Google begins Android 4.0 rollout for Nexus S, we scream “FINALLY!”


  • Beso

    Nice! I have a friend who is waiting for ICS to come to his Nexus S

  • Tom

    I’m the first to say that OS updates is the Achilles heal of Android phones, but I’m not about to scream ‘finally’.

    I would like to see all Android’s get updates for a reasonable period of time and in a timely manner, but I’m not that impatient.

    • jonny

      Its not Android’s fault non-stock devices dont get updated very often. Blame the carriers. If they didnt fill their phones with bloatware, and then take ages to update their bloatware to work on the new version of Android, then they would push updates out quickly too.

      Vote with your wallet. If you value quick updates, then buy a stock android phone. I did!

  • Stoked

    Just about right, timewise. I’m running a stock Rogers Nexus S and would like to hear when other NS owners start to receive their updates.

  • Casey

    Tom: And that is why you don’t buy a bastardized HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. The entire point of getting a Nexus device is to receive timely updates.

    • Tom

      I guess we disagree about what is meant by timely.

      When Apple, Google, or MS release a major new OS there are always bugs that need to be addresses with one or more bug fix releases.

      I think they should deal with those bugs and get the bug fix release out before moving on to other phone models. in other words, I want to see 4.0.3 not 4.0.0 on my Nexus S.

      Ideally Google would develop a system of channels for their Nexus phones like they have for Chrome. Then you could be on the dev channel and I could be on the release channel.

    • Casey

      @Tom: Not sure I’m following you. You want 4.0.0 on your phone which breaks a bunch of stuff, and then get 4.0.1, 4.0.2, and 4.0.3 with fixes in quick succession?

      Or do you want them to debug everything, and then push 4.0.3 to you once it is bug free?

      Personally, I would rather not go through the angst of having to deal with all of the broken tethering and buggy wifi that we saw between Gingerbread releases. I don’t enjoy beta testing for Google on my business device.

  • bob

    Sounds like they wanted to wait after the US release of the Galaxy Nexus for some reasons.

  • I forgot my meds

    Any you guys seen my bicycle?


    wish i would have waited a month for this phone insteat of going with the htc desire hd last htc for me as it looks as though we are not getting the upgrade.

    • Courtney

      0This is one thing that had been puzzling me. Remember on the ketonye that they mentioned ICS will be a UI across all devices (tablets and phones) and that they will bring in honeycomb goodness into phones.So then, if ICS uses touch screen keys on phones, how about all the previous phones that contain capacitive/hardware buttons? so now will I be having both touch screen keys AND capacitive buttons on my Nexus S? not to mention the introduction of touch screen keys will definitely take up my screen space on 4 inch Nexus S

  • Casey

    Did anybody really think that we would get this update before the Galaxy Nexus launched everywhere? I’m actually surprised that we Nexus S owners are going to get this so quickly…

  • Rob

    LIES!! according to my phone “my system is up to date”, and it’s “system update BTW.
    I’d like to point out on another note… having a Google phone (Nexus) means you get piority updates. ….BS!

    • Larklen

      They’re rolling it out in segments.

    • Dave

      I recommend some anger management sessions.

      It’s ready and it’s coming. But not to everyone all at once.

    • jonny

      lol…they cant have millions of people all download a large file all at the same time! Im sure they are sending it to blocks of phones at different times.

      I actually just got a Nexus S yesterday! Really want a Galaxy Nexus, but for only 16GB, $700+ seems like a waste. Especially since I got the Nexus S for free (Wind – they are now allowing existing HMP customers to get the tab+!)

  • Hub

    I’ll scream finally when they release it for Nexus One. This day is unlikely to come.

    • Casey

      I think that they have been pretty clear that Nexus One won’t be getting an official Ice Cream Sandwich release. However, there are already ICS releases on CyanogenMod 9 that work on Nexus One.

  • Garfield

    Sweeeeeeet!. I’m ready to turbo boost my Nexus S phone.

  • Adam

    Nexus one will never get an official update, they already told us this

  • monsterduc1000

    Nothing yet, Nexus S on Telus in Alberta… MY SYSTEM IS NOT UP TO DATE!!! LYING PHONE!!!

  • Thas

    Just checked and it said that the phone was up to date. That’s to be expected I guess. Maybe Canada will get it by Monday. One can dream.

  • Paulo

    Sweet 🙂 Literally…

    Nothing on my Nexus S from Mobilicity in Alberta…

  • kevinc


    The major reason I bought a Nexus S was because I wanted a pure Google phone (sans carrier bloatware), and be first in line when the OS is updated.


