Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Virgin Mobile)


  • Marco

    Could you include in the automatically added people the ones that circle you on G+?

  • Nicholas

    Good luck everyone!

  • Beso

    Super cool !!! Nice! xD

  • MauiLove

    OH yeah!!! This is the ONE i would LOVE to WIN!!!!! Good luck y’all and thanks again Mobile Syrup! 🙂

  • Cole Mackenzie

    ill take this 🙂

  • Nascar39

    OMG! Awesome! Crossing my fingers for this one!

  • Spot The Loon

    I have everything crossed I humanly can. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! Before I cramp up. lol

  • arber

    I wish I could win a mobikesyrup contest 🙁

  • Raymond Carpentier

    Stellar this Galaxy !

  • Accophox

    Just a note – would you believe that the forums have 42k members, but of that, about only 4.5k have 1 or more posts? 😉

    • KnightFire

      Oh?! Does one have to post in the forum and not simply be a lurker?

  • Jennifer

    Yes This is fantastic! Contests are fun 😀

  • Matthew Young

    who wouldnt!!

  • RyanLaker

    I always thought the Nexus phones were unlocked.

  • Melloyellow

    + 1 post LOL. Good luck to everyone.

  • DarkisFever

    Come on! If I don’t win this one it shall be mine this summer!

  • Mike D

    Sweet.. I need a new phone mine is dead!

  • Matt R


  • disfordelaney

    id kill to win this puppy.. it would save me a mess of cash buying it

  • Anna

    i want this!

  • Sean

    Ummm don’t the Nexus’ come unlocked

  • Nexus

    Great phone. I work for virgin and would love to get one of the puppies 🙂

    Good luck everyone


  • Mike

    DO WANT.

  • kenn

    Nice I want one

  • Leifalicious

    Oooooh … me likey!

  • milesclarence

    this would be brilliant.

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes please!

  • Andy Rubin

    Come one you have to pick me look at my name 😛

  • Nishant Bhatt

    I love this phone SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

  • jayjay

    This one I would REALLY like! 😉

  • bob


  • Kimberlee

    Google Nexus is my dream phone:)

  • Steph


  • the wise one

    amazing phone

  • jewfei

    wow, that would be a dream come true…

  • Miknitro

    Just got to love Mobilesyrup for so many things!

  • cooper

    Wouldn’t mind one haha. It’s a fantastic phone and whoever wins it will be happy with out a doubt.

    Good luck folks!

  • GaganS

    Ahh, I would love to have this!

  • Karano Matthews

    good luck guys …

  • Daniel Lui

    Sounds like a great contest. I’d like to win one.

  • Fahmid Momen

    Hey hey I would love me that Galaxy S Nexus!! 🙂

  • Al

    Wow, day before release you host this. Nice!

  • Kelly

    intergalactic planetary

  • Loic

    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant that phone! Common i worth it!!

  • brendan88

    Amazing contest as usual from MobileSyrup, good luck everyone! This looks like an amazing phone 🙂

  • B_ren

    This would make for one awesome Xmas present! Hope I win and good luck to everyone

  • Jean ch

    nice i want one like this

  • Matt

    Good luck!!

  • Samuel Ho

    must win must win!!

  • FryingPan

    I never win contests, plus I took an arrow to the knee! 😛 Haven’t I been through enough? 😛 trololol

    looks awesome

  • Humanmind

    Please let this be my santa gift!!!!!!!

  • Jordan lupo

    Yeee buddy

  • Beanie Wong

    I would crap myself and eat my s**t for that phone.



  • ICA

    Very nice indeed.

  • JB

    this would be amazing!!! Good luck to everyone!

  • BR_Impulse

    And the contests keep rolling in with more awesome phones! Would love to win this one for sure! Thanks MobileSyrup! Good luck to all!!

  • Larry

    I love ice cream sandwiches.

  • ZeFoutch

    zomg…i want it !

  • shen

    omg i want it lol

  • focuszts2003

    i need a newwww phone 🙂

  • Terry

    Hope i can win this phone. Thank you Mobile Syrup!

  • Jack

    Man that would make a AWESOME christmas gift, for me of course!

    Retweeted the contest now PICK ME PLEASE!!! 😀

  • Sohail Ali

    i didnt win nexus S .. may be because galaxy nexus is what i want :p

  • irf

    hope i win

  • JS

    🙂 My hubby really wants this it would be nice to win it 😉

  • d_stayus

    That would be an awesome Christmas gift!!!

  • AdamUpNorth

    I’ve been a good boy this year Santa….

  • Rory

    Just yes yes yes yes

  • Matt

    Would love it!

  • Kyouya

    I wonder if that specific virgin phone is compatible with Telus….

  • asiyam

    now thats what i’ve been waiting for!

  • michael

    ok, i want this one.

  • Cell Addict

    As per usual, this would be the best XMAS PRESENT EVER! 🙂

  • Mathieu

    Damn, I want this phone.

