WIND releasing the HTC Amaze December 2nd


  • Mike

    Great phone. Bit high of a price on Windtab+ though…

  • Awkward Turtle

    This is very, very tempting. But I think I want to wait for the Galaxy Nexus. Good on wind getting another high end android!

  • clay


  • Alex Perrier

    NOTE: It wasn’t Alex me. It was probably the other Alex.

    Why didn’t they call this a superphone? It has two cores and all the criteria for a superphone. After all, they call the Optimus 2X a “superphone”, even though it was been criticized by several people, some for the hardware quality, but most for the Gingerbread that’s taking so long to come.

    Congrats, WIND, for getting a second superphone! 😀

    • kickstart

      Surprise – ’twas me. Alex G., aka bellisbrutal (Old WIND Forum) aka bell-is-brutal (new WIND forum), aka kickstart (here).

      Methinks it’s time to upgrade to this phone from windows mobile 6.5 on my Maple.

    • Pahech

      “Superphone” is a Bell marketing gimmick. Kind of like “beyond 4G” for Rogers (it’s not), Canada’s most reliable network (subjective), etc.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      it is not a super phone if it is on a crap network like Wind.. top dollar for a phone with no warranty? ha!

      Jabronied outsourced contracted and now for sale again?!

      awww uncle sawarie why the tears

  • Bhell

    I might be alone in thinking this, but shouldn’t wind release lower end smartphones instead? They need a 200-300 android smart phone, so they can get more people onto their network. 560 is hard to justify. You can buy 2 playbooks for that price!

    I rather save up for the GS2 or the nexus.

    • Gab

      I consider this on par with the GS2. And I preffer IPS LCD over SAMOLED.

  • netninja

    why is it called the amaze 4G? Does it have 4G speeds? I didn’t think Wind had a 4G network…

  • Nadim

    Nice that wind is releasing the phone but steep price considering the same phone is $100 or less on a 3 year from Telus.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Less on telus, a warranty, real network, ability to make calls anywhere.. yes all the more reason to buy from wind lol

      on wintab LOL have a look on the forum see the issues with the tab.. hofo with warranty MJ for his expanding waist line.. the steamed veg and Justin imbecile looking for work..

  • Radar

    Great job Wind – I am getting this phone on Dec 2nd – my holiday gift 🙂

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      sure you are radar suuuure

      a phone is only as good as the network you put it on.

      so any takers on the MJ challenge? I take any rogers phone and place it against your wind phone.. we see if you get signal everywhere I do? I win I get to watch MJ crush your phone under his fat feet you win he crushes mine..

      sooo any takers?

  • CaptainZangetsu

    if you want android around 200-300 go with the Nexus S or Optimus 2x problem solve.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      but capt’in does it really matter what phone if the network is so shi’te?

  • Omis

    It’s cheaper on Telus? Only if you fail at basic math. I pay $40 a month for unlimited everything. The cheapest rate Telus offers is $50 for next-to-nothing minutes and data. That’s $10 more a month. $120 a year. Now if I want to get the phone “cheap” in a 3 year contract, it will cost me $360 switching to Telus. And that is without adding the cost of buying the phone.

    Robelus is lucky there an abundant supply of people too lazy/stupid to determine that actual cost of things.

  • JP

    Hey RoccoLimpReddi, I am up for the challenge but I doubt you would meet me. Come out to Burlington and bring your Rogers phone and let’s do this challenge. How about we surf the internet for several hours on our phones and call the US and long distance Canada for several hours. I guess you can’t afford that on your Rogers plan. Go back to your janitorial job at Rogers little kid.

  • JustMeAndMe

    Next one please!

  • Lemon

    Called in alot of stores if they would have it tomorrow. All of them said, ‘we dunno’.

  • Geeforson

    So, useful questions: How do the core specs (mostly the CPU, GPU, RAM, and available flash memory / memory expansion) compare with the Galaxy Nexus? The screen? Does the Amaze have a Pentaband radio or will I not be able to bring it over to one of the big 3 if I move outside Wind’s coverage area? Will the bootloader be locked?

    • Geeforson

      Replying to myself, because I’m awesome like that:

      The specs for the T-Mobile Amaze show:
      UMTS 1700/2100/AWS,
      UMTS 2100, 1900, 850

      1900/850 is what you need for Rogers, and 1700/2100 is AWS (Wind, Mobilicity). I’m *assuming* it won’t change, which has got me even more interested.