf outline instead. Then replace the hand holding the phone with the phone from the old logo (update the phone picture so the screen is bigger and it doesn’t have keys). The bottom of the phone will look like the stem on the maple leaf.

  • SlashDotLuke

    1) The new logo has too much detail; it will not show well when logo is down sized (e.g. shading lines on the hand and more importantly the tiny maple leaf).
    2) the wordmark part of the logo should clearly separate the two distinct words. This can be accomplished by either capitalizing both words or by changing the color or typeface of one of the words (e.g. see FedEx or Fear Factor logos).
    3) When re-branding it is a good idea to get feedback from your audience before beginning the process (to establish what works and what does not) and once few new iterations are available to gather feedback on the direction of the project.
    Good luck with your project, and do let me know if you need professional advice with regard to number 3.

    • Hawaii80

      I agree – How come there was no survey for us to part take in? I come to this site most every day and I would TOTALy give you my time to answer a quick websurvey. mobilesyrup would then avoid all the negative comments about the proposed amateurish logo and the login to comment ‘feature’.

  • Zeake

    Terrible logo, sorry but it is. To complicated. Needs to be simple.

  • EraqEE

    Love the new logo, but I think you should have some sort of a logo design contest. Everyone will love you for it so why not 🙂

    • Chaosdivine

      I agree, have a logo design contest for the Mobilesyrup community – I’m sure you have a phone/tablet/freebie you can use to entice.

      Make it part of the design launch even…Only have it open to your signed up members too. Not only will it entice people to “sign-up” but then you’ll get loyal readers and the community will vote on just the design, not by who designed it. Once a winner is chosen, then you can reveal the designer/member.

      You’d be surprised of the creativity your members can come up with…

  • roman129

    Sounds cool.

    Regarding the logo, I’d keep the current one, but use the new color.

  • Steevo

    The current logo is way better.

  • Adam

    I like the logo, I like the hand…but it does look like the person is holding a can of Canadian.

  • Henaway

    One more vote to lose the hand … for pretty much all the same reasons already outlined. Remember, logos need to be very simple, especially down to favicon size!!

  • tissage

    keep the hand, make the phone look more like a can of beer

  • lemon

    Can we get the circle to change into a maple leaf? and drop the maple on the phone itself.

  • Windsorboy

    An update of the “old” logo would be better. The new one is too complex with the hand in there. Remember, all the great logos are simple and easily recognizable, the Nike Swoosh, the Apple, McD’s stylized “M”, etc. The phone with the maple leaf antenna was cool. Just update it, make it a bit more slick and polished and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately thumbs down on the “new” logo.

    • Mda

      Regarding what you said about logos, to compare a site’s logo like mobilesyrup to nike and apples is like comparing oranges to apples because they are both fruits or in this case logos.
      What do Nike, Apple and McD’s provide? Products. Products that you can hold. Products that people take around with them. Why are nike, apple, etc logos simple? Because their logos are seen everywhere, on shirts, shoes, phones, food packets, things that people passing by will see. Someone passing will be more likely to remember a simple logo rather than a complicated logo whereas a site like mobilesyrup falls under another category which allows room for more indepth logos. Mobilesyrup provides a virtual service, unlike someone holding a food packet, etc, a screen (like the one that you are viewing this comment on) is large and thus can incorporate a larger logo and you are looking at the screen for a while not just getting a glimpse of it. When the point comes that you see mobilesyrup on small objects that people hold in public, then it would be correct to say that the logo should be simple but that is unlikely to occur due to what mobilesyrup provides: virtual services.

    • Mda

      “…to compare a site’s logo like mobilesyrup to nike and apples…”
      meant apple as in the company

  • Windsorboy

    Also, for site login (good idea), please use Facebook/Google login credentials, I’m sick and tired of coming up with new passwords for every bloody site I visit.

  • Squinty

    Without my glasses it looks like Homer Simpson getting his brains blown-out!

  • Potato

    I like it.

  • Mark

    Thank for the hard work! Whatever you pick for a logo people will accept it. We care about the content, not the packaging!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Biz

    some think its a can of beer!!! LMFAO!!

  • Chris

    the logo looks good. But if you want to make a good change, CHANGE the Mobile version of this site. It sucks, it takes away so much from this site. It would be nice to see the images on the mobile site as well.

