WIND Mobile changing rate plans and add-ons March 1st, here are the details…


  • Dono

    No voicemail on either plan? And an $8 addon? Is this robelus?

    Both plans are local calling only?

    This feels like we’re going backwards now..

    10GB data vs 5GB for $10.. The wording suddenly feels like it’s not so unlimited after all.

    • Justin Credible

      WIND40 includes Canadian long distance.

    • Dono

      You sure? Doesn’t mention it in the article. Guess it could be a typo.

    • Eh?

      The unlimited data is still unlimited in that they don’t charge you extra for going over the 5GB/10GB, they just slow your connection. On Rogers/Bell/Telus/etc, they start charging you per MB.. $10-$20 per GB.

    • luke

      Yup, you got it, thanks WIND for taking away province wide calling and making it local calling instead. I hate to say this, but try chatr if don’t need data, $35 a month unlimited text and canada wide calling, with rogers reliable coverage. Or….mobilicity or whomever suits your needs.

      Wind is a big lie of unlimited, ask any internet data stick subscribers how their unlimited isn’t really unlimited, like my friend in Vancouver tells me.

      If you don’t like it, shop elsewhere, don’t support them! Power to the people!

  • kungriffey

    US Roaming ($0.50/mb) is now cheaper than Canadian Roaming ($4.00/mb)?

    • Jon

      Why not? T-Mobile has incentive to make it cheaper for WIND users to roam through cheaper reciprocal roaming for their users. Rogers doesn’t care.

  • b

    Is there an option for unlimited Canada? or is that included in the US package?

  • Graham

    This is why I like being an early adopter. Holiday Miracle FTW.

  • WhoCares

    Big 3 are now officially Big 4.

  • Betty Koyle

    yup these are terrible…

    Welcome to the big 4: rogers + bell + telus + now featuring WIND

    • tom z

      U Big Dummy

    • tom z

      WTH r u talking about


    HAHAHAHAHA Wind customers, wind is starting to turn into BIG 4 Robelus, cutting back on Canada wide calling, Cutting back on Voicemail. Their slowly gonna take away unlimited calling and start giving only 6pm evening and weekend calling, and start cutting back on data to only 1-2-3 GB per month just like big 3. HAHAHAHA its gonna happen soon enough. Wind is gonna wake up and start acting gready soon. The more and more they grow the more gready they will become. Just watch their gonna start charging for Caller Id too. Lol. Its gonna happen cause they need to start making money some how. The plans their offering before they couldn’t make a profit. They were only cheap plans to increase customers, but once they get into the million customer number just you watch plan prices will increase and they will start decreasing the features to maximize profit.

  • Kid.Canada

    I kinda saw this coming, all those cheap plans from the start were just to gain customers and they were too good to be a forever thing. Now theyll start focusing on maximizing their profits and this is only the beginning to it. Smart business idea but not good for us customers unfortunately.

  • Mike

    Eventually they all start acting like the incumbents.

    This time around they make voicemail an add-on.

    Next time caller ID will be too.

    Congratulations Wind. You’re now part of the Big 4.

  • Tom@BBM

    Hahaha brilliant…where are the WIND fanboys now? This business model is unsustainable…poor network, poor handset selection and pricing and most unsustainable of all, ridiculous pricing that obviously isn’t making the company any money. Those who thought WIND was going to give the big players a run for their money seem to forget that they will simply segway their asses to the finish line.

    If I’m being fair though, if WIND and the other new entrants merge, they will have a decent crack at this.

  • Accophox

    Big 4? It’s still cheaper to be on a WIND40+VM than on an equivalent Big 3 plan (without negotiations – which not that many people actually go about doing). Sensationalist claims.

    • Crue

      Right, but the network and handset selection is far worse. Not to mention, the Away zone has the potential to rise the price. I don’t see why I would choose Wind for any reason but cheap prices – if their one differentiator has eroded, I’m not sure their value prop?

  • Mike

    Next up: three year contracts. But they won’t call it a contract. They’ll call it the “Wind Agreement.”

    (Fido I’m looking at you)

  • gogakhan

    So no progress on the network side, but the rate hikes?

    I don’t get it WIND… Why? O Why? O Why?

    • barry

      towers are going up pretty fast actually.

  • Duke Stevenson

    Got the grand fathered Genius plan with HTC Amaze and feel like a winner !

  • Tom@BBM

    Oh my god are all of you serious? WIND isnt even big enough to be included in the top 6 carriers LMAO!!! You’re forgetting Koodo, Virgin and Fido and maybe even chatr hahahaha woooww…WIND shouldn’t be even mentioned in the same breath.

    Seriously, get real folks.

    • barry

      Those ‘carriers’ are brands of the big 3. Nice try though.

    • Dizzy

      Virgin = Bell
      Koodo = Telus
      Chatr + Fido = Rogers

      Still the BIG 3 !!

    • Trippy

      Koodo = Telus
      Chatr + Fido = Rogers
      Virgin ≠ Bell

      Virgin is the only company of the Big 3 that isn’t fully owned, it’s naming is leased.

