Here’s a look at our new logo, plus several other upcoming changes

Over the past few years the Canadian wireless industry has flourished in many ways. Several new carriers, lower plans, faster network speeds and more powerful handsets. It’s been a few years since MobileSyrup was started, at the time the popular handsets were ones that had antennas spiking out at the top, plus physical keyboards. Again, much has changed.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be making some exciting changes to the site. Nothing too dramatic, just incredibly needed. In no particular order, you’ll be seeing a new comment system. Our current system allows for an unstructured conversation and we’ll be going towards a login system that you see on other popular tech sites. We’ll also be introducing a weekly newsletter that will give you a quick glimpse of what happened in Canadian wireless over a 7 day period. The layout of the site will also get a slight adjustment, but still keep the general feel. One way that will improve is how you’ll be able to find information, specifically our reviews.

Finally, we’ll introduce a new MobileSyrup logo. Sure, retro is cool, but honestly the logo design that’s currently present is straight from the 1980’s and needs a change. We’re thinking about using the above, I personally like it as it’s fresh and updated.

Let us know what you think about the logo design – totally up for changing it around – and what other changes you’d possibly like to see…

Update: Regarding the logo, there seems to be a mix of responses. Some love it, some desire the hand to be removed, others think the smartphone is a can of beer. Keep all the feedback coming…