Powerbag Sling Backpack Review

The Powerbag line is fast becoming a common name around the mobile world, mainly because we’re all tech-obsessed geeks with too few power outlets. Mobile battery chargers may have seemed superfluous a few years ago, but with multiple phones, tablets and other accessories needing constant attention, the idea is far from esoteric.

Powerbag Sling, designed by fūl, is a sturdy, ergonomic and attractive laptop backpack with a twist. In the front pocket is a removable 3000mAh battery cell and three cord tips routed within the bag for a clean look. The three tips are micro- and mini-USB and a 30-pin Apple connector, along with an auxiliary USB input for devices with proprietary charging ports. By pressing the Powerbag logo on the front of the bag for a couple seconds and plugging in your iPhone, or any other smartphone, you can securely store and charge your devices while moving around.

The bag itself is a little small, but that’s to be expected from a sling pack. Besides the front pocket, which is already quite full from the battery hardware, there are two deep zippers, the largest of which can accomodate a laptop up to 14-inches. The middle compartment has a snug slip for a tablet; it fits an iPad or Galaxy Tab very well.

As for the outputs from each port, they are listed below. The full-sized USB, unsurprisingly, can put out the most Amperes at 2.1A. The 3000mAh battery can be replaced with 6000mAh and 9000mAh cells, and they fit into the same compartment as the existing one, for $49.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Micro-USB, Mini-USB Output: 5VDC, 800mA combined
Apple Connector Output: 5VDC, 1A
USB Output: 5VDC, 1-2.1A

Powerbag Sling sells for $139.99, and is slated for Canadian retail availability later this year. You can get more information from Powerbag’s website.