  • dj

    i need this !

  • Cyrus

    Can I haz?

  • Van G


  • Alex

    Crossing my fingers.. Plz!!!!! ^_^

  • Wonderz

    me likey

  • Aaron

    mobilesyrup gives away a ridiculous number of phones, I must say.

  • Thoughtful

    Never have my fingers been crossed so tightly O_O

  • cracktight

    This phone does not even come choose to my Nokia 2720 flip phone that has a tiny tiny screen, crappy camera, the back battery cover keeps popping off,,,, man I need some new tech gear.

  • Akshar Dave

    wooww!!!me this time…

  • brandon

    what a sick contest! merry christmas mobilesyrup this would be the best gift ever

  • Alex Mediati

    drool! I want me a galaxy nexus

  • Pat Clark

    I would love to win this for my hubby.

  • Shervin

    yay please?

  • shawn

    This is what I’m waiting for!!

  • Andrew

    need to win win win.

  • Jared Bedi


  • zar

    I think I will actually create a forum account JUST for this 😀 … best of chances to everyone

  • V L

    incredible contest as always….so want to win this.

  • Pearson

    Clearly, Santa loves me to much to not not give me this early christmas present =3

  • TJ S

    It’s awesome that Mobile Syrup does these contests! Hope to win Galaxy Nexus, like the rest of the thousands of people here. Cheers everyone!

  • Jonathan Bennett

    another amazing contest by an awesome phone reviewer!

  • M

    I wish

  • dogpile

    This would make the perfect gift for my girlfriend – MS ROCKS!!

  • David Evans

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • sean

    i want

  • shane alexander

    done, done and done..

  • ih8reno

    How thoughtful a phone with Vigin, and one that won’t have a tester team here in Quebec, enough to convert me to an Android fanboy!

  • Lalit Tudu

    this is awesome

  • Lobe De Asis

    I wouldn’t mind one.. why thanks… lol

  • Jimmy

    Its my birthday on Thursday, that’s all.

  • David N

    best giveaway of the decade! goodluck!

  • Tabish Syed

    Keep em coming mobilesyrup!!!!!

    Grats ro winners !!!

  • Tania N

    I’d be the happiest person alive if I won this!!! 😐

  • J Wright

    hope I win thanks it would make a great Christmas for me

  • parjea

    I win!

  • Richard L.

    Mmmmmmm… i’d like me some ice cream sandwich 🙂

  • Fenrir767


  • Jim Smith

    You betcha- I’d love to win!

  • Jimbo

    Way to go Mobilesyrup. Pass it over here!

  • andrea

    i could really use a new phone! love virgin mobile too!

  • Vineet

    waiting for this for so long….

  • AP27

    Good luck everyone!!

  • farhan

    Wow My gift

  • BM

    hook me up man!

  • vray12

    i would LOVE to WIN!

  • Ryan

    What a great present this would be!

  • OJ

    Me plz

  • OptiL

    Gimme gimme!

  • edved

    count me in!

  • Dian Anderson

    I need a new phone, Virgin is my provider this is perfect

  • V @ The Magic Network

    Sweet! Followed you on twitter and retweeted your tweet about the contest (@themagicnetwork). Cheers!


    gotta win and get rid of my NOKIA that wont update.

  • Bob

    if anyone has purchased one from virgin mobile can you please confirm that it is unlocked?

  • SaHiL

    Give me. Give me! I want to love Mobilesyrup more than I already do!!

  • Kyle

    Best hoiday gift, or BEST holiday gift?

  • Bryan

    I would love to win this… esp. since it’s not out west till new year!

  • Fruvous

    I want!

  • kimminer

    Terrific ph. Thanks

  • Eric

    Need a new phone, and this is the one I`ve been eyeing

  • Kelly K

    Tech keeps getting better.

  • Neil

    This would be the most awesome X-mas gift I’ve ever gotten!!!

  • Mike E

    OMG, I will be your slave to win this. I am now worshiping the phone gods.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    I’d like this.

  • allison

    Great giveaway

  • Steve Dion

    Pick me, pick me! Plz.

  • Mac


  • bjtheone

    Great stocking stuffer

  • Mary Withrow

    Be so Awesome for Christmas!
    I’ll Tweet @MaryWithrow1

  • MrMarvelous

    My god, would love to win a Galsexxxxxy Nexus! *butter ups Mobile Syrup* You big, strong, mobile website for Canadians, you! 😉

  • PranavS

    Nice phone. Samsung FTW 😀

  • HO


  • Li

    the phone i have right now is Motorola W375….. i need a super smart phone badly….

  • Laura Kahn

    I need a phone bad. Thanks for the contest

  • shaggyskunk

    I’ll take mine Extra VIRGIN, please!

  • mohammed

    Good luck !

  • Thao Chung

    Me me me

  • Aaron Perry


  • Adnan

    Looks like a great phone. I will have to eventually pick it up even if I don’t win this.

