Video: Fast look at the Sony Xperia S “Fast Capture” feature


  • Ramy

    1080P HD videos…the screen is 720P.

    • Kennedyk24

      what it can shoot and what it can display are two different things are they not?

    • Ramy

      Ofcourse they’re different, the article says it “shoots 720p HD videos” It shoots 1080P videos 🙂

  • craig

    nice feature!

  • Ramy

    And btw, it totally owned the Nexus ^_^

  • Abe

    As much as i love my Galaxy Nexus i gotta say Sony is finally stepping it up with the two new Xperia phones they showed at CES. I used to own a X10 and i was happy with it and i would go back to Sony in a heartbeat. If it wasnt for getting updates first on Nexus i would have another Sony phone.

  • RJay29

    It’s a sony phone so it will go to rogers, they have a partnership with sony.

    • JAMES

      not necessary it would go to rogers. lots of good sony phone were purchased by the competiors such as telus. i hope rogers would get this phone in near future.

  • ramir

    that’s impressive!

  • Dan

    I think the fast capture thing is a gimmick. Unless you are ready for an “unexpected moment” with the camera already in your hands, you are going to spend a lot more than 1.5 seconds taking the phone put of your purse or pocket. Short shutter lag and fast focusing are far more important.

  • Apple4Life

    Iphone 4s is a much better device to use to take beautiful pictures. You can take multiple picture really really quick, which makes it much more superior to the Xperia Suck.

  • Khalas

    The only thing I don’t like about the fast capture is you can’t see on the screen what you’re about to capture until after youve taken the first picture. I feel like this will lead to a lot of bad first shots, but good second shots.

    Also, Im assuming this will be disabled if there’s any sort of security lock active on the phone, otherwise it would probably be a privacy issue (ppl can take/send photos from your phone).

    • Kai


      There’s an option to not take a photo after pressing the camera button, so it just launches into the camera app and then u can press the button again to take a photo.

      And If you have security lock you can still launch into the camera and take pics, when you want to view the picture/send the picture you would then have to input the lock password.

  • didyoumean?

    Heading – “Video: Fast look at the Sony Xperia S “Fast Capture” feature”

    Was it meant to read “Video: First look at the Sony Xperia S “Fast Capture” feature”?

    You probably thought ahead of yourself and wrote fast instead of first.

    • Guest

      Too excited, about fast capture

  • non

    it should be 1280×720

  • Jesse

    Windows Phone has had this feature for quite some time now….