All HTC devices released after September 2011 are now bootloader unlockable, TELUS Amaze a no-show

HTC put out a release today saying that all its post-September 2011 phones now have unlockable bootloaders. For Canadians, that means that the WIND or Mobilicity HTC Amaze and Rogers EVO 3D are eligible for tweaking and hacking as long as you’re comfortable potentially voiding your warranty.

Unfortunately it looks like the TELUS HTC Amaze is nowhere to be found in that list. When the device was first released in October 2011 this procedure was possible (I did it myself) but it was soon brought my our attention that the device had been removed from the eligibility list. Apparently HTC is working with TELUS to safely bring back compatibility to its Amaze, but we have no timeline as for when it will be back on the list.

The HTC Raider, for both Rogers and Bell, should be eligible for bootloader unlocking but it is not on the official list, and we haven’t been independently been able to confirm if they work (if anyone can let us know, we’d appreciate it!). As for the Bell HTC Sensation, it is not on the list, either but for that one there is another way.

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Source: Android Central