    • monsterduc1000

      Should be second in line, behind the Galaxy Nexus.

    • kevinc

      I couldn’t be bothered to wait for my carrier to send the update OTA, so I downloaded the ROM from Google and manually installed it. So far seems to be working just fine.

      Thank you Google!

  • sup

    nothing on wind nexus s in toronto

  • Andrew C

    Relax my fellow Nexus S owners. Could be worse, a lot of the other Android based phones are not getting the update for a few months or not at all.

  • todd

    lol I’m already running Ice Cream Sandwich on my Samsung Galaxy s Captivate, its awesome

  • MaX

    Still waiting for a Gingerbread update for my LG Optimus 2X. LG sucks…

  • cracktight

    man, i gonna be forcing the check updates like 10 times day till i get ics.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aldide

    Nothing yet in my Nexus s from Wind

  • jayjay

    Running stock on my Bell Nexus S. Can hardly wait…!!

  • cracktight

    i meant by dialing the code checkin

  • Jay


    I was just about to blast off about when the $%^& us Nexus S owners were getting ICS in the 4.0.3 thread follwing this one. I scroll down, and bam, my day is made. I hope it runs better then gingerbread.

  • Mark

    So how do I return my Rooted Cyanogenmod 7.03 Nexus S to stock so I can get this OTA? lol

  • Legos

    For those who have the AWS model (i9020T), the update zip is already on XDA so you can manually flash it. Im doing so right now, can’t wait!

    • Legos

      Updated my Nexus S successfully via the manual method and so far so good. The UI is extremely smooth and it looks great too. For those that are waiting, it is definitely worth it.

    • DanielD

      How can I tell if I’ve got an i9020T or i9020A? I’m on Telus. Would the update work? I’m sort of a cell phone noob.

    • daveloft

      The update is for the T-Mobile, Wind and Mobilicity version with the version number being i9020T.

      The i9020A is for those on AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telus and Koodo the update is not available yet.

      Also the updates don’t roll out regionally, so no point saying no update yet in “my city”.

  • hfx_nick

    Why not flash a CM9 beta? It’s super stable. If you want the OTA you just need to flash a stock rom which you can find on xda.

  • Bazzing

    OTA updates for FTW. Do iPhone users still have to tether to a PC to get updates and to sync or has Apple caught up yet?

  • jonny

    I am new to Android (and smart-smartphones – i had a dumb-smartphone HTC Maple).

    I just got my Nexus S yesterday. Should I install ICS as soon as I can, or should I wait to see if it has any bugs? Will my apps work after installing ICS, or will they all need to be updated by their developers?

  • Jay


    Install it right away brother! There’s always going to be bugs, thats something you cant avoid. But from the reviews, so far it seems pretty polished. IMO gingerbread was/is buggy as hell anyway.

  • scorpionkami

    i have a nexus s which i rooted couple of months ago but didnt install any roms on it…so will i be able to get the ICS upgrade? a quick response would be highly appreciated…thanx

    • Casey

      You should be fine as long as you are running the stock ROM. However, the upgrade will unroot your phone.

  • Jim

    BULLSHIT there’s no rollout for WIND and Mobilicity yet only GSM and UMTS

    • KettleCorn

      That’s the technology Wind and Mobilicity use 😉

    • Wind ICS

      I have 2 Nexus S phones on Wind. 1 is running ICS, it was pushed on the 17th. My other Nexus S on Wind is still waiting for the ICS push update.

    • deltatux

      Only T-Mobile has pushed the update, if you don’t wish to spend 5 minutes to manually update your device then you could wait until Google pushes them through Mobilicity, WIND and Videotron.

      Personally, I manually updated my Nexus S which I run on Mobilicity and it’s butter smooth. The update procedure isn’t hard, just follow the steps on AndroidCentral and voila, instant Android 4.0.3 on your Nexus S. No waiting required.

  • A Contrary Voice

    I’m pretty new to smartphones but it seems there are plenty of apps that don’t work with ICS yet… What’s the rush?

    • nick

      To answer you in two words: hardware acceleration.

      That’s what I’m most excited about. The UI overhaul is nice, but the real good stuff is that it will make a lot of the choppiness/lag go away.

    • daveloft

      I have the Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich and every app I use works perfectly with it. If the developer coded it properly it will work with requiring an update to the app.

  • Geeforson

    Wow, that wasn’t that long, considering that the Galaxy Nexus only just came out. Why the screaming?

