Bell Let’s Talk Day is today


  • Senor Flea

    I would definitely support something like this by sending as many text messages as I could, if I had an unlimited texting package. BUT, I like money, so I went with a company that doesn’t rape its customers.

    Good for Bell, though!

  • Alex Perrier

    Based on what i know, this does NOT affect Solo Mobile and/or Virgin Mobile Canada, as well as third-party MVNOs like PC Mobile and roaming partners like Telus Mobility. i called both Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile to receive this information. The call centre for Bell Mobility itself has alright service, but the one for Solo Mobile wasn’t good, even threatening to charge $3 for prepaid technical support! :O

    Plus, with the layoffs, and the trouble to get the “triple play free PVR” offer (which they still didn’t honour despite calling them for hours), as well as all my previous Bell tales, Bell is not a company i can recommend doing business with, though this charity fundraiser is nice.

    Anyway, if you happen to have Bell, then PLEASE text away! Text MORE than you normally would, because today, it actually counts for donations! Otherwise, consider making a donation yourself to a worthy cause. It’s simply not worth it for me to buy a $10 SIM card and add $25 in prepaid top-ups, as i’d need to text once every two minutes (for all the 24 hours) to at least be on par to make up in donations on what i’ve spent. So rather than go through all that trouble, it would be better for me, or anyone else considering this, to directly donate.

    • Alex Perrier

      Can someone explain the thumbs down, please?

      i just thought it would be nice for Virgin and Solo to join along, because the latter helped Kids Help Phone in 2005, and the former says they want to end homelessness in Canada.

    • WP74Life

      Sorry pal,
      Next time you should talk about WP7.
      It will be better.

  • sam

    Why they don’t do it at the end of them month when people finished their minutes they could take 5¢ out of the 30¢ THEY WILL COLLECT 6 MILLIONS



  • Allex

    I wish it was just called Let’s Talk, instead of Bell Let’s Talk.

  • shaggyskunk

    Anyone question the mental health of people using bell?

  • Androidfreak

    Some people are ridiculous! Regardless if you like bell or not, it is a good cause! Lets see Rogers or Telus do the same.

    What i find funny is that people b***h about Bell but they subscribed to virgin! SAME OWNER!!

    People complain about Rogers raping them but they subscribe to Fido! AGAIN SAME OWNER!!

    Regardless which company you chose that has a good network and good phones are owned by the big 3! So stop saying that Rogers are rapping people while your subscribed to fido and giving them money every month!

    If you want to hurt them subscribe to a cheap company like public mobile which their network is horrible OR GET RID OF YOUR CELL PHONE!

  • EvanKr

    Like the idea, don’t like all the “Bell” behind it. It seems as if they’re not doing this because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes them look good.

  • MG

    You can make a donation to this cause (or any other) yourself, without inflating Bell’s coffers even further. So this being a “good cause”… sure. Why through Bell though? They get the tax credit, not you.

    It sure makes it look like Bell is a corporation with a solid social conscience. If that was true, they would NOT be raping customers, laying off THOUSANDS of employees, cutting health benefits to those that retire, and the list goes on and on and on.

    I’m sorry, but I’m NOT going to talk today.

  • MG

    On another note, this campaign is called “Bell Let’s Talk” and yet, Bell users are supposed to TEXT. Hmmmmm…. Is it me or does it seem counter-intuitive? The brilliant minds of Bell!

    It make more sense for them to give a a portion of its airtime (say half a cent per minute, regardless of whether it’s bundled minutes or excess minutes)?

    Or just call this ‘Bell Let’s Text’.

  • shaggyskunk

    I dunno, I’d rather just see that ALL the Telecoms were supporting Causes without ANY “strings” Just because.

  • Money is Everything

    Clara Hughes is awesome. Bell not so much. I’ll donate for Clara.

  • CJ

    I salute Clara for all she has done, both on and off the ice. A true valiant Canadian!
    I have an issue to share about mental awareness and it pertains to the very same corporation that has pledged $50 million dollars towards this worthy cause, but treats its employees within its subsidiaries with unethical conduct. They want everyone to come forth and present their personal issues regarding this illness, and yet, when you mention that you are an employee that is being mistreated, they neglect to post it. Freedom of speech my a*s!
    Before any conclusions are drawn, let me first state that I am an exemplary employee of 33 three years and have an unblemished record ie: no on or off-duty accidents, no motor vehicle accidents and only six missed days due to illness. I have always performed my job to the fullest. There are other employees that are equal to this record. However, our company (Expertech under Bell) treats us like thieves, threatening technicians about their productivity, we are equipped with vehicles that have GPS for tracking, GPS’s in our cell phones for tracking and the big issue of them, is they want to revoke our post-retirement benefits if we accept a contract offer that is current to this letter. This has cause havoc amongst the employees and some of the management team that won’t come forth, as they are fearful of requittal (being fired!).
    If you don’t believe me, as a Bell technician the next time you see one. Try an Expertech tech or one of Bell Technical Solutions personnel! I ‘guarantee’ that this will be the feedback to validate this.
    For added measure, go to and type in any of the above.
    I just wish that I could contact Clara Hughes, but we all know that this will never happen! Big money! They own the media. I’m pretty much stymied!!

  • jdam!

    who is the sucker and believe bell wants to raise awareness?
    this is just a marketing for bell.

    it is all about profit, bell aint no charity. and who knows where your money go. remember raptors spent 60% of raised money on advertising their charity.

  • Jason

    Despite what Bell’s true intentions are, it still is a worthy cause.

  • renaudje

    I’m disgusted by the comments – this is for a very important cause. One that has never been dealt with and the stigma attached to mental health issues has to stop. This was not meant for people to b***h and complain about frivolous issues. This is the issue at hand and it’s time for there to be more research and for schools, hospitals, “police”, to be educated on how to help our youth instead of penelizing them for something that is out of their control. People sympazise with families that children our physically ill but when people can not see a physical problem they are bullies, they are innapropriate and make things worse for the individual and cause greater harm – so instead of using this time to b***h about nothing – use it to help those that can’t speak for themselves and need support instead of critism for their illness.