BlackBerry Bold 9790 Review (Video)


  • Jim

    Nice production value on the video! Reviews are looking better and better, great job

  • John wu

    dear RIM

    Please wake up canadaian market is a cheap market, is not same as hongkong, dubai or japan people has a lot money with, you deal with cheap people here man, so stop release expensive phone is this market it will not bring you very far my friend, stock will just sit on the table getting dust!!!

  • Stu

    I really like your new rating system – a welcome addition to your reviewing process! well done

  • John wu

    trying to release more of $100 people nothing more than that, i am sure will chase it like crazy because thats most people can afford in this country anyway!!

  • Al

    I personally prefer this over 9900. Waiting for it to come out in white then i’ll buy it.

  • John wu

    if without 3 year contract pricing blackberry may only have 10% of their sales

  • Vinay

    Rating system looks a lot like The Verge’s. I like it.

  • Perpugilliam Brown


    Canada is a sensible market. Canadians go for value over bling and style. That is why Canada is one of the richest, most equal, and most peaceful countries in the world. The bottom line is Android phones offer better value for the dollar, and Canadians recognize it. RIM used to offer the best value, but it fell apart when BallSilly paid more attention to getting a hockey team than making a decent phone. RIM is going out like the Roman empire.

  • Dillion

    Great review, thanks. I work for the Federal Govt and I could see this being a popular device for our use. 9900 is often just a bit too much.

    Great new scoring system.

  • MrMarvelous

    Really liking the new rating system, thanks!

    Would just say that videos could be a tad bit longer at around 7-10mins should give you enough time to give a comprehensive review.

  • aka

    for anyone complaining about screens size, I’ve tried phones over 4″ in screen size, you’d think that’s plenty of screen, but when you’re typing out sms or email, and half (sometimes more) the screen is taken up for the onscreen keyboard, the viewing area may actually be smaller compare to these BB devices.

  • omar

    which one is better bold 9790 or 9780 overall!!spacialy batry!!

  • Kam

    I replaced my 1 day used galaxy s2 for 9900 and am loving it 🙂

    After having used iPhone, galaxy and nexus I find bb the best which can be actually used as a phone for communicating…