  • Dizzy

    I think everyone in the cellular industry saw this coming! Initially Wind expanded so fast that they had signal outage in most areas already on their unlimited zone. Now to maintain the system they have to jack up the prices, besides didn’t they spend the highest $ value to purchase the spectrum right at the start? and the whole “No-Term” contract – aka TAB is really worse than a 3 yr contract if you consider what % of your bill pays for your ” No Term ” contract. Bunch of jokers! If they actually end up buying over Mobilicity then expect the same changes to come down the pipeline.

    I don’t think they will be a part of the BIG 4, I’m sure someone is already waiting for that 4 year mark to come by so they can pay off the shareholders and integrate it as a part of the BIG 3 🙂

    • Eh?

      @coxon, The difference is, if I need to cancel my service with wind, I only have to pay the remaining portion of the cost of the phone (less than the cost of the phone)… If I cancel my plan with bell, I have to pay $600 (more than the cost of the phone) even though I’m more than 1 year into the contract.
      Yes I have both.. I signed up for wind when I realized that I’ll get more features on the 2nd line (unlimited north american long distance / texting, unlimited data) than I would get if I paid the equivalent amount to bell to upgrade my plan with them.

      @Dono, The unlimited data is still unlimited in that they don’t charge you extra for going over the 5GB/10GB, they just slow your connection. On Rogers/Bell/Telus/etc, they start charging you per MB.. $10-$20 per GB.


      Dizzy Wind is no where near paying anyone. Look at the numbers. They own about 2 billion bucks and that number goes up monthly. So safe bet is they are bought up, well they have been sold off to a Russian company. Soon to be absorbed into the big 3. I read that all of Orascom Telecom and all of Vimpelcom ( some 200 million subscribers ) make less than the 9 million on rogers profits wise. I am glad I am not a Vimpelcom investor.

  • Accophox

    I also have a feeling that mobilesyrup may have made a mistake with not saying unlimited calling in Canada – the product matrix says that it replaces Genius/45, and all the changes are mentioned on the side. No mention of just dropping to local calls.

    ANYWAY. The new plan is essentially the same price as the old genius plan (which didn’t include data), in fact cheaper, if the canadian long distance is still there. 40+5(VM)+5(USText). If not, it’s slightly more expensive – would need to add on the 10/unlimited CA calling.

  • Greg Cooper

    I’m looking forward to seeing Alex know it all Perrier’s response to this.

    • 2dfx

      Seriously. He’s such a b***h.

  • Lucky

    Its the new RWindBelT or WindTelRoBel

    • AWSguy

      HAHAHHA love the “WindTelRoBel”. May I propose “Robelusind” ?

  • sunvv

    I am not sure if there is pay-off promise for the new windtabs.

    without pay-off promise,

    for the wind25, to pay off the $200 windtab, we need 200/(25*10%)=80 months, which means almost 7 years.

    for the wind40, we need 500/(40*10%)=125 months, which is over 10 years.

    it’s like a life sentence.

    • Neilson Patrick Harris

      That’s not how it works. Your remaining Windtab balance gets erased after three years.

    • tom z

      Telus is crap, Bell is crap, Rogers is crap I had the $40 plan with telus and my bill was always 80.00…WTF.. Wind is gonna take away many customers from the big 3 i****s,crooks, waiting on the line for over 30 minutes for customer service sofa king we todds did big 3,Burn, Burn, Wind is where i am and where all canadians should be for 40.00 , 45.20 with tax for unlimited canada talk,text and data.Hell for that price i can get rid of my home phone with BELL ALSO

    • tom z

      U R sofa king we todd did.

  • Jake84

    So pre-existing WIND customers keep their previous plan prices and unlimited data, right? Will we be forced into one of these plans after a year, or does the $45/month option still stand?


      Jake according to the TOS no, they can remove the plan and or modify it as they see fit. Plans are on the way out. Sorry.

  • Kirk

    WIND40 – For $40/month customers will receive unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited Canada-wide
    text messaging, unlimited data, plus call control features. This plan is perfect for anyone that loves to
    talk and text across Canada, and use data on their phone with the peace of mind of not ever having to
    worry about going over their limit.

    I work for Wind and this is the thing i got. The 40 will be canada wide talk not local.

    • Marc

      Assuming you stay in their ultra limited coverage area.

  • Accophox

    And – overall, this actually makes the top end plan slightly less expensive. Genius/45 NEVER included data, so +10 for 55 total.

    What they’ve done is made the VM, USText/IntlText optional in the new matrix. Canadawide calling is already included in Wind40. So for a almost equivalent plan, it’d be 50, assuming they don’t drop the old VM package.

    Seriously, do the math. It’s just refocusing the product to make it look more competitive with the Big 3.

  • Jay

    Well well well… Just as predicted, the bigger a company gets the higher it’s rates go. Doubt many of the “Wind boys” are smiling about this”

    I noticed no mention of what it costs to roam in Canada though. Anyone care to lift the blind on that one?



