Public Mobile has 199,000 subscribers

Public Mobile launched their wireless service in 2010 and majority of people, including myself, who follow the Canadian wireless industry were hammering down on the new entrant. They had invested over $50 million into G Band spectrum that nobody ever touched, wanted or thought would work. Public Mobile’s CEO Alek Krstajic has always stood by his word to bring “hard-working Canadians” value. Since going live the low-cost entry-level carrier has expanded their Toronto and Montreal coverage areas, set up roaming agreements (Canadian and United States), and launched data devices (two Android handsets).

A couple months ago we let you know that Public Mobile had successfully sign up 150,000 subscribers since launching. Now for something really amazing and truly remarkable. According to a report in Reuters, Public Mobile, who operates in 2 core cities, increased their Q4 subscriber base by a stunning 45,000 to reach a total of 199,000 subs. 199k in 2 markets! It’s also been revealed that their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) $25.27 (most likely in Q4).

To keep up with their competition, Public Mobile will be increasing their Unlimited Talk plan by $4/month February 9th to $19 per month. The talk/text and data plan is still on a promo for $35/month for 6 months.

Source: Reuters