Hands-on with the Android-powered i’m Watch smartwatch


  • shaggyskunk

    Yeah, I can see it already…. apple is going to claim a patent issue on the “I” in I’m …..wonderful!

  • Mike

    Where are the pictures of the “buxom Italian ladies”?

  • davy jones

    No no, i’m watch. You are getting it all wrong. The reason people have stopped buying watches is because they have the time on their cellphones not android.

  • systemsoundbar

    Gloryfied calculator watch

  • shaggyskunk

    ABC, Yeah but too bad they’re kind of so, so. Can’t Vegas do better..

  • kenypowa

    This will work great with Iris (it works surprising well)

  • Hammam

    Well. I am really not down with having to plug my watch every day or two to charge it on top of having to do so for my phone. Watches are now for style and gadgets can be stylish, so if it wasn’t for the battery, cool idea.

  • George h

    Well to late with it the chiness came out with a smart watch phone all ready no need to conect to the phone on your pocket 😉

  • iOS

    This looks so similair to the iPod nano. Yet another Android based company ripping off Apple design.

  • Phil

    Beware if considering ordering – every release date has been missed. No device has shipped. Possible scam.

  • Mannan

    if i want purchaser it so what,s method and from where i can purchase it & right now i,m in Karachi Pakistan

    your Brother Mannan