    $40 does include canada wide, and unlmtd data


    @Jay it has been dropped to 20¢/min

    • Jay

      @Winder: Wow I didn’t actually expect a reply to that. It was more of a “Your plan might look good but try going outside your zone” statement. That said, forgetting the data, with Fido you could get a $50/month plan that has unlimited minutes nationwide, unlimited texting from Canada to anywhere in the world, and you’re not tied to a zone.

    • Jay

      @Winder: In addition, if you WANT to be tied to a zone, with Fido it’s only $35 and you get the same as the aforementioned $50.

    • Anthony

      @JAY: forgetting data? 500MB is $25 on Fido… so add $25 on top of your $50 for basic data… is $75

    • Anthony

      @Jay: don’t forget that Caller ID (what most people need, not Voice Mail), is extra on the Fido plans

  • NEO

    So what happens to my $40.00 holiday miracle plan???? Do I lost voicemail and unlimited to the U.S??? If so, I’m going back to Rogers!!!

    • RamonG

      Why are you even allowed on the Internet…?

  • coxon

    The Wind40 includes unlimited Canada wide calling and unlimited data, missed calls, caller id, sms unlimited to Canada, and always free incoming That’s still way better than any of the big 3. Looks like they are just simplifying their offer.

  • coxon

    Neo I would imagine your plan would be grandfathered just like everyone else. Not a big deal. Everything is the same for you.

  • lukeiphone

    I think this whole rate plan is a typo. If its not then this is same as Robellus.

    • joe

      You read everything and this is what you came up with?Z

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Where’s Chicken Little? Suddenly the sky is falling?

    50 bucks still gets you Unlimited everything + Unlimited US calling. 8 bucks for voicemail is the only bummer here.

    Big 3 still cant match that price point.

    Or like many of us, you could always wait till X-mas and jump on whatever Holiday Miracle plan pops up.

  • 15ive


  • Accophox

    Holy crap. Guys, seriously. DO THE BLOODY MATH.

  • Ron Mexico

    Loving my Galaxy Nexus and my Irresistible $35 plan more every day!

  • LW81

    Greed is taking over.

    They don’t have to charge that much but can and will.

  • koodoguy

    constantly complaining canadians about there phone bills. we all need to remember where we live. country almost the size of russia with a population of 35 million. This means all these companies have to provide the appropriate resources for a country that could populate over 500 million, yet only holds 35 million. Companies don’t work for there customers, they work for there bottom end, which is pleasing shareholders with an increase in ARPU, which eventually will be unsustainable. No one should act surprised. This is the price of living in Canada. If you want to point the finger to why prices are always increasing, blame the central government for printing money out of thin air, but thats another story…

  • Slype

    Wow, the “I told you so” crowd is out in force… lots of insecure people out there.. or maybe they have regrets that they didn’t hop on a good thing when they saw it.

    Anyways, as other have pointed out, while this is step up in price, it is still miles ahead of anything that Bell/Rogers and Telus can offer. Unless of course you call them and argue/negotiate and even then you have to sign to a 3 year.

    That being said, I have been with Wind for over a year now and have saved a grand total of $1235.50 compared to if I had stayed with Rogers. With that money, I outright bouth a Galaxy Nexua and I’m still $500+ ahead of the game. Hate on you Roger Zealots!

  • JadonFresh

    I’m not with Wind. How does anybody see this as the same as the Big 3? The first picture shows unlimited data and unlimited canada-wide calling for $40. Rogers’ family plan is like $70+ per line for something remotely similar (only 1 GB of data). Stop being stupid cheap and jumping off rhetorical cliffs.

  • rootblock

    Unfortunate that the prices are rising, but in the end, I’ll always be with the provider with the least expensive monthly plan that covers my needs. I’ll never go on a contract again so I have the freedom to bounce around from provider to provider at will. Currently with Wind on the $29 plan for 1 year, after which it will be $40 or $45 [I forget], but I’ll be looking in all directions for the best monthly cost when the time comes.

  • joe

    So is like everyone on Mobile syrup criminally stupid and incapable of doing basic math? The new Wind40 + voicemail costs less than the old genius plan + data add on. With nearly the same features.

  • Nick

    So will US data roaming be $1/mb for all grandfathered plans now? Or just the new plans?

    I’m going to Florida soon so that would be a nice drop from the current rate.

    • AWSguy

      Just the new plans. You will still pay $4/MB

  • Max

    Déjà vu… The new price structure very simliar to those Big 3’s sub-brands. Still, pricing is still very competitive. Just hope Wind will stop making changes on their plans, it cause a lot of confusion for customers.

  • Terry

    I think the plans are fine. They are still a great deal.
    While it’s disappointing that there is no longer US texting included, I’m okay with that.

    The $8 voicemail is dumb though. I don’t care if there is a + with it lol, still dumb.

    Yeah, other than that I think the plans are still great deals.