  • charrion

    Want, need, covet, etc.

  • Beanie Wong

    i would love this phone

  • Pierre-Marc


  • Jon

    Virgin Mobile USA, Y U No carry Galaxy Nexus.

  • Andrew

    I want in!!! PLEASE!!

  • Martin

    :O -drools- i … want … it

  • varun gupta

    This phone and mobile syrup guys are full of awesomeness!

  • Winnie King

    I would love to win this..good luck to all!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Ranbir

    Can I win this phone for my birthday?

  • Deb C.

    Drool…! I want one! Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone. 🙂

  • Deb C.

    I would LOVE to win this for my son because I broke his laptop CONTESTING (oops!) and I’m broke! D’oh! Good luck everyone, happy holidays 🙂

  • technodork

    I reallllllllllly need one of these =[

  • Wilson

    never won anything thing. Hope I win:)

  • kimminer


  • Liz

    Great contest!! I liked on FB under Amy Smith.

  • w

    best android phone yet!

  • kimminer


  • kimminer


  • KnightFire

    Ah… is it just the phone or does it include a month/year service plan as well?

  • JB

    can’t wait to win this phone! xD

  • rexuslexus

    I would love to win this!!

  • Pierre-Marc

    Want it!!

  • Andrew Liu

    This will be very nice b-day present, just saying.

  • hash

    I really I hope I win cuz I promised my wife a phone for xmas and no money ,so this is my only opportunity get it done

  • Afzal Najam

    Here’s an interesting story. I was going to buy this phone off from a kijiji seller for $630. Apparently, we decided the whole thing and his car got stolen at the last hour.

    The phone…was in that car. :/


  • Bryan

    Another great contest by MS!!!


  • Thao Chung

    Let me in

  • AdamUpNorth

    Merry Christmas!

  • Jason

    I’ve yet to win a single contest on the internet haha but keep trying 🙂
    This would be a sweet X-mas gift.
    Good Luck to everyone.

  • mrtax2005

    im here!

  • missmama

    …the best things in life are free ! (only when it’s from mobilesyrup)..LOL!!

  • tpetrilli

    Ohhh good lord ….. can we have a YEAH !!!!!!!!!

    He he

  • Al B

    Nice prize!

  • Daeshawn

    Ha my Birthday is Dec 19th this would be the ultimate gift!

  • Fawad Ali


  • Tara

    Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oli DC

    must have this holiday!!!

  • Stacey Dempsey

    I mucho mucho “like” you and tweeted @roswello

  • kimminer

    Super contest

  • Samar

    Give all tht goodness to me 🙂

  • Martin

    me 🙂

  • kimminer


  • BadBikerBob

    OK….That’s a nice phone…..Mine sucks…..Nuff said right?

  • Nishant Bhatt

    This is an amazing phone. I would love to have this phone.

  • berto

    wow so many contests, though really this is the one I want to win.

  • Thai

    I will eat a live baby to win this. Thanks.

  • Karla Hynes

    Would love to win this!

  • Angela A

    Pick me!!!!!!!

  • kimminer

    Very wonderful

  • ken

    Pick me pick me. I would love to win a galaxy nexus.

  • Adri

    Amazing! Want one 🙂

  • Nicole

    Would like to upgrade my flip phone to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Virgin Mobile). I would finally look like a cool Mom

  • Tony

    Would be nice to replace my flip phone – thank you. Enjoy the holidays!

  • Tashieka

    I would love to win this! It would make a great Christmas & B-day gift.

  • Tashieka

    I would love to win this!! It would make a great Christmas and B-day gift 🙂

  • Wilson

    I would kill for this phone. Too bad I can’t afford it.

  • Deb Dorrington

    My phone is so old I should get arrested for still using it…I need to win this phone!!! Thank you MobileSyrup and Happy Holidays to all..

  • Ray

    Goodluck! and happy holidays Everyone!

  • Jan

    would love to win this phone. i am on the virgin network also.

  • daniel norr

    Love to win one!

  • kimminer


  • Denny


  • kimminer


  • Alex

    Such an epic prize! Good luck everyone! ….though I hope I beat you all and win it myself 😉

  • Marlene V

    I am a forum member — thanks for the chance to win.

  • Hardev

    I don’t win often so pick me!

  • kimminer

    Wonderful contest

  • kimminer

    wonderful contest thanks

  • Steven Chi

    My god, I wanna win the 9900 🙂

  • rich washington

    Nice. Looks like a power phone.

  • Larry Yonish


  • gary


  • Mw

    Congrats Flagg!

  • Cutieeboo

    omg omg i want this soo bad pleasee let me win i’ll do anything 😉

  • Cutieeboo

    merry christmas everbody thankyou mobilesyrup u guys rock!!!

  • zainab

    thanks again Mobile Syrup!

  • Jim Casebere

    looks great

  • Goitsemang

    can i please have this one