Updated: iOS 5.1 now available, 315 million iOS devices sold so far, new 1080p Apple TV


  • mikkey

    “…62 million sold in the last quarter alone.”

    No surprise there! 🙂

  • shaggyskunk

    looks great! Apple isn’t going anywhere, so be thankful that there’s competition… it only makes everything better!

  • sp

    and a half a year or year later Siri is still unavailable to Canadian owners.

    where is the negative comments for Apple then? broken OS yada yada yada….

    So 5.1 caters to local Japanese owners and a slide button from lock screen for camera access….

    hmmmmm not very good.

    but hey they are Apple so they can not do any wrong right… lol

    • lolwut

      I’m Canadian and have Siri. All my Canadian friends and co-workers with 4S have Siri. What are you talking about?

    • sp

      lol sorry @lolwut i meant FULL functionality of Siri in Canada.

      try searching for your nearest starbucks or a restaurant and let me know how that works for you.

  • Mark

    Never heard of this Android phone before?

  • Mahmoud Ghieh

    the update was just pushed to my Fido iPhone 4S..

  • Dan

    Did you have to plug in your phone to iTunes to get the push update?

  • Adwan Hassan

    Do understand what push means?

  • Mahmoud Ghieh

    You go to settings general and updates and I just updated the phone and the process was a bit long …

    • Sheldon

      Do i have to attach the phone to the computer or does it just download the info right on the phone ? Thanks for your help !!!

  • EAK47

    199MB to put a camera shortcut on the lockscreen and to be able to delete photos from the Photo Stream? OK…

  • T1MB1T

    AGAIN Wind is snubbed! WE know that AWS is in the phone so why is apple listening to the big 3 and locking it out! Tony said he has no choice but to snub apple now! NO Iphone and no LTE! we simply do not need it! All you fools can keep it to yourselves! We will continue to grow with the most megga hurts and the best customer service and network on the planet!!



    Siriously?? Localized support for JAPAN before CANADA? WTF

    Siri does work in Canada but maps and other major features don’t work for Canadian locations!!

    • T1MB1T

      YOU can blame the BIG 3!!! if they did not block wind you would get your locations in Canada because we have the most megga hurts and the best network! Then take a look in the mirror and blame yourself since you still support them and they way the block the better companies from making a difference. Just Yesterday tony said if apple does not unlock the A5 chip so the AWS is allowed to work we will withdraw our multi billion dollar offer to share the network with them! YES!!! WIND and Apple are in the midst of making a deal!

      The most Megga hurts of any carrier out there! The best service and prices!


  • JP

    My iphone4S can not be started after updating to iOS5.1 in JAPAN !!!! So many problem apple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    When will Siri be fully functional in Canada?

  • Marc

    What could the problem be? Checking for updates, I get a notification that there was an error… After 18hours, I’m still waiting.