Public Mobile increasing Unlimited Talk plan by $4/month February 9th


  • Dylan K

    Makes you wonder if the other new entrants can keep up with their price offerings…

  • inthehouse

    Smart, dont think they needed to go so low, nice to grandfather the existing base shows the respect to base customers … I like these guys

  • Alex Perrier

    This will be like Virgin, where they eliminate the $15 plan for new customers. With Virgin, however, you can do a SIM-only activation and get a $15 plan, although calling isn’t unlimited.

    i think carriers like Mobilicity and now Public Mobile are turning people away when their minimum monthly fee is $25 for Mobilicity or $19 for Public. Some prefer to build their own plan, like with WIND and its “Pay Your Way” offerings.

  • roger

    I had them for a few months but always had dropped calls .But at the time i figured for 15.00 ill try for a seconed line .they need more towers in the northyork if the want long time customers . but i guess for 15.00 theres no profite good luck to them i dont now how they make money

  • ant6n

    I dunno, the cheap android phone 45$/month plan doesn’t seem that good, considering

    – you have to pay full price for the phone (currently only 99$, but that’s still 8$/month for a year).
    – the coverage area is pretty limited.
    – no tethering.
    – you can’t bring your own phones, the selection is very limited, and you have to put up with pretty shitty phones.

    Are there any rumors for them to get better phones? There are plenty of good cdma phones in the States, even some world phones that allow sim cards, too.

  • Milpool

    I cancelled my Public Mobile plan last month. It was only intended to be a temporary solution anyway, to get away from the crappy airtime limits my plan with the Big 3. However, now I am on WIND and all is good.

  • Nosz11

    Public is alright, and is a much necessary presence in Canada. It’s only natural that they hike up their prices a bit. Extra money will allow them to expand, improve their services, and, perhaps, get better phones. Dirt-cheap plans will only prevent them from growing as a company, to the detriment of their current and future customers – simple as that.

    It’s funny how even if Public DOUBLES their prices, they are still a better deal than Robelus and all of their subsidiaries (aside from Chatr), at least price-wise.

  • Jay

    …and thus begins the price hikes. The larger your network gets, the higher your prices have to go to compensate for the upkeep. You Mobi and Wind fanboys take notice, your days of low prices are numbered.

  • Blair

    I just spoke to a CR at Public (2pm EST) and she didn’t have any idea as to what the extra feature was. She inferred that the overseas LD plan was going to change on February 9 as well.

    The reason for my call was that I wanted to change from the Android data plan to the $15 Talk plan. She said that the Android phones can only be put on the $45 ($30 promo) data plan and that if I wanted a talk-only plan, I’d need to get a new, non-Android phone. The 3G has been flaky in my experience, so I wasn’t getting as much use out of it as I’d hoped. I’m disappointed that you can’t go voice-only, but at least I have a decent Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player.

    • Blair

      Follow-up: According to a rep at the Wellesley/Sherbourne PM store (which is getting into the payday advance/money remittance business it appears), if you want to downgrade from an Android plan to a talk plan, you not only can’t keep your phone, you can’t even keep your phone NUMBER.

  • Anonymous

    I have the MAX android from Public and have had no issues with the phone, thier service, 3G data. People can complain all they want but I’ll gladly pay what I pay with them and get service vs. paying way more with the other guys, or getting no service or reception like with Wind.

  • Radar

    I have Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Canada Wide from WIND for $29/Month on a real 3G GSM network – no reason to go with Public Mobile I think.

  • moe

    Public mobile is cdma garbage.

  • tomasz

    its is great the company is showing their current customers some loyalty, however it seems as though the newprice increase may discourage new cellphone customers when choosing between wind , mobi, or chatr

  • smith

    I think if they are stopping aggressive pricing it is because they are doing fine from a financial stand point and don’t need to give away the house to attract people… they are most probably in a better shape vs the other new entrants and looking to stabilize the market instead of irrational behavior that please the consumers but cannot be profitable at all on the long run

    • idonkey

      “looking to stabilize the market”

      What’s market? from downtown TO to the city of TO?


    LOL at anyone who would go with them instead of wind or mobi

    • ant6n

      @BIG BOY
      LOL at Montrealers?

  • idonkey

    Way to go! Public Moron.

  • Daniel AJ

    The only reason for going with Public Mobile that I see is the nicely priced roaming in the US with Sprint.


    WIND / MOBI have the worst reception out of all the companies in Canada. They are quite horrible seriously. If you do not believe? go ahead and take their phone. In my house, I get no reception at all???? with Nexus S lol….
    Going back to Public Now, at least their reception was working out for me…

    You go to any mall (even small ones) and stores, you will lose signal, in your apartment you will not get anything either. GL to people who are taking them lolllll

    • Clee

      CDMA technology has a better range than GSM technology.
      It requires less towers to cover the same area.
      CDMA phone’s microwave emission are lower than GMS phones.