  • Jeff

    Hope this fixes all the Force closes I get on my Nexus S! makes my phone unbearable to have and makes me want toget an Iphone. Sad I know so I’m hoping this fixes my problems.

    • Poseidonb

      Force Closes are much more likely faulty downloaded apps! Not the OS.

  • xuc

    Can somebody tell me why this update cannot be done within a week?

  • Saffant

    @andrew c, the whole point in getting a nexus s phone is the updates.. They if those take long then well what’s the point..

  • Kyouya

    I have a question…on the last 2 updates on my Nexus S gingerbread, my phone automatically updated itself while on standby. It was eating my data plan. Does anyone know why this is happening?

  • EraqEE

    I’m sticking with my custom ROM, thank you very much!!!

  • JC_yyc

    Just got the update. Wind on Calgary

  • DanielD

    Will this work on Telus? Excited to try when I get home.

    • DanielD

      I mean the manual update. Thanks.

    • bass

      Manual update worked fine on my Wind Nexus S. Up and running ICS, its very slick.

  • Paulo

    flashed using the manual update a few hours ago and it works great 🙂

    mmmm vanilla….

  • Michael

    I’m so desperate for the I9020A version it hurts.
    What’s even more painful, on the Telus site – I’m on Koodo but I assume they have the same baseband – the Nexus S page says “Android 4.0 – Available in 2012”

  • Ben

    Will this work with the mobilicity nexus s (i9020x)?

    • markj

      yes it works fine on mobi nexus s – seems very fast compared to gingerbread so far…

  • Wind Update

    I bought a Nexus S from Wind Mobile and I think I was pushed the update at about 3pm in Toronto. If I update, will I lose anything?

    Side note, my gf’s Nexus that was purchased at the same time still hasn’t received the update.

  • Wind Update

    The update is available on my Nexus S through Wind. If I download will I lose any data?

  • Mafugga

    Why are Wind and Mobilicity phones getting it first… picard.gif

  • onmobi

    I’m on mobi with nexus S. I updated just now and it worked flawlessly. You won’t lose any of your contacts or data, just go for it and enjoy.

  • cona

    Got it at noon today. I am on mobilicity.

  • YMBz

    I updated my nexus S manually just now ” Mobilicity device” and its working like magic … Android 4 is SICKKKK

  • Steven Schwartz

    does OTA update have face unlock and working auto brightness, the manual one does not.

  • yardi

    FIXED for error
    signature verification failed
    Nexus S
    Baseband: I9020A UCKF1
    BUILD: GRK39
    You need to use CWM for this zip, not stock recovery. That is why it is labeled unsigned

  • Jasper

    Got mine last night, Nexus S wind and mobilicity and tMobile version. It is one wondrous update. And makes my phone fly! Get the manual update if you have this phone.
    No reason to wait, and it apparently fixes the bugs found
    on 4.0. Google is claiming that 4.0.3 is the base version
    for the rest of the phones getting updated in the near
    future, so it must be relatively stable

  • golowill

    Got a push update notice earlier this afternoon on the Nexus S got from Mobilicity. The update was painless. Phone is still unlocked and used a Rogers SIM card with no problem as well … although only EDGE is available.

  • wiley

    Does the Google Nexus S play flash? I’m really considering getting it. Is it fairly fast as well. My brother is trying to talk me out of getting one. I know dual cores are out and this being single core is a concern for me. Don’t want to get it and specs wise its ancient yet runs ics. All info is appreciated.

    • monsterduc1000

      It runs some flash really well, but flash videos above 360p can be fairly choppy. If you want something to run flash really well get the Galaxy Nexus.

  • monsterduc1000

    Screw Telus, just download the manual update when Google releases it and transfer it over to your phone 🙂

  • Areway

    It looks like non of the rogers customers are getting the OTA update. Has any one here gotten it ?

    • Areway


    • Mackenzie

      Nope, I am on the Rogers network with a nexus s version 2.3.6 and still tells me that I am up to date when I go check out the system updates.

  • Ti L’As

    On Wind in Toronto, got the OTA update Saturday afteroon. Early Christmas gift!

  • r2kay

    Fido Vancouver nexus s. Nothing yet. Does anyone know if name caller id will work with the update? Seems like all other android phones work well with name caller id?

  • james

    nexus s in Quebec City. Still no update to ICS.

  • Jesse

    I’ve already rooted my phone and added on ICS, should I restore back to my original rom to get this ICS or is mine the same?

  • WarDog

    Co-worker got his OTA on Wind, still waiting for mine on Telus.

    • WarDog

      Derp. In Toronto.

  • daniel hirsekorn

    still no update in canada