Path 2.1 for iPhone brings Nike+ integration, improved camera and an API

Path 2.0 was one of those marquee apps that showcased how simple can be beautiful.It’s a private social network that reminds you of a journal, except that instead of writing in a book, you’re posting daily activities to your closest friends.

With great success, however, came publicity, and Path became the scapegoat for what turned out to be widespread mistreatment of users’ contact lists. It was found that they uploaded one’s contact list to their servers without permission, and worse, it was unencrypted. Dave Morin, Path’s founder and CEO, apologized for the incident and the world has largely forgotten and moved on.

Path 2.1 brings a bunch of improvements to the iOS app, including a private API with which the company has partnered with Nike and their Nike+ running app. With an upcoming update, Nike+ users will be able to auto-post running guides to their Path timeline, and have friends provide them with reinforcement as they meet certain targets.

Another cool feature is the ability to check in with music tracks, even if you don’t know what the song is. Previously, Path used the iTunes database to search for songs, which provided a link to purchase tracks. Now they are expanding that by allowing users to hold their phone in the air and listen to tracks, a la Shazam or Soundhound, to identify unknown music. The integration is powered by Gracenote and works quite well after a brief test.

Lastly, the app has improved the camera experience with new filters and the ability to separately adjust exposure and focus points.

Check out Path for iOS in the App Store. No word on when the Android app is getting these updates.