Staples puts ASUS Transformer Prime up for pre-order, “Estimated arrival date: Mid-December”


  • deltatux

    There’s really a lot of uncertainties about the launch of this tablet. First we don’t know about the release date which is annoying to be honest. ASUS should have supplied the date if they were to start accepting preorders for a product that’s expected to launch during the first half of the month. Each retailer seems to have their own predictions and frankly that’s annoying for the end consumer.

    Secondly, there’s this rumour that states that the Champagne Gold variant is not available in Canada/US while ASUS partners like NCIX and Staples continues to accept preorders for the Champagne Gold tablet which adds more to the confusion while stores like Canada Computers have pulled the product page for it. So it’s hard to believe what’s true and what’s not. I called ASUS myself and they said it’s going to be coming in Canada while others have said it’s not.

    This is probably one of the most confusing product launches I’ve been involved with and I’m not pleased with how this is playing out right now. The product is great but how it is being handled right now is not.

    • Pascal

      Pre-ordered mine in Champagne color a few days ago from Staples. I would trust that a large retailer such as Staples would get all colors and informed their customers promptly if a problem appear. Also, as you stated, Asus confirmed to you that both color will be available. Don’t listen to people on the internet without proof.

    • bob

      where did you get the rumor that champagne gold wasn’t available?

    • David Nguyen

      Asus is having an Event tomorrow in Taiwan which is tonight really late in Canada. They have asked all techblogs that got hands on treatment to refrain any hands on videos, or reviews until December 1st. I’ve had a champagne unit pre ordered at staples for three days and ive already gotten an “estimated arrival date of December 12.

  • Pahech

    I don’t get the need for pre-orders anyways.

    I prefer just wait until the production lines get churning, the bugs ironed out, and the product a little cheaper.

  • Clockwork

    I kicked myself for missing the Pre-Order at FS even though I stared at it everyday.

    Now ordered on Staples.

    @Pahech I doubt you’ll see the product get cheaper anytime soon. Asus said they won’t even discount the 1st generation tablets.

  • Jimbo

    I find it hard to believe that it will be released December 5th as previously leaked. I would have imagined that there would be a few floating around on youtube to create hype for it’s release. Hopefully it does and I can find one before they sell out as I doubt there will be a second run before Christmas.

    • crankyboiy

      well and still has its release date on december 5th, maybe canada will get it first.

  • shoo

    wait till boxing day everyone.

  • Mike

    Just WAIT! They’re having a thing in Taiwan or something on the 1st of December with a bunch of announcements for it. We’re more than likely getting a concrete release date tonight/tomorrow (depending on when the event takes place).

    I have two guarantees for you though: We’re getting a release date within the next 48 hours, AND we’re getting them before Christmas no matter what.

  • bong_sniffer

    this tablet doesn’t actually fully launch till March next year….these are just drip teasers…

  • Gelan

    Checked the system at bestbuy the other day. Western Dist Centre shows qty 148 on order but no other orders showing after that. Looks like the pre-orders just might be it until after christmas.

  • Ryan

    I pre-ordered over at B&H and got an email stating that their stocks would arrive late December. Waiting sucks.

  • MauiLove

    Just pre-ordered the champagne 32gig at Staples. Can’t wait to play with this badboy! My first android device and tab. 🙂 Was going to wait till it shipped with ICS so did not pre-order sooner and checked FS and BB yesterday and they were both sold out so i thought i missed the boat so thanks MS for posting this.

    FWIW, this is the first product that i pre-ordered…haven’t even pre-ordered the GN as i would like to play with it in store first and wait for a lil bit for the price to drop which shouldn’t be too long if the current trend in android phones continue. If i am able to get my ASUS to pick up my 3G signal on my BB then i may even wait for next year’s GN and use my BB as just a phone…go figure. 🙂

  • ImMad

    Love that the Staples in the US is not offering a pre-order for the Asus Transformer Prime. Somebody in Montreal order one for me 🙂

  • Simon

    In Quebec City… It has been available for pre-ordering from future shop since at least last week. They would not deliver it over here in Quebec so I pre-ordered it from Amazon. It’s a bit later (Dec 16) but they will ship it over here.

  • celsius

    Asus confirms December 8 as Transformer Prime launch date

    Tablet enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the Transformer Prime don’t have to wait much longer. Asus has officially declared December 8 the day the tablet will hit markets

  • Mike – Primed & ready !

    After the fiasco with Canada Computers then ASUS’s Allister saying North America was not getting the champagne color I went ahead and ordered it from and within a couple of hours they were SOLD OUT. Was able to order the keyboard from NCIX and they all insist it will be delivered by mid month. I agree with you deltatux this has been a frustrating experience and one I do not want to have to go through again to try and find answers. Today all kinds of reviews hit the net and for the most part are giving two thumbs up to this product. Who knows we might even win over a few Apple fanboyz ;o) Enjoy your tablets people and have a good Christmas.

  • Croak

    Staples only has the 32GB Gray listed now, rather than all four variants. NCIX is no longer taking pre-orders, won’t even let you backorder it. Guess all the positive reviews yesterday helped the fence-sitters like myself decide to snap them up.

    After the disappointment that was Tegra 2, and the display quality issues of the first Transformer, I wanted to be armed with more information.

    Looks like my caution has me waiting until next year now, unless I can catch a retail unit on launch day.

  • AlbertaSmooth

    I just called Staples and my pre-order is still set for mid-December for the Champagne Transformer Prime Tablet, I told them that some other retailers changed it to the 22nd, they said they were aware of that and their status is still mid-December.

  • Asa Akira

    According to my original BestBuy order invoice, the Primes should have been arriving at their warehouse on the 5th (being yesterday). My second invoice made no mention of the status of their stock for the Primes but did mention “Your order is awaiting the release date 22 DEC 2011”. I’m guessing that the shipments of the Primes for BestBuy have been delayed and for people like me who pre-ordered one, will not be getting our hands on it till a few days after Christmas since the post service doesn’t run on the 25th and 26th.

  • Mike

    Just off the phone with Staples re my pre-ordered Prime tab.
    I had a confirmation for Dec 15th delivery and wanted to verify that so I called and I am now told by the Staples online contact lady that due to the Tsunani the ASUS Prime will be arriving late (Canada) and they will notify you when it comes. No other info supplied, no eta no time frame nothing. I laughed then said thank you and hung up. Pathetic is all I can say at this point. I am considering cancelling the two orders and waiting till next year to see what else is available. Asus has dropped the ball on this at every turn.

  • Greg

    There is no longer a 64GB Asus Prime on the Staple site…

  • Jeff

    eheh, I got a message this afternoon saying that my Gold Champagne 32GB is waiting for me at my nearest Staples 😉

    • Jeff

      Sorry, just another item I ordered at the same time. Still on its way…