Video: Telus HTC Status Review


  • Brayden

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my Samsung Galaxy S II.

    • ToniCipriani

      So after iTrolls we now have to deal with SGS II Trolls?

    • Adam

      No, you deal with i****s who don’t understand that this phone was not made to compete with the SGSII. It was made as an entry level smartphone with a physical keyboard.

  • Kenypowa

    Is it just me or the reviews in Mobile Syrup is getting better and better? The recent reviews here easily trump the ones on Engadget and is comparable to Thisismynext. Great job fellas.

  • daveloft

    How is 320 x 480 awkward? That’s the standard resolution for all lower end devices, at least it’s not 240 x 320.

    ‘Older processor means you’re not going to be playing the latest games’ Who buys a phone like this to play games? Also for anything casual and with the HVGA display an 800 MHz processor is more than capable for those that want to.

    I also seriously doubt that anyone looking for a phone in this form factor would not buy it just because it has a facebook button.

  • dan

    Which carrier has this in canada?

    • bob

      *Telus* HTC Status Review

  • TheTigerTek

    Great phones for high school kids… but no BBM.

    • bob

      which is a plus

  • khk

    Exactly what the world needs.. more crappy phones.

  • andy

    I’d love to see this phone in action, root it, and swap out the htc sense, and dedicated facebookness for a different iteration of android. I’m huge android fan, but I’m starting to get tired of typing on touch screens all the time.

  • Ron

    I’m just wondering where the Telus “Superphones” are? How come Bell is getting all of them?

  • Automaton

    So it seems that it’s essentially set to compete with Blackberries for the teen market, with Facebook taking the place of BBM. RIM is going to need to step it up if that pans out.

  • Mike

    Another great review from the site. Phone is mad stupid though, I’d slap someone in public if they were using it, lol.

  • AwesomeP

    After what HTC has done for me, I cant say I’ll be getting any of their phones. their support for lower end phones is really crappy. besides, there’s a whole new generation of Blackberry coming out in 2-3 months. why bother with this P.O.S.?

  • Pearse

    I gotta say, i’ve been creeping mobilesyrup for a while now and your site and reviews just keep getting better. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Telus Phone

    holy cap all you fan boys, you dont get it. This is an entry level device to compete with the Curve & Bold. Thats it. I know you all LOVE your high end SUPER phones but that is not what EVERYONE wants and what sells. TRUST ME i know, i have been in the industry a LONG time. The reason this, the LG Optimus chat and a couple others are coming out now is for the BACK TO SCHOOL rush which is the 2nd busiest time of the year for cell phone networks. Dont worry some of your HIGH end phones are coming in Q3.

  • astudent

    I went to the states today and they had a demo of this phone. Intially when I saw the annoucements I thought this was a horrible phone. Honestly, after using it I was impressed based on what it can do and how it feels. Mobilesyrup was on the ball with this review! Well Done Guys!

  • Jesse

    It’s not crappy by any means……2.3, front facing camera, full keyboard, sounds pretty nice for the price.

  • kenypowa

    I tested the device at an AT&T store today and I was actually shocked at how accurate this review is. This phone is an excellent messenger device and the Facebook button works quite well. It’s not aimed at the high-end dual core crowd but it definitely has a potential to be a best seller.

    oh, and it plays Angry Birds without any hiccup, in case you are wondering.

  • Atie

    glad to see your updated reeviw. i noticed you have adobe flash. i asked you about getting this prior to my buying the unit but you hadn’t gotten into the unit yourself yet. i did buy one and now i am hoping you can walk me through the process of getting adobe flash. i have tried numerous times and just can’t figure it out. thanks