    If you don’t like it there’s always Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

  • michael

    This doesn’t change anything. 3 dollars more than the most expensive plan on wind plus unlim data…? The complaint is?

  • testy

    haha all you on your 1 year promo plans are screwed.

    This is why you go over to Mobilicity where promo plans are guaranteed for LIFE. – $25 BTS, – $40 BTS.

  • sp

    someone should stop Mr. Know it all Perrier from posting.

    kind of irritating at times reading those posts

    • RamonG

      Who is forcing you to read his posts? Don’t make yourself sound like a victim…

  • Soldier Blue

    I will hold onto my holiday miracle plan to the grave.

    That said, canada wide calling and unlimited data for $40 is an improvement over what they currently sell, which is the same thing for $45, only it gives you voice mail instead of data.

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay $5 more and get something that is far less useful?

    I also like the token amount of data on the $25 plan, whereas it had none before. It also changes to canada wide calling versus local. In my opinion, the change to redefine local as province-wide was great when Wind launched but somewhere along the way they changed it into local + province + canada and that’s pretty lame. This reverts a really idiotic change, which is good.

    Overall, these plans are better than the current ones, but they certainly don’t beat any promotional offers.

    One thing I would like to see them do away with completely is disable data overages by default for all customers – both roaming and on-network. And pay per use data for Wind’s network should be dirt cheap, in the order of $2 per gb or so. Data overages are singlehandedly the worst byproduct of lousy telecommunications competition. They are a major risk to consumers, considering that – unlike voice or text – most people don’t know how much they are consuming, how to check, or even how to place hard limits.

  • Billy

    I think these are great plans, way better than Robellus. Who really cares that they don’t include VM. IMO, VM is a waste nowadays. You have call display and text messages. I think all the haters are the Robellus fan boys where nothing outside of the big three will make them happy.

  • CuriousCursor

    – Don’t need US call/txt
    – Getting 100MB data instead of nothing
    – Unlimited Canada wide calling instead of just local

    … so where’s the price raise? They’re giving more for the buck.

  • Alex Perrier

    Why is everyone exaggerating their complaints? WIND mostly just wants to narrow down the five plans they previously had to just three:
    * With Pay Your Way, you pay only for what you use. Unlimited incoming calls is now a permanent and free add-on (from within WIND’s network). i’m looking forward to discover what the other add-ons will be!
    * With the new Smart/WIND25 plan, there is 100 MB included right off the bat, even though it used to cost more in the past. Say you pay $5 more per month to double your usage. That’s still 200 MB for the previous price of 50 MB! It’s small, and subject to overage fees if you don’t use an app like 3G Watchdog, but it’s better than what they used to offer. If you need more usage, just move up to the 5 GB at full speed plan. Only those who text to USA should be sad.
    * With the new Genius/WIND40 plan, there is now unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, plus Internet access, all from within WIND’s network. This costs $5 less per month and includes more.

    Plus, roaming rates have been reduced for calling and Internet access.

    Now my small disappointments:
    * Voicemail is increased from $5/month to $8/month. This is on par with Mobilicity. Disappointing, but there are usually alternative ways to get voice mail at no cost, like with a Dell Voice phone number.
    * The Clever plan is gone, which was a nice plan with 100 rollover minutes.
    * 100 MB in Smart plan overage is $5/month per 100 MB, which is about the same as Fido. Still, that’s expensive, and people are gonna need to watch out.

    Overall, these price changes just prove that WIND is on its way to becoming a national yet valuable carrier. If you were going to buy the Smart plan and $10/month for unlimited Internet anyway, the new $40/month plan only costs $5 more, and includes Canada-wide calling as a bonus.

  • julilly

    will they charge extra for tethering?

    • joe

      No Wind doesn’t charge for tethering.

  • John

    According to the article, and the image the $25 plan includes unlimited Canada wide calling:

    ” WIND25:
    – Unlimited Calling (Canada-wide, local and WIND-to-WIND) “

    • B.W.

      Outgoing for WIND25 shows Unlimited Local on first the graphic, not Canada-Wide.

  • AWSguy

    Goodbye Big3!

    Hello Fantastic 4!

    1. The $25 plan now has a $50/GB overage. Thats more than ROGERS! ($10/GB).

    2. There is no data addon. Want unlimited data? You HAVE to go for $40 plan.

    3. No more “unlimited international” calls. Only preferred rate calls.

    4. Voicemail $8. US Calling a separate addon…


    In 3 months, caller ID will be $10 like the rest of the pack.

  • jeremy

    Most don’t use voicemail anymore, anyway. And if you want it, get it free from voice/vonage.

  • Gumba

    These plans are good change from what find currently has on their website as standard plans. Smart was $25 without data now it has 100MB, Canada-wide Genius was $45 without data.. now its $40/mo with unlimited data. And I hate voicemail. So $40 might be my GF’s line when she is done with Bell, she is paying upwards of $70 with all the fees and only has a bit of data on crapberry. Do you know if they are eligible for multi-line discount?

