Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus launching in Canada on March 16th, $349.99 outright


  • Dylan K


    Wait, before I celebrate, gonna wait to see what Asus/Google cooks up, that rumored $200 tablet with better specs across the board is much more tempting.


      nice hit for Apple

      Apple, you know what I don’t think you will be able to sell your tab for $345

  • Don

    Way overpriced for a 7″ tablet with those kind of specs. The new Asus 7″ is going to have a quad core Tegra 3 and be $249. Can’t wait for Samsung to start complaining about the low sales of this one, too.

  • EmperumanV

    This was there a week back at Tiger Direct. Was lucky to snag one for $299.99

  • Tomatoes

    Sigh, I love the galaxy line of products but their buyer in North America is horrible. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the most beautiful and sexy tablet I have ever seen and I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Now by the time it comes out I might just wait the Quadcore tablets.

    Now they release this? I don’t care about this model at all.

    • Djadja

      My reaction exactly. I would have snapped up the 7.7 months ago, as soon as it was announced. All these erratic, opaque delays are a bigger whammy for them than their overpricing (quite willing to pay more for extra sexiness in a device!).

  • andy c

    if anyone is in the market for a 7 inch tablet this one is powered by Samsung’s Exynos dual core processer which is the best dual core CPU you can get in a tablet right now.

    android 3.2? ewwww

  • rahul

    Any word on when Ice Cream Sandwich update will be available for this tablet? Not buying a tablet unless its updated to ICS.

  • Tom

    I don’t mind getting HC if I know that I’ll be getting ICS in a reasonable amount of time.

    Please address this in your review: can the Canadian carriers block updates to this even though it is only Wi-Fi, or will we get the update when the Americans do?

    I note that there is no official CyanogenMod for this device yet, and there probably won’t be: I doubt it is high-profile enough for the community to beat the necessary headers and drivers out of Samsung.

  • Anderson, J.

    Why would I buy a 7″ tablet costing $349 with only 16GB when I can get a much, much better one (i.e. Blackberry Playbook) for $299 with 64GB? No Way!!

    I have a 32GB BB Playbook and it rocks. I am planning on buying a 64GB this month.

  • bad

    it needs a sim card slot to really compete.

  • abc123

    Looks like Samsung hasn’t learned a damn thing about pricing their tablets.

    For a 7″ tablet, it’s too expensive.

    I’m guessing in 3 months Samsung’s going to realize that it’s not selling and reduce the price.

    This is great news for the Playbook at $199. Same or better specs and cheaper.

  • Alpha

    Why no real GPS? At this price, it’ll make any car’s navigation option @ $1200 seem like a complete waste of cash.

  • Eric Huang

    Why would any one by this when the ipad 3 is coming out on the same day?

    • EddieWinslow

      Being Half the price of the iPad 3 and easier to hold in 1 hand makes it more desirable by people than iSheep

  • Nickn

    Way too expensive – this 7″ tablet is overpriced. Offer it at $249 and it will sell like crazy.

  • Josh

    If their original 7″ tablet launched at this price, Samsung would have had amazing sales.

    Today, $350 for a 7″ tablet is too expensive.

    Playbook now starts at $200. Some android tablets will launch at $250 or less for 7″ versions, and even Lenovo has a 10″ for $300.

    The iPad 2 is now just $50 more than this. It is bigger and can do more due to Apple’s large app selection. And though we might like to think that we don’t need all that many apps, the reality is that it’s a strong selling feature for consumers.

    So regardless of price, android, or value, there are more attractive options available. It doesn’t take a genius or a psychic to tell you that this tablet will not do well in terms of sales.

  • NIc

    is this the galaxy tab 7.7?

  • serge lemire

    I can’t wait for mine.
    Certain people talk about high price compare to iPad 2 and Playbook.
    iPad 2 and Playbook do’nt have a cellphone it with a sim card.
    Playbook does’nt permit use of Google Talk or Skype for calling another phone…what about iPad 2? I don’t know but I don’t care because Mr. Steve Jobs does’nt like Flash and too many site are made with Flash… So please compare lemon with lemon…

  • neil younger

    i am trading my tab 10.1 for this