WIND Mobile turns 2, next year will see “all the latest devices coming from Motorola, Nokia and Samsung”

Two years ago today WIND Mobile opened shop in Toronto and promised “real competition” by “creating a better mobile offering”. Since that cold December day, WIND was put through the ringer on the foreign ownership concerns, expanded their coverage into several Canadian cities, continued to offer unlimited plans, plus came out with a subsidized payment option called the WINDTab.

The goal has always been to sign up 1.5 million subscribers by the end of 2012. In a conversation today with Tony Lacavera, WIND Mobile CEO, he stated they now have upwards of 400,000 subscribers and have built 1,000 cell sites across the country. 2012 will see continued growth in coverage, opening up in Barrie, Peterborough, Windsor, Kingston, Belleville, Mission, Saskatoon, Halifax, Winnipeg and Regina. This expansion will also see them build an additional 450 cell sites next year.

In addition, specifically on their 2012 handset lineup, Lacavera said “the Verizon acquisition of AWS frequencies significantly improves our handset road map, so I’m actually very bullish now that we need to be on par with everyone”… he would not say specifics, but you can bet to see the Galaxy Nexus, plus “all the latest devices coming from Motorola, Nokia and Samsung”.

Above is a video of the official launch… lots of change over the past couple years.