  • specsaretheonlythingthatmatter

    I say we put mustard on it.

  • RobbersMary

    Too cliche the look. What would be more representative of this site and it’s userbase is an angry mob setting on fire an effigy of Robellus.

    RobbersMary speaking on behalf of Robbers, out.

  • Apple4Life

    I like how the logo uses an iPhone


  • Bruno

    Please get rid of the hand. Maple leaf in the red circle is plenty.

  • Dandroid

    Hahaha the phone does look like a can of beer! definietly change that. I think all that is needed is a refresh on the current logo. Make the little and original maple leaf cell phone more contemporary and 3D and the site will look refreshed but not an entirely different site. The hand, to me, looks a bit “revolutionary” as in a Che Guevera way. I would not recommend putting a hand in the logo.

    Have been reading this site everyday for two years now and always loved it. for just two bloggers, its brilliant. just curious as to what happened to Kate O’Brian?

  • Early Grey

    Sorry guys but this new logo is really ugly, and it does look like a can of something, beer maybe and the hand does have that revolution look. You can do a lot better. Make it a contest, invite submissions – let the readers choose!

  • Jesse

    Like the logo….looks like it’s doing the death grip lol.

  • Harry Dyck

    The red circle makes me think of Japan during its imperialist and the fist reminds me of the Italian communist party. Get a better logo fast. Needs at least 2 colors.

  • uranus

    Also bring back the maple leaf. Don’t make the logo too detailed, or else it will look like a mushy blur on a low resolution mobile screen like the cheap public mobile ZTE phones.

  • Russell

    Very nice logo, but logos are simple. The hand really throws it off. Would be better without.

  • uranus

    Why bother making people login to comment? They’ll just give you a temporary email address and you’ll still get trolls.

  • Jad

    i dont like the hand, looks like a revolution logo…
    and the phone isnt super clear, neither is the canadian flag…

    hoping to see an updated one!



  • Drone

    Keep a login system(people can have avatars to distinguish themselves), but also allow guests to post; not being forced to login is one of the many reasons why I prefer this site over the competition.

  • Rr

    The logo specially the hand is drawn very well. Although it looks like it came out straight from a street rally.

    Why not incorporate or play with the word syrup. Perhaps a simple, playful and colorful maple syrup art drawing. A lot of tech sites and startups are keeping their logo simple and direct, most of simply just use words.

  • Cole

    Logo is ok.. I don’t mind the current one.

    To me though, the only thing that needs to be fixed is the website’s inability to switch away from the mobile wordpress version no matter if I use the stock Android browser or Chrome Beta (on my Galaxy Nexus, Captivate or my Asus Transformer). It’s so annoying that I can read on anything portable, I want the full site.

  • Jay

    I dont care what you guys do, its all deadly.

    PS I love the logo. Anything with a Maple Leaf is golden in my books.

  • G -man


  • Marco Riding

    I don’t like the new logo. It feels cluttered and doesn’t scale well. You need something simple.

  • Marco Riding

    Also, I’d that’s an iPhone 4,you’ll drop the call by holding it with the DEATHGRIP!!!

  • Crue

    It’s a bit too detailed for my liking. I like logos that are incredibly simple and doesnt have any connotation expect that it represents the company/service. As other stated, it does have a ‘revolutionary’ aesethetic to it.

  • alex

    reminiscent of the Modaco redesign a few months back 😉

  • enrai

    How about hands holding the phone sideway? No one really use mobile phone to make calls these days. That way you can make the maple leaf bigger too.

  • Michael

    All I can say is
    1. Have a contest for your logo.
    2. Use the sign-in for the website and maybe add social-network plugins.
    3. Redesign of the website is good. Maybe some more vibrant colours to make it more appealing to the eye.

  • Dylan D

    I think the hand should be taken out.

    A smartphone with a leaf on the screen, and some typical buttons on the bottom. with a circle as the background would look great.

    The hand kind of ruins the sleek-ness of the logo, imo.

  • Tog

    I thought the logo was a glass of maple syrup you about to be chugged back. I prefer the old logo, maybe just tilt the leaf and have a drop falling from it to rep the syrup.

  • scott murray

    I am digging the new logo.