  • Wind_who?

    Wind just lost its appeal. All add-ons. Same as Rogers.

    Rogers has Unlimited Plans for $50.00. See ya.

    • SamSam

      You mean Unlimited VALUE plans, don’t you?
      See ya!

  • Accophox

    There’s NO mention that they’re removing the old voicemail add-on! Wait and see!

    Rogers’ unlimited plan? GIVE ME A BREAK. The only thing unlimited about it is that it limitlessly sucks for data!

  • Terry McAllister

    Personally I like this new 40 plan *BETTER* than the current $40 plan. I can get the Galaxy Nexus for $99 ($150 less) and still have all the features I care about.

    Win/Win for me. Still up in the air though.

    • B.W.

      The example at the end shows the Galaxy Nexus still at $249 on the WIND40 plan (with $350 on the tab.) It seems “up to $500” means they may allow as much as $500 but depending on the device it may also be less.

  • nw222


  • The Truth

    These are still GREAT PLANS!
    For $40, you still get”
    – Unlimited data
    – Unlimited Calling (Canada-wide, local and WIND-to-WIND)
    – Unlimited Text & Picture Message Canada Wide
    – Call Control

    This is what the majority of people care for. So bottom line: still a waaaaaay better deal than the big 3. Not even close.

    I’ve got the $40 holiday miracle plan for the whole family, because I knew very well these rates wouldn’t last forever. Win Sauce!

  • whocares

    Alex Perrier? T1MB1T? Dimitri? Where are you? You’re missing out on the LOLfest!

    • T1MB1T

      Listen you troll do not call me out unless you are ready for a fight! We have the most megga hurts and the best phones! AND still the best plans! If you are not smart enough to see that then I am sorry for you! Come to MY forum and see how I deal

  • TnT

    what should the new name be for Robellus since it includes wind now?

    Rogwinellus? lol

    • TnT

      To have a comparable with the Genius with data it’ll be

      40+ 8 (voicemail) + 10* (just to get us text) + 10* (for international text) = $68

      however with the 10 add-on for us text u get unlimited us calling also, and the 10 for international text you also get 90% standard calling rates internationally…. so for $8 you get us calling which was a $10 addon before

  • Wonka

    I’m already on wind nothing to worry about! Still happy and not going anywhere…

  • Wonka

    Its still cheaper then the Big 3! Still going to recommend and bring more people to Wind regardless of what you naysayers say!

    • Electric razor

      Wonka. I am glad you like missing calls, not having signal, getting crappy phones with no warranty, all in all wind is just a fail. Go to the wind forums and see T1MB1T and his other log on names try and convince the sheep that wind is good. The fact remains the plans could be 5 bucks and it still is a terrible service. Poor phone choices. This whole zone thing is crazy, no signal in most places. Customer service that is a joke. This back room business and a CEO that has a rogers blackberry!! I have to say it is a fun time when I see people trying to use their wind phone and they have no signal. What I really like is how the wind kiosks are empty and the sales staff have plenty of time to do their homework or read comic books.

      Wind is fine if you want to get far less than you pay for.
      Loved the hint about contracts coming and the TOS allowing them to remove features and plans of any and all plans. They have done it before.. and they are doing it again

    • joe

      Electric razzer, can you explain me how i get 4500 minute 3000 texts and 2 GB’s without signal?!
      Don’t worry we all know you are on a 3 year contract with Robellus and can’t get out of it so u r pissed.

  • rob

    Robelwinus FTW!

    • AWSGuy

      I went with “robelusind” but robelwinus is better! 😀

  • TJ

    All the old plans are grandfathered like the AITF , HAITF , Holiday Miracle plans etc etc .

    The leap plan is still out there ..grab it before things change ..its a decent plan , much better than anything Robellus has to offer

    • B.W.

      Isn’t the coming WIND40 plan is exactly the same as the LEAP plan, or am I missing something?

  • marianne

    Wtf wind

  • nade

    lol at the noble WIND fanboys… trying to justify the price hike.

    Sure, what you’re paying is still lower than what you’d pay with the Big3, however, do take into account one key factor.. and that’s one BIG factor: Coverage.

    WIND’s prices used to be great if you didn’t travel much (outsize ur zone at least), however, when u start entering the ‘Robellus’ price territory’ it all starts to become meaningless… and a joke.

  • defective perk

    so will those on the HMP get it on the $500 windtab? 😀
    the wind25 is pretty decent, i mean your getting a free 100 mb so why not…

  • NetQuin

    Just out of curiosity, could you let me know how much a compatible robelus plan would run me when compared to wind’s $40?


      $90/month and your leg!

