Rdio 2.0 for Android debuts, easily one of the platform’s best looking apps


  • Preacher

    With no Pandora in Canada (at least not on mobile where i can get some IP dancing going on) Rdio is my next best friend

  • Taylor

    I’d be all for getting a subscription for this if the music selection was better. Till then I’d rather just streaming my collection via Google Music and re-invest my money into that.

  • Peter

    Update is disappointing. Ended up having to re-sync all my music, and it still is lacking features! ie, the ability to play your collection, add tracks (or albums) to a playlist. I sure hope I just can’t see these features, but after such a long time since the last update, I had high hopes for this one.

  • Brendan

    Sounds like despite making this looks prettier and adding a few missing features, this still misses the mark.

    And despite an update for this showing an update is available in My Apps, there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to actually update it.

  • djino

    Is that really worth $10/month?

  • Michael

    I subscribed to Rdio for a couple of months but the sound quality is really, really bad so I cancelled. I can’t wait for Spotify to come north of the border…