LG Optimus L7 coming to Rogers


  • Ichvan Van Nutsec


    • Dimitri.k

      Get out troll..

    • Murray Cloutier

      @Dmitri K.

      No, seriously….RIM?

  • Sean

    Rogers lite = no data plan. If so this is pretty awesome like the HTC One V

  • bob

    Sounds way too high end to be in the “lite” category.

    • Lazed

      Word to the wise: NEVER buy an LG phone.

  • Max

    Would not consider LG phones after all the drama on software update.

  • Jesse

    Hmm….Samsung “copies” Apple, LG copies Samsung….

  • SAM


  • studystand

    This looks identical to Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones

  • Dexter

    Haha a few people beat me to it, but this totally looks like a Galaxy S. Like it’s almost identical. It’s cool that it’s coming out of the box with ICS but knowing LG, don’t expect a single update beyond that.

  • Faber

    Hardware wise it is a fine phone, but the software is awful. The LG interface is bloated, ugly, and keeps all LG phones from receiving updates. It has to be the worst interface overlay out right now.

  • jon_d0e

    i have a samsung galaxy note and i’ll go back to any other phones ever unless theres a 8″ lcd phone coming out.

    my phone has replaced my 55″ led tv, tablet, laptop, desktop, and my gf.

  • uranus

    This is too dam big. Can’t they make 4″ Android phones? Or would that infringe on apple & m$ patents?

  • Ron Mexico

    After my experience with the Optimus 2X and getting to experience LG’s after sales support I’ll never touch anything LG ever again. Optimus2X is still on Froyo in Canada. LG is a joke.

  • Jon Fingas

    I used this at Mobile World Congress… don’t.

    Android 4.0 is clearly too much for the L7, at least in the prototypes on the floor. Slow and just not terribly exciting outside of that deliberately iPhone-like look on the front. I actually preferred the L3, because Android 2.3 felt like a better match to the hardware.

  • Jay

    Doesn’t that phone look just like a cheap version of the Samsung Galaxy note. It seems no one actually creates anything anymore, they just steal it, put their name on it, and call it: innovation. Microsoff stole from Linux, Apple stole from Microsoft, Samsung stole from Apple, and now it seems LG is stealing from Samsung. Why is a 5.3 inch tablet that can make calls even called a phone? A tablet is a tablet, and a phone is a phone. Why does everyone needs to have a bananna phone nowadays anyway? Isn’t a smartphone supposed to be mobile?…