LG announces 3 new “L-Style” Android devices: L3, L5 and L7


  • Doug Page

    Nice pic!! I like the ones in Black & the phones are ok too I guess 🙂 Happy Fat Tuesday Canada grab a paczki and fill your face

  • um ya

    I’ll take either one.
    Also, LG makes crappy Androids and I don’t want anything to do with them..

  • Goa Dow

    Not a good picture at all for LG advertise.

    • Woah!

      If you look at the picture long enough, you’ll notice one of the girls is actually holding a phone!

  • Panzerpug

    I’m liking the new aggressive LG.

  • dave

    They won’t update the op system. Not for me.

  • Darknight2ca

    i dont knwo about you guys but that center button look makes that phone looks EXACTLY like a FAT version of the S2

    *sniffs* i smell a lawsuit coming up

  • Mark

    CRAP!!! Another phone my wife won’t let me buy!! HTC, please don’t do this too!!

  • Nade

    “Samsung chicks” are hotter 😀