SwiftKey announces SDK for cross-platform language engine integration


  • Will

    I am glad RIM picked SwiftKey for the PlayBook keyboard. It works really well!

  • Pipe

    I used swiftkey for a while until swype became available for my galaxy nexus. Swiftkey is really great and has some advantages to swype, but i still prefer swype for now

  • lolz

    The more you use Swype the better it gets. Makes typing a breeze with it’s word suggestions.

  • uranus

    I prefer swype

  • David

    Firstly, I don’t understand how SwiftKey won the award for Best Mobile Innovation – pardon if the award title isn’t perfectly accurate – at MWC this year. Secondly, this was a really good keyboard app about a year ago when I first used it in the initial Beta release on my HTC Desire, but with each and every additional release/update the glitches become more and more to the point where I would consider it more-or-less useless. I say this having tried it on my HTC Desire, SGS2, Droid RAZR, and now my Note. Obviously, I’ve dropped this keyboard entirely and find myself completely happy with the replacement FlexT9 keyboard – which is the best keyboard app I’ve used to date.