Public Mobile has 199,000 subscribers


  • jon_d0e1

    #1 customer is Brampton.

    • bill

      I agree, Brampton is #1 user of PM.

  • Kid.Canada

    Wow very surprised o.O

  • koko

    “To keep up with their competition, Public Mobile will be increasing their Unlimited Talk plan by $4/month February 9th to $19 per month.”

    WOW..worst excuse ever…..guys, it’s not a competition!

  • Andrew

    Slow and steady. Good for Public!

  • Jon

    I wonder how much of that is in Toronto where they compete with WIND and Mobilicity and how much of that is in Montreal where they have no real competition at the low price points.

    • Abel

      As a matter of fact, even in Montreal, there is competition

      Public Mobile Unlimited, $19
      Chatr and Solo Unlimited + Call display + 50 texts +
      $80 bonus(the price of a handset), $25

  • XER

    Although I don’t use PM, you got to thank these newbies for bring down a lot of prices here… Voice has since then drop in price a lot. Keep up the competition and good luck to the newbies of the 700 spectrum. This is the only way the big three will move down their stupid rip off plans and three year contract must die!

  • deltatux

    We definitely need the new entrants being able to access the new 700 MHz spectrum. This will definitely level the playing field easier than them being stuck in AWS. AWS can’t really punch through walls which is a major issue I’m sure most people agree with. More towers and a better band will definitely help these new carriers a lot and I fully support them.

  • Reno911

    If you haven’t done so already, head to StopTheSqueeze[dot]ca and sign the petition.

    57,500 people have signed (and counting).

  • Radar

    My friend tried Public Mobile last summer for one month and his phone is still working even he never paid again 🙂

    • jason

      From what I know Public uses a third party for billing that is automated to shut you down when you don’t pay… Wonder how that would be possible

  • Accophox

    All I’ve gotta say about those numbers: Impressive. *Very* impressive. 2 markets, 200k subs.

  • ant6n

    “The talk/text and data plan is still on a promo for $35/month for 6 months.”
    – Note that also includes Unlimited Canadian long distance for 6 months (an addition since February). Note also, that within their zone you can’t call Canadian or US numbers without getting their unlimited calling plan.

  • Max

    IMPRESSIVE Very IMPRESSIVE… who would have predicted they would almost tie with Wind on Net Subs in a Quarter

  • stiff

    That is 15K net ads per month, so they are now most probably close to 215K after january… In only two cities, $50M spectrum… Wonder who the smart guys are after 18 months ???

  • cheenachatze

    Public Mobile, Wind and Mobilicity will soon reach million customers, collectively. That’s a number that will worry Robelus. Maybe Robelus should start to change their condencending attitute towards their customers, especially Bell.

    • joe

      I actually believe Robellus has changed a lot since the new entrants! look at the Telus and Rogers new no contract but phone subsidy deal. Or the big companies making up all new small companies to compete with the new entrants.

  • g

    the only ppl who would sign with public mobile with always travels from quebec to toronto, or the people did not know Wind or mobilicity existed

    • ant6n

      Or Montrealers, or people who like the cheap roaming. With public it’s almost better to not be in their zone…

  • JP

    Didn’t phoneguy say they had over 300,000 subs around 4 months ago? Didn’t he have some internal document that said that? I could be off with the numbers but I know that it was well over 200,000.

    • hoo dat

      It got up to 358K at one point. He was basing his figures on agreement numbers printed somewhere on receipts, etc. He claimed they were an acurate pointer to sub numbers. When Public came out and stated they had 150K subs, he basically said that he knew they were that high but may have been a bit off. I don’t think he’s been around much since.

  • uranus

    Public Mobile won’t allow tethering. That is preventing them from growing.

  • B

    Public Mobile is garbage! There customer service sucks, ecspeally the scarborough location in cedarbre mall! There contact center is not helpful at all! The reception is inconsistant, one day u have reception the next day u don’t! The phones are faulty and as the manager Rashid said its the luck of the drawl!

  • Gerald

    I think the PM is getting worse as a company. I tried to return a phone for exchange as it does not power on. It was still within warranty. I presented it to the clerk and he quickly passed it on to the assistant manager. The Clerk said it was fine for a return, but manager saw a scuff on the corner. I cleaned it off with spit and polish and scuff disappeared. He said it was dropped. I said no. he stuck to his story and refused to exercise the return policy. Obviously there was some memo no to accept old phones as returns as I had to go to 2 stores first with excuses why they can’t accept it. The Head office location in Toronto (Main/Danforth branch) was the joker who denied my warranty. Out of frustration, I smash the phone in front of them and walked out in disgust. I am looking into other carriers, but I have this feeling they all act like this. Actually my current phone n762 is buggy and I can’t get any support from them. They are reluctant to replace it. Only difference between these small carries CS, is the huge profit they don’t make. When or if PM becomes a big player they too will be the A-Holes of telecom industry.

  • sana

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