    • T1MB0T

      I have to ask you what is it worth for you to be in touch? For what you pay with wind you are to accept the dropped calls? The terrible customer service, people like justin twinkeltoes and alike telling you how great wind is when all the while they get the memos on how the signal is weak in many places, how they are losing money and how they are not even thinking about AWS. Even T-Mobile is looking at LTE and dropping AWS. T-Mobile lost 700,000 subs just because Apple snubbed them.. AGAIN! thats like 2 times winds subs. ( the real numbers peg wind at a little shy of 300k )

      The carrier with the worst phone choices, the worst customer service, the worst signal should be working harder to make the network better. IF they had a solid network they could make it work. But they do not. Wind thanks for coming out. Sad to say but you are for sale again?

  • STY

    How come nothing is being said about the first column….the $0, I’ll assume it’s Pay Your Way, but what might be changing?


      Unlimited incoming calls is permanent now, previously it was only a promo.

  • ML

    Wow at some of the comments here. No one is *ever* happy.

    The only time I’ve had to check voicemail was when some robodialer calls me. And even then, the $40 plan is an incredible deal.

  • Radar

    Guys, these plans are great! Wind is giving Data as part of their basic plans – both plans includes Talk/Text/Data.

  • Justin Credible

    Two and a half years ago the idea of “unlimited everything” or something remotely close was only a pipedream for under $200/month, never mind $50.

  • Gene

    Genius plan + data= $55

    Wind 40 + voicemail = $ 48

    Forget about holiday miracle was a promo only.

    Yes you lose international texts but they were the only ones bundling that into voice plans. Costs wind money depending on the carrier so I get that.

    For me I will be switching out of genius + data and save $7.

  • T1MB0T

    Justin What good is unlimited when they throttle you? Why not call in kinda sorta unlimited. You can talk as much as you want if you can get a signal. You can get a fancy new phone, well not so new and have no warranty except what winds gives you. How do you explain to your customers that if the phone breaks you get a scratch and dent one in return and how that you are not able to get the phone maker to repair it while under warranty? As a wind employee you must have an answer for that?

    • 123456789123456

      Rocco/rockjock/just jackie/etc. etc.

      you have no life

  • windbag

    i’m a voice-only customer. vanishing breed, to be sure. but for my vanishing breed vm and call features (aka “call control”) are not simply desirable, they’re essential. what ever happened to the basic voice plan ($15) + vm ($5) = $20. add something for province-wide / canada-wide long distance, and you have a voice plan.

    the new plans simply say to me and to my vanishing breed: we don’t want you any more. we want young people who pefer to wear out their thumbs to chat and to smudge their screens with fingerprints to surf.

    what i want is a phone. i need it to call people and to receive calls. when i’m not listening, i need vm. i need a plan that includes vm and other voice features, a plan that includes unlimited minutes, a plan that includes long distance province-wide or canada-wide (for some others of my vanishing breed). in other words, i need phone service, plain but very simple.

    what wind should do imho is to provide all services a la carte whatever the bundles du jour. a voice-only user should be able to fashion an affordable plan in increments from $15 to $30 without text and without internet. a data-centric user ought to be able to put together a bundle of services without vm or unnecessary call features for a sum total that suits her needs. what many of us need is a choice between two plans targeted at a majority of users, to hell with the rest of us.

    by trying to hit the sweet spot (revenue-wise), wind is true to its shareholders, but disloyal to its customers. disloyalty has its price, and the price is high. just ask robellus.

  • Brian J

    the way i see it, Wind shouldnt have never been, thank Tony Clements for Winds 15 minutes of fame

  • LetsBeClear

    I think
    1. anybody on 6 or 12 month special has to go to these plans as they expire
    2. Wind tab is like contract. And in wind tab you are postpaid. that means your bill can change. So if you are in 25 plan and go over 100 MB data (which is nothing) you will get a big bill.
    I know a friend he was in wind tab and after 10 months he still has 230 to pay for his 300 dollar phone and his latest bill came 678 dollars.
    3. Hope Mobilicity and Public be there. Otherwise we will go back to 2009 phone bills.
    4. 15 cents roaming is good only if you use 100 min US roaming at least every month as there is monthly fee of 5 per month.
    5. Finally, i was happy when i saw wind growing but now i realized why they grow they want to join ROBELUS to become WINROBELUS.

  • Jam-ehz

    Well, I really don’t see the problem here..

    My wife and I were going to join up with Wind shortly anyway, buying two Lumia 710’s outright from Rogers and unlocking them.

    My wife would have had the Smart plan (using Wifi only), and I’d take the Brilliant + Data, coming to $65 for the whole thing.

    Now, my wife will Canada-wide, plus a bit of email she can do away from hotspots, and I now have Canada-wide calling for only $3 extra.

    We currently have dumbphones from Bell, and our minimum monthly bill is $80, sometimes $120 in minute-overages. I’m paying $10 for crap mobile browsing. In a few years the phones are paid for in the $15 difference alone.

    If things go sour, we take our phones elsewhere, my employer has a Rogers corporate plan which isn’t terrible.

    Tell me again how this is bad for me..

    • Gene

      The $25 plan is local calls only.

    • Jam-ehz

      Ah, yes, I see the blurry details now..

      Well, all the same, she won’t need any more than local anyway, and overall it’s still a good deal.

      Now they’ve more or less made the Leap plan permanent (with picture messaging) I wonder if we’ll every see the $29/month plans ever again..

  • whocares

    LMAO @ the WIND fanboys! Where’s djino now??

  • Jer

    Hmm Wind seems to be expanding. Hey I think its a great thing for all the people who were smart enough to go with their awesome early promo. They’ll soon get better service for an incredible price, while the average fool gets robbed by the other big 3.

    Personally, I chose to go with Mobi’s 25 BTS promo rather then Wind’s 40$ plan last December. I hope I don’t regret it. I’m hoping that if Mobi goes down Wind will buy them and transfer (or offer something similar) our plans.

  • man…

    Guys I want to tell you something

    Tabs are kind of like contracts, they’re just not called contracts.

    Lets say you WindTAB+ the Galaxy Nexus according to their charts and save $350 and you get the phone for $250

    You then take 10% of your paid bill each month and put it towards the tab. Since most people are on the 40HMP then that would be $4 a month. Lets make if 5 to add in for user overages, any add ons and cause the math is nicer.

    350 / 5 is 70… it would take you 70 months to pay it off. WindTAB+ clears your balance after 3 years (funny) so it’s 36 months

    Lets say you want to cancel after 18 months of service… 18 months taking off your 5 dollars a month would be $90 from your original $350 and making it $260

    You pay out $260 to clear your tab. Sure it’s not called a cancellation fee.. but it is. $260 + $250 = $510 is what you pay for the device (before taxes and not including plan costs etc)

    Now lets look at getting hte Galaxy Nexus from Rogers. (I’m doing this online to get the information)

    On a 3 Year term it’s $130 + $35 Activation fee (bs I know) for a total of $165 for a savings of $415 (according to their checkout)

    Now lets say you want to cancel at 18 months again

    The cancellation policy is [ Savings (415) / Term (36) ] x Time remaining (18)

    It looks like this 11.52 x 18 = $207.50 + 12.50 Cancellation fee making it $220 give or take some. Add in what you paid for the phone and it comes to $220 + $165 = $385

    Now, where you may have saved money on your device with Rogers after cancelling, I acknowledge that you would be paying more monthly for the service (minimum being $15 more a month)

    I also recognize and am willing to say that the Big 3 cost more, but this whole nonsense of the WindTAB being gods gift to telecom is bullshit. It’s still a contract, just not with an associated term. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on my information.

    I don’t mind paying extra for Rogers / Telus / Bell (although by extra I’d say maximum $60 a month should be what it’s at with Caller ID and Voicemail) simply because I travel frequently for both work and pleasure out of my city. Wind does not cover outside of my city, and certainly doesn’t cover where I have to work. Not having proper coverage is a deal breaker. I want wind to succeed and remain a low cost provider, and I want them to grow to put pressure on the stagnant incumbents.

    • Cyrano

      On the other hand, Wind is good for me. Since i hardly leave greater Vancouver. And I guess saving $403.2 in that 18 months period on plans, allow me to get a new nexus sooner or later.

  • jay

    I get unlimited calling plug unlimited data vs the genius plan then has no data but has vm. I think the new plan is a good deal… We got got deals like hmp, let’s help support these plans to help them make money and provide a better network

  • Ti L’As

    People are quick to jump to conclusions before looking at the facks. These rates a still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Robelus, and still competitive with the other new entrants.

    I just see the plans as being simpler offering than before and creating what are likely most popular/demanded by their customers.

  • 780

    holy some people are beyond cheap lol never thought id see the day when people would be complaining about unlimited 24/7 canada wide calling/texting/data for $40. im guessing your jealous your locked into 3 yr contracts with rogers/bell/telus or your a hill billy living in a trailer outside a home zone haha suckers

  • Dizzy

    I agree with you. I believe they will be integrated as a part of the BIG 3. Yes, I am assuming you are one of the fortunate few that was able to get ahold of Wind’s initial business plan? :). I read through Wind’s and Mobilicity’s plans, and believe me Mobilicity plan was very straight forward about a buyout option. Wind also had an exit strategy but was not that direct. And yes, it refrained me from investing in either of them. I just hope that these telecom giants wake up some day soon and realize that the Canadian population cannot continue to be paying exponentially more than what cellular services cost elsewhere in the world. It took the big 3 how many years before they decided to go unlimited? before they were all saying that it was not cost effective, loss of revenue, etc. Now they feel its cost effective to compete with the rest? .. IMO I hope Wind can stand its own ground, I just believe they made a HUGE mistake by expanding so fast, because instead of competing with the Public and Mobilicity clients they decided to take on the Giants way too early without establishing a strong enough foundation. Time will tell. I wish Wind, Public and Mobilicity all the best and hope at least 1 of the 3 survives and truely provide Canadians with unlimited and affordable services.

  • Darren

    Big 4 = Robelusind

  • Drake

    i love wind wind wind wind

  • Tallbrotha37

    Though I’m late responding to this… I’m speechless!!!
    Since day one Dec 16, 2009 I was a WIND fan. My cell bills were no longer over $100.00. I even pushed people into signing up with WIND!! Now I don’t know what to say about WIND to my friends..These packages are just (No comment). Though WIND may branch out to Internet and Home Phone in the future. You bring back options for people to smile about..Good luck!!!

  • tom z

    Ur and i***t……Period

  • Jason

    Wind as the big 4? I doubt it, they have LOONG way to go before they can be considered as a big telecom operator, their network is horrible (that is putting it midely) and the customer service matches the network. The price plans they have still is attractive, to me anyway, but not what it used to be. The reaon for that is simple, they are unable to sustain a profitable business with the old plans, they are having a hard time signing on new customers and this is putting pressure on them from their investors side. So they new to restructure and make changes where they can make additional money from their current subscribers. If their plans are all unlimited, they can not increase their revenue per customer, so there are changes made…
    At the end of the day, we all have to agree that because companies like Wind the big 3 have lowered their prices or have come up with more attractive plans. Although I am not 100% happy with Wind, I am a customer of theirs and I would still encourage people like myself who are in the Wind zone more than 90% of the time to sign up with them, unless we go through the growing pains with the company, there will not be any competition in Canada and we will return to the not so old days of Rogers, Bell and Telus rubbing us blind.
    Unless you need the 100% network coverage, I would sugest you have a look at the new guys before signing up with one of the big guys, it does not hurt…

  • Tom R

    I am wind 29.00 Unlimted local calling and Unlimted Data

    My Plan Cheep rate go up to 40+ in Oct.

    not sure want to spend that kind of money .

  • Kevin Watt

    I am in Maple Ridge on the Holiday $40 plan. Awesome Deal
    Service is now in Mission and Moving towards Chilliwack out on the Freeway. Hopefully Service in Chilliwack and Cultus Lake soon. HINT HINT
    New Cellphone company. What can you expect.
    Wind is trying to stay competitve. (Wind Tab.) Without loosing money on Payment Defaults.
    I can find better deals for Phones off of Ebay or Craigslist. I bought my Nexus. $150 Mint. It is what you have to do these days. You want to save money. Work for the Deal then.
    Wind is doing there Best.
    Finally people are realizing they are getting ripped off by the Big 3. THANK YOU to Wind Mobile for Waking Canada Up

  • Super Dave

    I just bought the $99.00 stick and the $35.00 unlimited plan with Wind. It just plain sucks. They say it’s unlimited but once you exceed 10 Gbps they slow it down. I mean really slow it down. With 5 bars I’m only getting around 50 Kbps right now. I live in the Beaches in Toronto and have tried it at various locations in TO and still get the same thing ! There customer service really sucks too, way worse than Rogers or Bell. They fill out tickets for their tech support which don’t get back to you for 3 days with the same bs you heard from their customer service reps. STAY AWAY FROM WIND ! Just wondering would my stick work with Mobilicity !!!

    Oh, forgot to mention that when I bought the stick less than 2 month ago the guy selling said “there would only be a slight reduction in speed”, yeah right !!! The only solution I got from them was wait till the end of their calendar month when they remove the speed cap and that’s a whole month away. Not when my calendar month ends which is mid month !

  • Ricky

    Wind changes it’s pricing all the time, then comes out with promotions that are way cheaper just so they can advertise how much your supposedly saving off the regular price.
    A comparable plan with the big 3 is going to cost at least $20 more per month (just pulled up rogers website and there is a promotion for $60 all in for a 6GB plan with a voice plan). But if you go over 6GB its not free, unlike wind. And you don’t get unlimited calling. So you end up paying per minute what you would pay if you were to leave the wind zone.

  • skopio

    Wind sucks the IT should go rogers,bell or telus to get some training on the job

  • chris james

    I bought a BlackBerry Z10, and paid for a unlock code. I later moved to Toronto, Ontario where they have horrible cellular reception. I wanted to cancel and get my unlock code, I was told to cancel my account and I would receive my unlock code. After doing so I was told that after cancellation of service now prevents me from getting my unlock code. CRTC says Wind Mobile reserves the right to impose conditions on unlocking services.
    I SPENT $1000 on services and a device and now left with nothing

    • Jimmy

      you can get your unlock code online somewhere, it’ll cost you tho :/

  • Robert Chartier

    if you had your service for 6 months and moved out of the area and wind isn’t there you wish to get your unlock code you have to pay off the phone now if their is a fee for it go to a wind warrenty centre not a dealer store

  • w00

    When I signed up in 2010, the deal was (as I recall): Network Unlock code supplied *free* after 3 months of payments made successfully.

    I’ve been with them for 4 years, decided to get unlock code, and they want $30.

    They told me it was never free, but was $10 before.

    Can anyone confirm for me if it was free back in 2010? And, bonus question… can you provide any links for it?

    I’d be interested in hearing from you even without the link(s).